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Trojans’ turmoil continues

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Happier times in the Los Angeles Coliseum in 2006 when the Trojans went 11-2, winning the Pac-10. Photo: Bobak Ha'Eri/Creative Commons

This was supposed to be the year that USC football returned to national prominence.
One year after tough sanctions that were imposed by college football’s governing body ended, the Trojans opened the season in the Top 10 in the polls, with high hopes of qualifying for college football’s four-team playoff.
But not much has gone right for USC.
Coach Steve Sarkisian was fired after he behaved erratically …

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Mapping LA’s growing dance scene

Posted July 22, 2015 by and | 3 Comments | ]
Dance Map LA

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world… for its creative output in film, theater and art.
But, the city’s reputation in dance is starting to grow as well.
At the high end, there’s a lot more programming at the Music Center of L.A. and at universities and art centers. But, there are also smaller companies cropping up all over town.
Now, USC is trying …

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A new chapter in battle over downtown L.A. oil wells

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The owners of a downtown L.A. oil field that shut down two years ago amid complaints that it was making neighbors sick want to start pumping again. It could be an uphill fight, though.
Neighbors had complained for years that noxious emissions from the facility were fouling the air – causing respiratory problems, headaches and nosebleeds. In spite of a long list of violations that …

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Think your rent is pricey now? Just wait until 2016

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How much are you paying for rent right now?
Well, a new study says that if you’re a typical Southern California renter – you can expect to add about 8 to 10 percent to that monthly payment in two years.
USC’s Lusk Center for Real Estate projects that the average rent in L.A. County will be $1,856 by mid-2016, an 8.2 percent increase. In Orange County, …

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Nursing homes want easier path to prescribing meds

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A trade group that represents California nursing homes is considering whether to push for a new policy that would allow doctors to prescribe antipsychotic drugs to residents without their consent, or the consent of their families.
Some members of the group argue that at times patients are so incapacitated that they can’t make effective decisions for themselves – and that family members are often not …

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Why L.A. needs a resilience czar

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Northridge Earthquake, CA, January 17, 1994 -- An aerial view of destruction caused by the 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Damage costs were estimated at $25 billion. FEMA News Photo
Date	17 January 1994

For the first time in human history, the majority of the world’s population (currently 7.1 billion) lives in urban settings. While urban living offers many attractions — employment opportunities, higher education, entertainment, health care, and public transportation – the changes we make to the natural landscape to accommodate and support our current population often makes us vulnerable to human and environmental threats. And when …

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LAUSD shifts millions of dollars to close education gap

Posted June 25, 2014 by | 4 Comments | ]

The L.A. School Board has signed off on a $6.6 billion budget for the school year that funnels hundreds of million of dollars to the district’s most disadvantaged students. The spending plan calls for a boost in new teacher hires – to up to 12,000 instructors – as well as more librarians, nurses, counselors and tutoring programs. Class sizes will also come down. The …

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Garcetti works blue as Kings celebrate Stanley Cup

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Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Victory Parade

Thousands of fans poured into downtown Los Angeles for a parade and rally to salute the Stanley Cup champion L.A. Kings. The hockey players drew the biggest cheers, but L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti generated the most buzz when he let an “F-bomb” fly during the celebration. Garcetti’s expletive got a roar from the crowd and some Kings players. But not everyone was thrilled with …

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From Hancock Park to the Galapagos: An unsolved murder mystery and its connection to LA

Posted April 18, 2014 by | 3 Comments | ]

San Francisco based filmmakers Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller have long wanted to make a documentary about an unsolved murder mystery that took place seventy years ago in a Utopian community in the exotic Galapagos Islands.
But it wasn’t until they discovered a treasure trove of film in a USC archive that they were able to accomplish their goal.  The archival material was footage gathered by …

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Why does the Blue Line have so many accidents?

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A Blue Line Stop
Photo: Raymond Shobe on Flickr

Yesterday’s rail collision near downtown LA was familiar news. Since Metro’s Blue Line began running in 1990, its trains have crashed into vehicles and pedestrians almost 1,000 times, leading to 123 fatalities.
In this most recent collision, a minivan driver ran a red light near the corner of Washington Blvd and Maple Ave. No one was killed, but at least twelve were injured.

