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Reflections on the Santa Monica College shooting, one year later

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SMC community members set up a memorial for those killed. (Photo: Avishay Artsy)

Terror arrived at my college a year ago this month. On June 7, 2013, a man, wielding a .223 caliber assault rifle and a handgun and strapped with 1,300 rounds of ammunition, killed his brother and father in Santa Monica and set their house ablaze. Then he commandeered a passing car, shot up a bus and sprayed bullets across an intersection, before ordering the …

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Was Friday’s tragedy a ‘school shooting?’

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smc mourners

Investigators are still piecing together the details of Friday’s deadly shootings in Santa Monica that killed 5 people. Police shot and killed the gunman in the library of Santa Monica College; he died on campus.
The first incident happened at a house north of the college, but culminated at the school. And that fact has led law enforcement to not label what happened on Friday …

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Santa Monica shooting victim profile: Margarita Gomez

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A memorial shrine at Santa Monica College, days after the June 7 shootings. Photo by Avishay Artsy.

The Los Angeles Times this afternoon posted a profile of Margarita Gomez, one of the five victims of Friday’s shooting at Santa Monica College. Gomez, 68, was a familiar face here on campus. She lived across the street and usually visited twice a day to collect recyclables. The Times spoke to Gomez’s son, Rafael Torres:

Although she had worked at a ceramics company for almost …

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Today’s News: Shaken students, faculty return to SMC; Vigil tonight for shooting victims; Looking for a motive

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smc memorial

Aftermath. It’s a somber day at Santa Monica College. Students and faculty are returning to campus for finals week – just three days after a heavily armed gunman went on a shooting spree that fatally wounded five people before he was shot dead.
Authorities today are expected to interview the mother of the shooter – John Zawahri – as they try to decipher of a …

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How KCRW stayed on-air after Friday’s shooting and evacuation

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While our focus in covering last week’s shooting has been on keeping up with the news, KCRW also happens to be located on Santa Monica College campus, where the rampage ended. This is an account of what happened behind the scenes at the station and how it stayed on-air after being evacuated.
KCRW General Manager Jennifer Ferro was leading a small station tour when a …

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Remembering one of the victims of Friday’s shootings

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The Los Angeles Times has a remembrance of Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, who died after being shot Friday in a rampage that left five people dead and culminated in a shootout in the Santa Monica College campus library. From the Times:
For 22 years, Carlos Navarro Franco tended the grounds of Santa Monica College. An immigrant from Mexico, he was proud that his hard work …

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Counseling available to SMC students, staff after Friday’s shooting

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Police officer escorts KCRW staff during Friday's lockdown.

Following the deadly shooting that culminated at Santa Monica College, the school is providing counseling services at the Bundy campus 9 a.m. to 6 p.m Sunday; and at the main campus from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday. Additionally, SMC faculty, staff and students are invited to gather today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Bundy campus, at 3171 S. Bundy Ave., to …

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More information emerges about Santa Monica shootings

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The overall death toll from yesterday’s violence in Santa Monica stands at five, including the suspected gunman. But a sixth person, a woman, is in grave condition at a hospital.
The Los Angeles Times has identified the gunman as John Zawahri, citing five law enforcement sources in Washington and Los Angeles.
The Times reports the gunman was apparently angry over his parents’ divorce and had some …

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Police seek motive in SMC shooting

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A police officer guards the body of the alleged gunman at the Pearl Street entrance to Santa Monica College

While many details have surfaced about the shooting rampage that terrorized several blocks of Santa Monica on Friday, detectives continue to struggle with the big unanswered question: Why?
Police officials have repeatedly stressed that they do not consider the violence that ended inside the Santa Monica College Library a “school shooting.” The Santa Monica Police Department had scheduled a press conference for noon today.

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Scenes from Santa Monica College shooting

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UPDATE — The Santa Monica Police Department revised an earlier death toll from six victims to four during a Friday night press conference. The sole suspect was fatally shot by the police and a second man detained is no longer believed to be involved.
Two of the victims were found in a burning Santa Monica house — the first of three crime scenes. They are …

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