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Mixer: LA’s decelerating car culture?

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Gas prices have been on a roller coaster ride in Southern California the past few weeks.

From rock-bottom lows at the start of the year because of an abundant global supply, to a quick rise of a dollar or more per gallon because of a new summer gasoline blend that’s being produced and a refinery explosion in Torrance. There’s no shortage of complaints. And, of …

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Mixer: A progress report on California cops

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There’s a new poll that came out this week from the Public Policy Institute of California, that asked residents how they feel about Governor Jerry Brown’s job performance, his budget proposal and also things like water use and higher education spending. All important topics, sure.
And then there was this nugget: the poll found that a solid majority of adults think their police departments are doing …

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Meet LA Times’ new publisher Austin Beutner

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Austin Beutner has become publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

Former investment banker Austin Beutner was First Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles under Antonio Villaraigosa. He raised $600,000 to run for mayor on his own, but dropped out before the campaign really began. Then, his plan to run the Los Angeles Times as a non-profit with fellow investors fell through, but now he’s signed on as publisher of the paper he wanted to buy. 
“I’ve come to work everyday …

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Mixer: Tripping on sidewalks and all those pot shops

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A Los Angeles City Council committee has voted to conduct a pilot program to replace some problem sidewalks, with a material that’s a bit more resilient and porous.
Those are things like rubber, crushed asphalt, or decomposed granite.
Adrian Glick-Kudler, senior editor at Curbed LA, says the idea is that the more porous the material, the more water that material will allow to seep into groundwater …

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Mixer: More than a case of mistaken ID in Dorner-related shooting

Posted February 7, 2014 by | 4 Comments | ]
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It’s been a year to the day since Los Angeles Police officers shot at a pickup truck in Torrance they thought belonged to fugitive and ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.
Dorner had been fired from the force, written an internet manifesto alleging a culture of discrimination and intimidation, and went on a killing spree against those he believed were behind his firing.
The pickup truck, which was …

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Mixer: Waxman out. So who’s next?

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Gene Maddaus reports for the LA Weekly and Seema Mehta reports for the Los Angeles Times.
Longtime West LA Congressman and powerful Democrat Henry Waxman announced this week he will not seek another term, after serving 20 of them on Capitol Hill.
That’s 40 years in Washington.
And now the race is on here at home to succeed him, which is landing some familiar names on the ballot.
Officially, …

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Furious Ridley-Thomas says newspaper got it wrong

Posted January 22, 2014 by | 1 Comment | ]

L.A. County Supervisor Mark-Ridley Thomas is lashing out at an L.A. Times report that work done at his home by county crews went beyond permissible security improvements. In his first public comments on the controversy, Ridley-Thomas told KCRW’s Warren Olney that allegations that he allowed taxpayers to foot the bill for extra work are untrue. The Supervisor acknowledged that some of the work at …

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Aaron Kushner’s Grand Plan for Expanding the OC Register to LA

Posted December 16, 2013 by | 2 Comments | ]
Aaron Kushner

The parent company of the Orange County Register is looking to expand its reach by launching a new daily newspaper – here in LA.
Aaron Kushner, the CEO of Freedom Communications, says the new paper will be known as the Los Angeles Register.
Kushner says the paper will share sports content and other stories of regional interest with the OC Register.
But he says the new paper …

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Mixer: iPads and union contracts – can’t we have nice things?

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Jack Dolan reports for the LA Times. Hillel Aron for LA Weekly. They both joined us for this week’s Friday Mixer.
LAUSD is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for iPads for every one of its students. Some kids who’ve been lucky enough to get early iPads have reportedly already got around restrictions and downloaded some unapproved apps. We also found out more recently that some people are allegedly stealing them.
Can’t we have nice things? …

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California braces for possible government shutdown

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According to Mapquest, it’s roughly 2,670 miles from L.A. to Washington, D.C. And 2,730 from Sacramento to D.C. You’d think that kind of distance would help buffer California from the political ups and downs in the nation’s capitol. But that probably won’t be the case if the federal government shuts down next week because Congress can’t agree on funding for Uncle Sam.
How big a …

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Mixer: Sheriff’s parachute, rideshare apps, and the mayor of Portlandia

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The end of the week means we have analysis of LA stories and politics. Welcome to the Mixer.
Gene Maddaus reports for LA Weekly, Seema Mehta reports for the Los Angeles Times. They joined us to dissect the big stories of the week.
If someone points a finger at you, go ahead and retire. A new report finds that none of the top managers at the LA …

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Councilman Huizar facing sexual harassment complaint

Posted August 13, 2013 by | 19 Comments | ]
Los Angeles city councilman Jose Huizar, left, and Huizar's former deputy chief of staff, Francine Godoy, right. Photo courtesy LA Times.

