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Coachella at the Rose Bowl? A music and arts festival is on the horizon

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Concert goers toss t-shirts in the air at the 2014 Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The Rose Bowl is pursuing a music festival of its own, slated for the summer of 2016.

It took Darryl Dunn just one visit to San Francisco’s beloved Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival to be convinced — this is the future of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.

“It was a great vibe,” Dunn, the CEO of the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC), which manages the Rose Bowl, recalled. “It was fun. And we were like, ‘could this happen at the Rose Bowl?’ And we thought ‘ya know, …

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“Eat Local” hard to uphold in the California sea

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When Bernard Friedman heads out to his farm early in the morning, he’s not jumping into a tractor. He revs up his boat and shoots out of the Santa Barbara Harbor. His 72-acre farm is incognito. It’s under the open ocean. And the crop he’s harvesting? They’re mussels.
“Hopefully you’ll see a few whales,” he says. “You’ll see some sea lions, you might see some …

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20th parole try is a charm for Chowchilla kidnapper

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One of three men sentenced to life in prison for one of the most notorious kidnappings in California history is a step closer to freedom.
James Schoenfeld, his brother Richard, and Frederick Woods kidnapped 26 children and their bus driver from Chowchilla back in 1976. The trio planned to ransom the children for $5 million. They forced the captives into a moving van that was …

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As the Arts District turns: The rapid transformation of a once-sleepy neighborhood

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Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks

With the news over the last few weeks that Soho House and other high-profile tenants are snapping up property in the Arts District, a hue and cry has erupted (at least in some media outposts) that the once-gritty neighborhood is done–at least for artists.
I met up with long-time resident, photographer and neighborhood activist Melissa Richardson Banks to hear her take. She drove me around the 52-block area late last Saturday …

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Dodgers are flush, but blackout has fans seeing red

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As the Dodgers prepare to begin their 57th season in Los Angeles, the team is flush with cash and staring down the barrel of an escalating PR nightmare.
For the second straight year, it appears a majority of fans in the region won’t be able to watch Kershaw, Puig, Gonzalez et al. when the games begin because of an ongoing pricing dispute between Time Warner …

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Barney Frank on coming out in Congress

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Barney Frank at KCRW. Photo: Gari Askew

In his new book, “”Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage” Barney Frank tells his story of navigating Congressional politics as a gay man. “We gay and lesbian people don’t discuss our sexuality any more than straight people do,” he told Warren on “To the Point.” It’s just that when we do it, it’s called ‘coming out.’ When straight people do …

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Too close for comfort: Pesticide spraying near Oxnard high school sheds light on statewide issue

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A 15 month study by the Center for Investigative Reporting has found potentially harmful amounts of chemically-laden pesticides in the air above an Oxnard high school.
As the pictures suggest, pesticides being sprayed at Bob Jones Ranch are a bit too close to Rio Mesa High School for comfort.
Rules concerning pesticide use, however, are made and enforced on a state level. Although this study has …

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Learning the art of conversation from the Studs Terkel archive

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Studs Terkel

From 1952 until 1997—over 45 years—Studs Terkel hosted a show on Chicago’s WFMT radio in which he regularly created national conversations about topics ranging from civil rights, labor rights, film, music, history, and philosophy.
Before he became known as a radio host and oral historian, Studs was an early star of television (Check out “Studs’ Place”) and a radio actor. It was through the art of …

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Turning trash into art: The life-changing magic of “Consumed”

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Mary Mattingly; Life of Objects, 2013, courtesy of the artist and Robert Mann Gallery

Long before the current bestselling book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” the artist China Adams decided to reassess her possessions. In 1995, she rid herself of any material item she considered to be unnecessary– 77.13 percent of what she owned ranked as “official burden status” under a three-point system she developed. Then, she reduced those things down to their essence, stitched them into pieces of tarp using …

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Santa Barbara columnist talks “Montecito Miscellany”

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"Botticelli, Titian, and Beyond: Masterpieces of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums" is on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Richard Mineards spotlights many of Santa Barbara’s cultural happenings and local celebrity doings in his weekly Montecito Journal column, ‘Montecito Miscellany.’ He recently stopped by our KCRW Santa Barbara studio to dish on news from recent columns.
Mineards reminded KCRW listeners to take advantage of the world class Italian Masterpiece exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. “Botticelli, Titian and Beyond: Masterpieces of Italian …

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