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Biopics and ‘Boyhood’: All the Buzz from Sundance


The Sundance Film Festival is underway in Park City, Utah.
KCRW’s Eric Roy discussed some of the notable films coming out of the festival with John Horn, film writer for the Los Angeles Times.
Film buying has been slow but is starting to pick up, according to Horn. Sony Classics acquired the international rights to “Whiplash,” the festival’s opening night feature film; Focus Features acquired the …

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Mitt Romney went to Disneyland…

Former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, was in our own backyard, enjoying a nice Fall day at Disneyland. Earlier, Buzzfeed posted this photo of Romney pumping gas just like the rest of us.

Here’s what some in the Twittersphere had to say:
Hey Mitt Romney, you just lost the election, where you going next? Yep, hes at Disneyland today.
— MouseWait Disneyland (@MouseWait) November 20, 2012

@mousewait oh wow!does he …

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Live chatting the Presidential Town Hall Debate: 2 down, 1 to go

Binders Full of Women quickly became a meme

KCRW and To the Point hosted a live chat during last night’s debate, and guests agreed it was a far livelier match up than the first presidential debate.
The general consensus was that Obama came out strong, with varying takes on Romney’s performance.  “This is a draw so far, “Joshua Treviño  of RedState observed during the chat, “but note that the President is at his best, and the …

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

Lindsay Lohan
Photo © Glenn Francis,

Happy Friday! Angelenos may be tracking the slow and steady progress of Space Shuttle Endeavour as it makes it way over to the California Space Center.  And there was that vice presidential debate last night. But here are five other stories that you can bring up at cocktail parties this weekend. 

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Politics Friday (10/5/12): 5 things you may have missed this week


Cool Britannia! Seriously, this week marks two important anniversaries for the Brits. While you were busy celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ “Love Me Do” and also the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie, “Dr. No,” there was a snoozy presidential debate and good jobs numbers! Here are some politics stories you may have missed this week.

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KCRW is live chatting the presidential debate!


KCRW’s To The Point is blogging all things politics as the final days to the election tick away. Tonight we’ll be broadcasting the Presidential Debate live on 89.9 FM. We’re also very  excited to be hosting a live web chat in real time. Read along as To The Point producers and special guests Rachel Hastings, W. Kamau Bell, Ted Johnson, Joshua Trevino, and Farai Chideya weigh in with their …

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

Endeavour flies over California. Via Flickr by NaParish.

It was a busy week here in Los Angeles. The iPhone 5 went on sale and the Space Shuttle Endeavour did its fly-over on the way to California Science Center. So here are a few things you may have missed while you were focusing on technology big and small. 

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How do you become a delegate and what do you do?

Posted August 24, 2012 by Caitlin Shamberg | Comments Off | ]

Conventions don’t really nominate presidential candidates any more; that happens in state primaries and caucuses. Many people believe all that goes on is the TV show. But there’s more to being a delegate than just being in the audience for political speeches. Warren talks to two California delegates.
Julie Biggs is an attorney in Redlands and she’ll be representing California’s new, 31st Congressional District at …

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

Wow, it’s been hot! While you were out trying to buy a better air conditioner, the presidential campaign kept humming along and Hillary Clinton showed us her moves. Here are some of the stories you may have missed last week.

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

Jenna Jameson

While you were busy watching the Olympics on tape delay (US gymnast Gabby Douglas took home the gold! And track and field started today) and waiting for the Mars Curiosity rover to land (safely!), Congress was doing absolutely nothing. Here are 5 stories you may have missed this week.

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

Friday the 13th is turning out to be a tough day for Mitt Romney, who is responding to reports that he has contradicted himself about when he left Bain Capital.  The Huffington Post reports that SEC files show that Romney was leading the company while it was shuttering plants and laying off workers:
SEC files include at least six instances of Romney signing documents after …

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Politics Friday: 5 stories you may have missed this week

Movie poster for "The Amazing Spider-Man"

All the fireworks exploded at the same time in San Diego?! The new “Spider-Man” may actually be good?! And the East Coast is way too hot… While you were preoccupied with all that, we were watching the news. Here are 5 stories you may have missed.

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week


While you were busy getting relationship advice from Fox’s new lifestyle magazine, Romney and Obama were talking immigration and Todd Palin was getting ready for a new reality show. Here are some political stories you may have overlooked this week.

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Politics Friday: 5 stories you may have missed this week

By uberculture via Flickr/ CreativeCommons

While we were mourning the end of Click and Clack’s “Car Talk,” cable news and Twitter were going crazy over the president’s assertion that the “private sector is doing fine.” More on that and other stories you may have missed below…

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Election Guide to the California Primaries



Are you ready to vote? Here’s what you need to know beyond the ballot.
When to Vote:
Polling places are open Tuesday, June 5 from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Where to Vote:
Find your polling place and a sample ballot here. 
What are the main issues?
The Republican Primary
The District Attorney Race
 Proposition 28 (Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office)
 Proposition 29 (Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for …

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Should Mitt Romney care about the CA primary?


Mitt Romney’s win in the Texas GOP primary this week put him over the top when it comes to the number delegates needed to clinch his party’s presidential nomination. So it might be tempting to think Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary here in California is just a formality. But San Francisco Chronicle political writer Carla Marinucci told KCRW’s Chery Glaser that the contest is still …

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Politics Friday: 5 stories you may have missed this week

Elizabeth Warren

While you were lining up to try to get your hands on some Facebook stock, Francois Hollande’s plane was struck by lightning. That and other stories you may have missed this week.

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