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Inside the mind and journals of Exene Cervenka

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IMG_5776 (1)

“It’s a strange time in which we live,” says the punk rock singer and visual artist Exene Cervenka as we sit inside the gallery at Bergamot Station that’s readying an exhibit of her artwork. “I’m glad I didn’t grow up now.”
Cervenka says she couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be on the road with her band, X, now. Back in the ’80s, she found herself so …

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Santa Monica rolls out an unwelcome mat for Airbnb

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The Santa Monica City Council has enacted tough restrictions on short-term rentals – cutting off a source of income for homeowners who’ve been using online sites like Airbnb to rent their properties to tourists.
Santa Monica will now ban rentals of entire homes or apartment units for less than 30 days. People can still rent out rooms or so-called “mother-in-law” units, but they’ll have to …

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How one artist is cleaning up the beach 20 minutes at a time

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sara photographing trash

Artist and writer Sara Bayles didn’t know the act of grabbing a bag before going on a beach walk in March 2009 was going to change her life.
It was mid-week and she had some spare time. Sara had wanted to join Surfrider Foundation for one of their beach clean-ups but she always had scheduling conflicts. “The idea hit me. Why am I waiting for …

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Could LA’s artists be priced out?

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Here’s a new way to measure just how hard it is for working artists to survive in Southern California’s increasingly expensive rental market.
In August, developer Related Co. opened an affordable housing development in downtown Santa Monica with 10 apartments reserved exclusively for low- to mid-income artists. The live-work studios rent for $439 to $888 per month and were awarded via a lottery. By late October, not …

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Think your rent is pricey now? Just wait until 2016

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How much are you paying for rent right now?
Well, a new study says that if you’re a typical Southern California renter – you can expect to add about 8 to 10 percent to that monthly payment in two years.
USC’s Lusk Center for Real Estate projects that the average rent in L.A. County will be $1,856 by mid-2016, an 8.2 percent increase. In Orange County, …

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Stressed out? Unhealthy? Can your city government improve your quality of life?

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Skeptics around the world shook their heads this week at news that the city of Santa Monica is about to get underway with a planned $1 million study of well-being. The city beat out 300 others last year in the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge to create a “well-being project.” What does that mean?
Julie Rusk, the project’s assistant director, says just as Santa Monica has been at the …

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Preservationists rail against plans to ‘deforest’ Lincoln Boulevard

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Some people want the mural preserved

The school that sits at the busy corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park Boulevards in Santa Monica was first built in the 1920s as an elementary school, named for environmentalist John Muir. It’s covered on two sides with a mural of the Muir Woods, painted in his honor back in 1978. For decades now, the structure has housed Olympic High School, a small city-run school for at-risk youth.
After …

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What’s the best neighborhood for dog lovers?

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Photo: Hauptillusionator on Flickr

When you’re walking down the street and you see someone coming your way with a puppy, how do you react? Are you all cuddles and petsies? Or do you make silent eye contact with the owner, praying you won’t have to get too close?
The way you feel about interacting with dogs depends upon a lot of things: How much you like them, of course; whether …

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Photos: Remembering Pacific Ocean Park

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From the late 1950s to the late ‘60s, Angelenos looking for music, dancing and rides, found the party at Pacific Ocean Park.
The beachside theme park – that jetted out into the Pacific – sat on 28 acres of land at the border of Santa Monica and Venice.
It featured rides created by Hollywood set designers, setting it apart from the standard, ordinary rides at Santa …

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Bergamot blowout: How the Expo Line complicates, divides, a busy corner of Santa Monica

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What Bergamot could look like, as rendered by 26th Street TOD

What the heck is going on over at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station arts complex? Since a huge parcel on the arts community’s western edge was seized by eminent domain to make way for the coming Expo line, nothing concrete just yet. However, the project has stirred up a whole lot of dissent and fear that’s divided the community. And, could potentially drive out one of Bergamot’s key …

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Many Dodger fans facing ‘blue-out’ as games begin

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The Dodgers new Time Warner cable TV station has debuted just in time for the team’s first spring training game today against the Arizona Diamondbacks. For fans who can’t get enough the boys in blue, it’s a 24-hour network. But as of now, most denizens of Dodger nation are blacked out. That’s because Time Warner has yet to reach deals with many of the …

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When Santa Monica beachgoers wore suits and long dresses on the sand

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Roller Coaster at the Arcadia Hotel, Santa Monica, late 1880s. Albumen print by E.G. Morrison. Ernest Marquez Collection, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.

