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Today’s News: Election Day arrives in L.A.; County-USC expansion?; Cell phone giveaway

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Vote. Municipal elections are underway around Southern California this morning, including the high-profile mayor’s race in the city of Los Angeles. None of the eight candidates for mayor of L.A. is expected to win an outright majority. The big spenders, City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel are the favorites to reach a March run-off. But City Councilwoman Jan Perry, businessman Kevin …

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Today’s News: Rolling roses; Sales taxes up; USC down

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Petal power. The Rose Parade is rolling. Thousands of people braved chilly weather to spend the night along Pasadena streets in anticipation of the 124th running of the Tournament of Roses. They’re being treated to a glorious, sunny day. Police say 21 people were arrested overnight, all but one for public drunkenness. The theme of this year’s Tournament of Roses is “Oh, the Places …

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Today’s News: Baca backs off deportation holds; Fight for control of First AME; Youth movement for Grammys

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No holds. L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca says his department will no longer honor federal requests to detain suspected illegal immigrants arrested for low-level crimes. Baca’s change of heart comes one day after California Attorney General Kamela Harris said state law enforcement agencies were not obligated to comply with the Secure Communities program. Baca follows LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who announced in October that …

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Today’s News: Port strike over; AG Harris Says no to ‘Secure Communities'; Anderson sees slow growth

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Back in business. The eight-day strike that brought work to a virtual standstill at the busiest port complex in the country is over. Few details have been released, but the tentative deal appears to give the clerical workers what they wanted most: a guarantee that no jobs will be outsourced to other countries or to states where shippers can pay lower salaries. The pact …

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Today’s News: Dems clinch supermajorities; Higher vehicle fees on the table; L.A. is charter school hub

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New era. Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby has thrown in the towel – clinching a two-thirds majority for Democrats in both houses of the state Legislature. Norby acknowledges that he won’t be able to make up a 3,000 vote deficit to Fullerton City Councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in a newly drawn Assembly district. Norby’s concession means there will be 45 Democrats in the 80-person Assembly. The …

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Today’s News: Lakers don’t get their Phil, Stolen veteran plaques stir outrage, Toll lanes on the 110

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Lakers leader. If the Lakers are to win a championship this year, they’ll have to do it without Phil Jackson. Speculation was rampant that the man known as the “Zen Master” would return for a third stint with the team. But the Lakers have hired former Phoenix Sun and New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni instead. The L.A. Times reports that the team was …

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Republican Party in California: Where does it go from here?

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Governor Brown and the Democrats’ legislative majority balanced this year’s budget on the assumption that Proposition 30 would pass. It did — with 54 percent of the vote statewide and 60 percent in Los Angeles. He reminded doubters that he’d run for governor on the pledge that there would be no taxes unless people voted for them, and said he looked forward to being able to …

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Today’s News: Prop. 30 fight brewing; IDs for undocumented immigrants; ‘Twilight’ camp

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Lost days. The passage of Proposition 30 is undeniably good news for LAUSD, but it’s already sparked a dispute about how the additional funding should be used. Deasy says the district could salvage some of the five days of instruction lost this year because of earlier budget cuts. But members of the teachers union want all of those days restored, in addition to five …

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Today’s News: Big Win for Brown, Prop. 30; Dems eye supermajority; Lacey takes D.A.’s race; Death penalty stands

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Super close. California Assembly Speaker John Perez says Democrats have won two-thirds of the seats in that that house of the Legislature, and he expects his party will get the same majority in the state Senate. If so, Democrats would achieve a coveted supermajority, meaning they could pass tax increases without relying on Republican votes. Sacramento Bee
Prop. 30 win. California public school students and …

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Today’s News: Voters tackle packed ballot, 70 percent turnout expected

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And they’re off. The polls are open and California voters are being asked to weigh in on a lot issues this Election Day. They’ll be electing all 80 members of the state Assembly, 20 members of the state Senate, 53 members of the House of Representatives and a U.S. Senator. There are also 11 statewide ballot measures to decide. In L.A. County, voters will …

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Props 30 and 38: Still undecided?

