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California sets environmental rules for desal plants

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Desalination – turning ocean water into drinking water – is getting a lot of attention as California struggles through the fourth year of drought. Desalination plants have the appeal of tapping into a seemingly limitless source of water. But they can take a heavy toll on the environment, killing fish and other marine life as the suck in ocean water. They also spew greenhouse …

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The California drought crisis is everyone’s fault

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The drought at the  Uvas Reservoir. Via Flickr/CC

My grandfather used to tell the story of traveling from Bakersfield to San Francisco by boat as a boy in about 1910. First up the Tulare Lake, then up the San Joaquin River, and through the Delta. In those days, water in California’s San Joaquin Valley must have seemed inexhaustible.
Then, the lakes were drained and the rivers dammed; the valley floor was plowed and …

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Meet at the Market: Margarita, anyone?

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The Wildcat Lounge on Ortega St. in Santa Barbara has earned the reputation of “dive club,” but stop by earlier on a Tuesday and you might be surprised. For nearly four years, bartenders at the Wildcat have ventured down the street to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies and herbs at the farmers’ market. Then, they head back behind the bar to get creative, dishing out craft cocktails …

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Warren Olney tells his “Only in LA” story at The Moth

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This story doesn’t take place in LA, but it appeared on television in LA. And so, here’s Warren’s “Only in LA” story as told as part of the Moth a few years ago. It has to do with some cute ducks, and a TV assignment…
Take a listen and tell us, what’s your “Only in LA” story?

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New project to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

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LA gets a bad rap for not having enough parks and open space. But a campaign is underway to protect more of the open space we do have. The National Park Service is considering expanding the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to include land in what’s called the Rim of the Valley Corridor–stretching from the Conejo and Simi Valleys to the La Crescenta …

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10 things to tell New Yorkers before they move to LA

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As trend pieces go, the latest New York Times style piece “Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers” managed to jam all the classic cliches into one column. And even create a few new ones along the way. We’ll let others do the debunking.
What is true, however, is that plenty of New Yorkers move to L.A. every year for myriad reasons. …

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Contenders vie for Capps’ congressional seat

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It’s a political game-changer. When longtime Central Coast Congresswoman, Rep. Lois Capps (D), announced she would not run for reelection in 2016, it only took a few hours for candidates to speak up declaring their interest in representing the 24th Congressional District. Capps was elected to Congress in 1998. Her husband, Walter Capps, preceded her in the position. He’d been in office for less …

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Growing up in the Church of Scientology 

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Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles, Fountain Avenue  by PictorialEvidence - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Going Clear,” the recent documentary on Scientology, has brought the church a lot of unwanted attention recently. The film is a highly-critical look at the origins of Scientology and its current practices. It relies on recollections of members who have left the church to talk about what went on behind closed doors. But the movie didn’t cover what it was like to be born …

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Local water districts are fighting for every drop

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Scores of water agencies in California are lobbying for last-minute changes to the conservation goals set down by state officials. They’re trying to reduce the severity of the cuts they’re facing before the final numbers are announced later this week.
Local water districts in California are being asked to reduce their water use by anywhere from 8 to 36 percent, depending on their average use …

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Meet at the Market: Celeri-what?

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Each week we meet up with Katie Hershfelt of Cultivate Events as she chats with farmers, chefs and shoppers at the Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market.
This week’s guest? Chef Justin West of restaurant Julienne and honoree at this weekend’s Fork and Cork Classic. He’s got some grand ideas on how to incorporate celeriac, or celery root, into this week’s special.

Grilled Little Gems, Roasted Pork Shoulder, Pickled Beets, Celeriac Remoulade
by Justin West

For the …

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