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Lots of unfinished business as Legislature returns

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The California Legislature is getting back to work today with a long to-do list, including some pressing unfinished business from last year. Plugging a billion-dollar hole in the state’s health care program for the poor and fixing the state’s deteriorating roads are at the top of the agenda.
Gov. Jerry Brown called special sessions of the Legislature last year to address the shortfall in the …

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LA County CEO William Fujioka to step down

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Outgoing LA County CEO William Fujioka

Los Angeles County CEO William Fujioka says he will retire in November, after more than seven years as the county’s top official and more than 40 years in public service. Fujioka says he planned to leave five years ago, but the Great Recession led him to postpone his leave.
He spoke to KCRW’s Avishay Artsy about whether the County is better off now than it …

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LAUSD shifts millions of dollars to close education gap

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The L.A. School Board has signed off on a $6.6 billion budget for the school year that funnels hundreds of million of dollars to the district’s most disadvantaged students. The spending plan calls for a boost in new teacher hires – to up to 12,000 instructors – as well as more librarians, nurses, counselors and tutoring programs. Class sizes will also come down. The …

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Port Hueneme opening its doors to child detainees

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A temporary shelter on a military base in Southern California could fill up next week as authorities contend with a flood of children trying to cross into the U.S. illegally from Mexico and Central America. The shelter at Naval Base Ventura County in Port Hueneme can hold up to 575 children. Bunk beds and extra dining tables have been brought in, and dirt soccer …

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LAPD officers may have lied about violent ‘ambush’

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When two L.A. police officers were attacked by a gunman outside the Mid-City station last year, Chief Charlie Beck called it – quote – “a blatant attempt to assassinate two of the people who protect the community.” By now the L.A. Times reports questions are being raised about whether the attack happened at all. A new report by LAPD Inspector General Alex Bustamante says …

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O.C. moves to treat mentally ill without their consent

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Orange County will become the first large county to implement Laura’s Law, a California statute that allows for the forced treatment of people with severe mental illnesses. California lawmakers passed Laura’s Law in 2002. It’s named for mental health worker Laura Wilcox, who was killed by a patient who had refused psychiatric treatment. The law gives courts the power to order anti-psychotic drugs or …

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Let the haggling begin: budget season in Sacramento

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Gov. Jerry Brown will lay out his revised budget today – with roughly $2 billion more in the state’s coffers than anticipated when his initial spending plan was released a few months ago. How the governor proposes to spend that extra revenue has been the subject of much speculation and debate. Majority Democrats in the Legislature are clamoring for increased spending on social services …

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Pipeline to the past: Workers dig up L.A. water history

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Local history buffs know that much of the story of L.A. is about finding and exploiting water. Now an early and important piece of the city’s water history has been discovered. Construction workers in Chinatown have uncovered what is believed to be a roughly 100-foot section of the city’s first municipal water system. It’s a 19th Century brick and wooden pipe that connected the …

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Garcetti to give first State of the City speech tonight

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Mayor Eric Garcetti will deliver his first State of the City speech tonight, offering a preview of how Los Angeles will deal will projected $242 million budget deficit and laying out his spending priorities for the next fiscal year. (Listen at at 5pm).
His speech comes one day after the release of a report that makes a number of recommendations for improving what its authors …

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Officers faulted for shooting during Dorner manhunt

Posted February 5, 2014 by | 1 Comment | ]

More than half a dozen LAPD officers who mistakenly shot at two women delivering newspapers during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner are facing discipline that could range from a slap on the wrist to dismissal. The department’s oversight panel says the officers violated LAPD policy when they collectively fired their weapons more than 100 times. One of the women was shot twice in the …

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Serial scammer Barry Minkow fleeced his own flock

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One of Southern California’s most notorious fraudsters has been convicted again, this time for stealing $3 million from a San Diego church congregation where he served as a pastor. Barry Minkow – who’s already serving time in a federal lockup for securities fraud – is facing five years in prison in the church case. Minkow achieved fame as a teenager in the 1980s when …

