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KCRW Voices Support for Corporation for Public Broadcasting

KCRW Response to Corporation for Public Broadcasting Funding Report
June 20, 2012

On June 20, 2012, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting submitted a special report on alternate funding options to Congress. The CPB was instructed by Congress to investigate whether public radio and television could survive without federal funding. 

An independent agency prepared the report and concluded that public radio and television could not survive without federal funding unless it adopted five drastic measures to raise funds. These options include the acceptance of commercial advertising funds and restricting access via subscription. The report also concluded that altering the non-commercial mission would reduce existing funding sources, resulting in a net loss of revenue for public radio and tv stations.

KCRW plays an active role in advocating for federal funding of public broadcasting. An assertive voice on the Hill, General Manager Jennifer Ferro regularly meets with lawmakers to explain how cuts to the CPB would significantly affect the entire public broadcasting system and stations like KCRW that are providing an important service to their community.

Upon Wednesday’s release of the CPB report, KCRW has shared the following statement:

KCRW’s primary responsibility is to serve the audience – not shareholders, nor advertisers. There’s nothing else like that in today’s media space. Federal funding from the CPB accounts for eight percent of the KCRW budget. It is seed money that allows the station to serve its local community with balanced and high quality news, information and cultural programming. KCRW is able to leverage this funding many times over into wide community and individual support. We help to inform our community which is an essential part of any democracy. Public stations also provide critical, real time support in times of natural disasters. KCRW is a pillar in our community, is freely accessible and provides a service that cannot be easily duplicated.

Click here to access the full CPB Report