According to Najmedin Meshkati, …

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American a cappella with Filipino roots

Posted February 5, 2014 by | 2 Comments | ]
Trace Gaynor of The Filharmonic at USC's Fisher Museum

Prospective crushes all over the country are about to get a glimpse of budding heartthrob Trace Gaynor, a senior at USC.  He comprises one-sixth of an a cappella boy band called The Filharmonic.
They don’t sound like that Philharmonic, nor do they perform music evocative of the country for which their band is named: the Philippines. They’re nice Filipino-American guys with amazing voices doing their own …

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Serial scammer Barry Minkow fleeced his own flock

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One of Southern California’s most notorious fraudsters has been convicted again, this time for stealing $3 million from a San Diego church congregation where he served as a pastor. Barry Minkow – who’s already serving time in a federal lockup for securities fraud – is facing five years in prison in the church case. Minkow achieved fame as a teenager in the 1980s when …

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Bye bye Baca: A surprise exit for embattled sheriff

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L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca is expected to announce his retirement at a news conference this morning – abandoning his bid for a fifth term as the county’s top cop. Baca has reportedly told top county officials that he believes that his departure will help the department move past years of turmoil and criticism. Baca, who was first elected in 1998, has portrayed himself …

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Study says Expo Line is getting people out of cars

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If you build it, they will come. That’s the upshot of a new USC study that looks at the impacts of the new Metro Expo Line on commuter behavior. The study finds that since the light rail line connecting downtown L.A. and Culver City opened, people living within half-mile of a station tripled their Metro ridership and reduced their carbon emissions. Families in the …

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Palmdale ordered to start over with city elections

Posted December 3, 2013 by | 0 Comments | ]

An L.A. judge has thrown out the results of Palmdale’s City Council elections and ordered the city to hold a new vote. L.A. Superior Court Judge Mark Mooney says Palmdale must elect its four council members from defined districts, instead of using an at-large voting system, in which office holders are elected citywide. Mooney ruled earlier this year that Palmdale’s at-large system discriminated against …

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Perks of office: Lawmakers head for Hawaiian Islands

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California legislators will begin arriving on Maui tomorrow for the lawmakers’ annual fall conference retreat in the Hawaiian Islands – a trip paid for by big businesses and unions. It’s a tradition that worries good government advocates. While in Hawaii, legislators are supposed to participate in panels involving healthcare, energy, economic development and public safety. But in between panel discussions lawmakers can play golf, …

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Filipino groups mobilizing for typhoon relief

Posted November 11, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

A major local effort is underway to help survivors of the devastating typhoon in the Philippines. Filipino churches have been leading the way – collecting money and supplies from parishioners and helping people try to connect with family members. Southern California is home to more than 300,000 Filipinos, the largest population of Filipinos outside of that country. Meanwhile, an El Segundo group made up …

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For Chivas USA fans, no place feels like home

Posted November 7, 2013 by | 2 Comments | ]
Members of the Black Army 1850, a Chivas USA supporter
group, cheer on their team in the final minute of the game. (Photo: Avishay Artsy)

Los Angeles is home to two Major League Soccer teams.
The LA Galaxy is in the playoffs again and competing for its third straight title. LA’s other soccer team, Chivas USA, isn’t faring as well.
The team is on its third coach in less than a year, and there’s been high turnover among players and staff. Charges of racism and discrimination on the part of the team’s management …

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Mixer: LAUSD Sup. Deasy looking for the exit

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friday mixer square

As the week draws to a close, Howard Blume and Dave Zanhiser — both from the LA Times — help us tie a ribbon on it.
The bell reportedly may be ringing for John Deasy.
The LAUSD superintendent may be about to resign. That story reported by Howard and the LA Times, who say Deasy could be leaving in the next few months.
Deasy has neither confirmed nor denied the …

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Who lost the Coliseum?

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The entrance to the LA Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum used to be among the most distinguished public buildings in California. It hosted two Olympic Games (1932 and 1984), two Super Bowls (including the first), and the 1959 World Series (Dodgers and Chicago White Sox). John F. Kennedy accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for president there in 1960. And while the stadium often seemed rundown, you couldn’t question its …

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