A woman who served as LA City Councilman José Huizar’s deputy chief of staff has filed a workplace discrimination and sexual harassment complaint against the city and her former boss.
The complaint was filed in June but only made public yesterday in the Los Angeles Times.
Huizar’s spokesman Rick Coca sent us this response: “The Councilmember is surprised by the claim. He strongly and emphatically denies …

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Police arrest a man in connection with deadly hit-and-run on Venice boardwalk

Posted August 4, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

Police arrested Nathan Campbell, 38, on suspicion of murder in connection with Saturday’s deadly hit-and-run on the Venice boardwalk that killed one woman and left another 11 people injured. He’s being held in lieu of $1-million bail.
In a Sunday morning press conference, Los Angeles Police Department officials also identified the woman who died in incident as Alice Gruppioni, 32, of Italy, according to the …

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The Mixer: A Tale of Two Newspapers

Posted July 12, 2013 by | 5 Comments | ]

This week, Tribune Company announced it would split into two entities. One to focus on electronic media. Think broadcast, like KTLA-Channel 5 and other stations. Think internet properties that go along with those functions. The other company will be focused on newspapers of the company. The Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant and, most notably for us, the Los Angeles Times.
To be sure, the Times has already seen …

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Tribune Co., owner of LA Times and KTLA, splits into two companies

Posted July 10, 2013 by | 19 Comments | ]
Photo by NS Newsflash/CreativeCommons/Flickr

The Los Angeles Times’ corporate parent, the Tribune Company, is spinning off its struggling newspaper unit into a separate company. That frees the media conglomerate to focus on its TV and Internet properties.
The new Tribune Publishing Company would include the L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune, and six other daily papers. Until now, Tribune had appeared to be taking steps to unload the newspapers in …

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The Mixer: Bye, Mayor V.; Hello, Mayor G.

Posted June 28, 2013 by | 14 Comments | ]
LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tests a toy guitar at a Mexican crafts stand on Olvera Street on Friday, June 28. Photo by Avishay Artsy.

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spent most of his remaining hours as the city’s chief executive on a bus, touring areas where he campaigned in his quest for the job in the first place. KCRW’s Avishay Artsy rode along with the mayor, asking him to remember the places he’s seen and people he’s talked to over the years.
So we asked this week’s Mixer guests, Gene Maddaus …

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The Mixer: The Santa Monica shootings, one week later – what have we learned?

Posted June 14, 2013 by | 10 Comments | ]
Mourners pay tribute to the victims of the June 7 shootings at a vigil at Santa Monica College on Monday, June 10. Photo by Avishay Artsy.

One week has passed since 23-year-old John Zawahri opened fire in Santa Monica, killing five people, starting with his father and brother.
Last night, Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks revealed that Zawahri left behind a farewell note. She summarized some new information in the case, such as how Zawahri had been denied the ability to buy a gun two years ago, and how he …

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Remembering one of the victims of Friday’s shootings

Posted June 9, 2013 by | 5 Comments | ]

The Los Angeles Times has a remembrance of Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, who died after being shot Friday in a rampage that left five people dead and culminated in a shootout in the Santa Monica College campus library. From the Times:
For 22 years, Carlos Navarro Franco tended the grounds of Santa Monica College. An immigrant from Mexico, he was proud that his hard work …

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The Mixer: Sactown’s Sack of Bills, Bills, Bills

Posted May 31, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

Summer’s in the air, so let’s take a trip… to Sacramento!
Yes, people go to Sacramento in the Summer. Although, technically, we took the trip by phone. Which is what most people prefer when it comes to Sacramento.
We got together with Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee and Patrick McGreevy from the Los Angeles Times.
Today was the deadline to pass bills out of their houses of origin …

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Why Los Angeles residents don’t vote

Posted May 16, 2013 by | 3 Comments | ]
Los Angeles voter Amanda Sutton casts a ballot in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Photo by Avishay Artsy

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday to vote for the next mayor of Los Angeles and several other key offices. But will there be a flood of ballots, or merely a trickle?
Used to be, a lot more votes were cast in L.A. during big city elections. Here we are on the cusp of selecting a new mayor for the second most populous …

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