In the 1870s, the Southern Pacific Railroad chugged right up to the beach. Visitors would step off the train in ankle-length skirts and enjoy concession stands and shaded cabins.
Today we can peer into that world through a new photography collection acquired by San Marino’s Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens.
The museum says this purchase is one of the largest and rarest groups of …

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Supervisors vote to put cross back on L.A. County seal

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A divided L.A. Board of Supervisors has voted to put a long absent cross back on the county seal. The move is expected to be met with a legal challenge from civil libertarians, who see it as an unconstitutional mixing of church and state. The cross will be added to a depiction of the San Gabriel Mission on the seal. Backers say it’s a …

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California rejects proposal to reopen national parks

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The federal government is offering to reopen national parks if states agree to foot the bill for park employees. But Gov. Jerry Brown apparently isn’t interested. A spokesman says that taking on new expenses would threaten to unbalance the state budget. And that there’s no guarantee the state would be paid back once the shutdown ends…Embattled L.A. Fire Chief Brian Cummings will retire at …

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The artist, the philanthropist, the sculpture: Paul Conrad, Joan Kroc and the secret history of Chain Reaction

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The sketch that inspired the sculpture

This is the story of an embattled sculpture in Santa Monica, and the curious, once-secret story of how it came to be.
It begins with the late Paul Conrad, best known for his incendiary editorial cartoons at the Los Angeles Times. Over the course of his career, his work won him three Pulitzer prizes and a place on Nixon’s enemies list. (He said he was prouder …

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Today’s News: DWP staff is getting unlimited sick days; Lawsuit raises heat on Calderons; Activision freedom

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DWP generosity. When most people use up their allotment of sick days, they either go to work or don’t get paid. But that’s not so at the L.A. Department of Water and Power.
The L.A. Times reports that a 32-year-old DWP policy allows workers at the public utility to take off unlimited sick days beyond the agency’s 10-day cap, and still get paid.
Since 2010, DWP …

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Rep. Henry Waxman on gun violence and mental health

Posted July 12, 2013 by | 107 Comments | ]
A memorial shrine at Santa Monica College, days after the June 7 shootings. Photo by Avishay Artsy.

June was a violent month for the city of Santa Monica. A series of shootings on June 7 near the Santa Monica College campus left 5 people dead. And unrelated gang shootings just a few days later left 2 others dead.
The alleged gunman in the college shootings, John Zawahri, had problems with mental health.
In response, the man who represents the area in Congress, Representative …

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The final day of the Santa Monica Post Office

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Santa Monica Post Office

The historic and much-beloved Santa Monica Post Office is shutting down on Saturday, June 29.
The building was opened in 1938 with great fanfare, as part of FDR’s Works Project Administration. The post office is distinguished by its Art Deco-inspired features including beautifully detailed paneling and the original lighting fixtures of the lobby.
But as less of its business comes from walk-in customers, there’s less need …

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The Mixer: The Santa Monica shootings, one week later – what have we learned?

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Mourners pay tribute to the victims of the June 7 shootings at a vigil at Santa Monica College on Monday, June 10. Photo by Avishay Artsy.

One week has passed since 23-year-old John Zawahri opened fire in Santa Monica, killing five people, starting with his father and brother.
Last night, Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks revealed that Zawahri left behind a farewell note. She summarized some new information in the case, such as how Zawahri had been denied the ability to buy a gun two years ago, and how he …

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Was Friday’s tragedy a ‘school shooting?’

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smc mourners

Investigators are still piecing together the details of Friday’s deadly shootings in Santa Monica that killed 5 people. Police shot and killed the gunman in the library of Santa Monica College; he died on campus.
The first incident happened at a house north of the college, but culminated at the school. And that fact has led law enforcement to not label what happened on Friday …

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