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By Bruno Girin, Flickr

We’ve talked at length about propositions 30 and 38, which generate funding for California’s struggling schools. Both propositions will generate billions of dollars to benefit California’s struggling schools. At the same time, they both attempt to protect the middle class from new taxes. But they don’t have much else in common.
The differences are numerous and account for why this fight between Gov. Brown and …

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Today’s News: Gunfire at USC, 1.4 million new voters, Prop. 30 on the edge

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Stories we are following today in the KCRW newsroom:
Halloween mayhem. Two people are in custody following a shooting that injured four people on the USC campus. Police say neither the suspected gunman nor the man who was targeted is affiliated with the school. It happened just before midnight outside a party being sponsored by a campus group. Another shooting last night injured three people …

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Today’s News: Billboard reversal, WeHo Halloween, Lakers horror

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Party time. Up to half-a-million revelers will pour into West Hollywood tonight for one of the world’s largest annual Halloween celebrations. The West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval runs from 6 to 11 on Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and La Cienega Boulevard. West Hollywood Halloween
Naming names. The clock could soon be ticking for an Arizona non-profit to reveal the source of $11 million …

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In Today’s News: Hurricane Sandy, Endeavour’s debut, Councilman hit with restraining order

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Stories we are following today ion the KCRW newsroom:
Helping hand. California is sending help to areas of the country being pounded by Hurricane Sandy. Gov. Jerry Brown says the California National Guard has flown airplanes, helicopters and two specialized rescue teams to North Carolina. Ten search-and-rescue experts from fire departments up and down the state previously traveled east. The L.A. region of the American …

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In Today’s News: Big money for propositions, Hurricane Sandy cancels LAX flights

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Stories we are following today in the KCRW newsroom:
Deep pockets. A non-partisan group says more than $350 million has been spent on California’s 11 statewide ballot measures. Ironically, Proposition 32, a measure that aims to reduce the influence of campaign contributors on state politics, has drawn the most money: almost $132 million. Overall, the research organization MapLight says Prop. 32 and two competing tax …

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Today’s News: Red flag warning, First Lady comes to town, narrow margin for Prop. 30

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Red flag. The LAFD has declared a Red Flag warning and fire agencies around the Southland are gearing up for what could be the strongest Santa Ana winds of the fall. Forecasters are predicting gusts of up to 65 miles per hour in some areas. KTTV
Michelle Obama’s visit. First Lady Michelle Obama will be in L.A. today, one day after her husband stopped by …

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In Today’s News: No NFL in LA soon, Prop. 30 offensive, Magnet school vacancies

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Stories we are following today in the KCRW newsroom:
Political football. CBS Sports says Los Angeles should not expect the return of the NFL anytime soon, at least not next year. A league committee focused on bringing the NFL back to L.A. has ruled out moving a team next year and has lingering concerns about the feasibility of a downtown stadium. CBS Sports
Prop. 30 push. …

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California’s Propositions: Prop. 30

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Photo by Chris Campbell

It’s enough to make a diligent citizen’s head spin. Californians are being asked to vote up or down on 11 statewide ballot measures next month. It’s a dizzying array of issues ranging from school funding and genetically modified foods to the death penalty and campaign finance reform, and KCRW will be trying to help listeners make sense of it all. The most hotly contested measure on the …

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In Today’s News: Noguez arrested, ‘Gangnam Style’ lifeguards re-hired

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Stories we’re following today in the KCRW newsroom:
Noguez Arrested. Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez is due in court later today or tomorrow for arraignment on bribery and corruption charges. The embattled elected official was arrested this morning at his home in Huntington Park. Noguez has denied wrongdoing throughout a year-long investigation into influence peddling in his office. He’s been on a paid leave …

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In Today’s News: ID cards, digital billboards, greenhouse gasses

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ID cards for illegal immigrants. The L.A. City Council is scheduled to consider a proposal by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today to issue photo IDs to undocumented immigrants. The IDs would nominally be library cards – but they would also serve as official identification. That would allow people who use them to open a bank account and conduct other official business. L.A. Times
New digital billboard …

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