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Disney decides to snuff out depictions of smoking

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The Walt Disney Co. generated headlines yesterday when it announced a sequel to the blockbuster hit “Frozen.”
But the entertainment giant also made another announcement that didn’t get as much attention.
CEO Bob Iger says Disney will no longer show people smoking in any of its films with a PG-13 rating or below. The one exception, Iger said, will be depictions of historical characters who smoked.
Disney …

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Let’s brag about California’s weather while we still can

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Photo by Tony Hisgett via Flickr/CC

One of the little joys of being Californian is the opportunity to taunt folks back East about their terrible winter weather. Hey, Boston, how does it feel to have been colonized by Eskimos?
But this winter, we seem to be overdoing it, sending out a blizzard of social media postings of palm trees and blue skies. It’s enough to make you wonder if all our …

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New cookbook skewers pretentious eateries

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fuds 3

It’s not your typical book publishing story.
About three years ago in New York at Brooklyn’s Great GoogaMooga food festival, three comedians handed out a joke menu for a made-up restaurant called Fuds to thousands of swarming foodies. It became a viral hit – delighting many but fooling others. Arthur Myer, one of the authors and a writer for The Tonight Show, put his actual …

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The 90s are back: Aged desalination plant gets dusted off in Santa Barbara

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Water Resources Manager Joshua Haggmark

The Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant in Santa Barbara hasn’t seen use in over two decades, but that might change soon. According to the city’s Water Resources Manager Joshua Haggmark, the plant is crucial for Santa Barbara to survive the drought.
“I don’t think desalination should be our only source of water, but in California I think it should be a small portion of the water supply. At least …

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Michele Mandle: ‘I don’t honk anymore’

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Michele and her son in front of their home, which they could never have afforded in Los Angeles.

Michele Mandle
Wilmington, North Carolina.
“I got a Dodger’s cap as a birthday present that I asked for. I’m totally a California person.”
Michele Mandle had spent a total of 24 years in L.A. County before finally settling in Wilmington North Carolina.
“We moved for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is that we felt like we couldn’t have a home that was …

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Should you stay or should you go? A leaving LA conversation with Warren Olney

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Photo via Flickr/CC/Vicente A.

 It has become so expensive in the LA Area that beaches, warm winters and cultural diversity aren’t enough anymore to keep a lot of people from moving away. Many have struggled with staying here, and many have left. What happens to a city when there’s a loss of economic diversity?
“If you look at out of state migration, the vast majority are folks that are making below …

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Latinos and Asians lead California growth projections

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California will continue along the path of slow population growth in the coming decades – but the number of folks calling the state home is still expected to surpass 51 million by 2060.
That’s according to the state Department of Finance, which has updated its demographic projections.
There are currently about 39 million people living in California. Population growth has stayed around one percent in the …

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Oh, the hair! Archives of defunct newspaper revives 80s SoCal music scene from “pop to the pit”

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Motley Crue by Gary Leonard, courtesy LAPL

Some people move to LA for love. Wendy Horowitz did, too–except that the object of her affection was a band.
On assignment for High Times magazine in Boston back in the ’80s, she found herself interviewing, and falling for, the musical group from Hawthorne that calls itself Redd Kross. It changed her life: “They made me laugh. They were approachable. They really were like sunshine, shining into …

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Church abuse lawsuit filed in Santa Barbara

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A Santa Barbara area Presbyterian church is being forced to defend itself against sexual abuse claims. A former parishioner at Carpinteria Community Church filed a lawsuit accusing the church and its corporate parents of routinely ignoring and covering up sexual abuse.
The plaintiff in the case says a youth minister preyed upon her as a teenager. The Santa Barbara Independent reports the youth minister, Louis …

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Chances of really ‘Big One’ in California have increased

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The odds have just gone up that a major earthquake – we’re talking magnitude 8 – will strike California in the next three decades.
The U.S. Geological Survey has updated its quake risk assessment for California. The federal agency now says there’s a 7 percent chance that California will be hit with a magnitude 8 earthquake in the next 30 years, up from 4.7 percent.
A …

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