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Nichols exits but mystery of DWP non-profits persists

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City leaders hope the departure of General Manager Ron Nichols will help them solve the mystery of how $40 million in ratepayer funds was spent by two Department of Water and Power trusts created to improve labor relations. Nichols led one of trusts, and DWP union chief Brian D’Arcy heads the other. City officials have been stonewalled in their efforts to get information about …

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Brown’s budget reflects improving California economy

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Governor Jerry Brown is unveiling a budget proposal this morning that reflects California’s improving fiscal picture, with more money targeted for schools healthcare and social services. The governor also wants to increase the pace of paying down the state’s debt and stash money away in a rainy day fund. Brown’s $155 billion blueprint would increase general fund spending by eight percent, repay $11 billion …

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Family finds new facilty for teen declared brain dead

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A 13-year-old Bay Area girl who was declared dead after suffering cardiac arrest during a tonsillectomy has been moved from Children’s Hospital Oakland. But Jahi McMath’s family won’t say where she’s been taken because of concerns about her safety. The family’s lawyer says they’ve received hundreds of threatening emails from people angered by the fight to keep the teenager on life support. Children’s Hospital …

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Today’s News: Alarms sounded over Prop. 8 decision; Extreme heat roasts Southland; Garcetti inauguration

Posted June 28, 2013 by | 9 Comments | ]
Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Smauel Alito Jr., Elena Kagan

Prop. 8 fallout. Gay rights supporters rejoiced over this week’s Supreme Court decision that will allow same-sex marriage to resume in California – but now activists on both sides of the ideological divide are raising concerns about the decision. The worry is that the court set a dangerous precedent by giving elected officials undue power over ballot initiatives.
The Supreme Court decided the Prop. 8 …

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Today’s News: Marching for peace in Santa Monica; Brown pores over budget numbers; Bruce Lee tribute

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smc mourners

Peace Walk. Some Santa Monica residents took to the streets last night to call for peace and healing in the wake of a series of shootings in the Westside city. The demonstrators retraced the path taken by John Zawahri, the young gunman who killed five people before being shot to death by police at Santa Monica College.
The Peace Walk was organized by the Pico …

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Today’s News: No motive in gunman’s ‘farewell’ note; On-time budget; California snowfall decline expected

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Killer’s goodbye. The man responsible for last Friday’s deadly shooting rampage in Santa Monica carried a note saying he was sorry for his actions. But investigators still aren’t sure what motivated John Zawahri to kill five people before he was shot to death by police.
Zawahri’s four-page, hand-written note was found on his body after he was killed on the Santa Monica College campus. Police …

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Today’s News: Mix of joy, sadness at SMC graduation; L.A. courts shedding 500 jobs; Foster care agency fired

Posted June 12, 2013 by | 2 Comments | ]

Somber graduation. Hundreds of students walked across the stage to accept their diplomas at Santa Monica College yesterday evening, but it was anything but a typical graduation ceremony.
Present behind the joy and sense of accomplishment was a strong undercurrent of sorrow for those who lost their lives Friday when a gunman killed three people on campus during a wild shooting spree. The graduation took …

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SMC graduation to double as memorial; Governor prevails in budget battle; Killer gets ‘death’

Posted June 11, 2013 by | 1 Comment | ]

Mourning. College graduation is a joyous event. But today’s ceremony at Santa Monica College will be tinged with sadness as the commencement doubles as a memorial to victims of last Friday’s shooting rampage.
A vigil was held on the campus last night. Shortly before 6 pm, people began assembling outside the college library. That’s where the shooter, John Zawahri, ended his killing spree. A makeshift …

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UCLA Anderson Forecast finds US recovery lagging

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The UCLA Anderson School of Management.

A UCLA economic forecast out today predicts California will see some income growth over the next two years, despite a national recovery the authors of the report call “bad.”
The new UCLA Anderson Forecast says the strength of California’s economy lies in technology and knowledge-based industries, although construction has also rebounded in coastal markets.
But the report casts doubt on whether the economy – statewide or nationally …

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