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Watts Riots: ‘a rebellion, a protest against the system’

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Several buildings on fire at the same time, during the rioting in the Watts area. Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

Fifty years ago this week, a highway patrolman clashed with a black motorist suspected of drunk driving on a Watts street corner. The altercation sparked six days of unrest, beginning what came to be known as the Watts Riots or the “rebellion.” In the end, 34 people died, thousands were injured and $40 million in property was destroyed.
Writer Erin Aubry Kaplan grew up a …

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Mail-order music company Columbia House goes bankrupt

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The world of getting music is very different from how it used to be. And there’s news this week that one of the main ways you used to get music is on the outs.
One of the music clubs that would send you hit albums for extra cheap – with one caveat – has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Columbia House offered a dozen albums or more …

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Watts: How racist housing policy helped light the flame

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Photo: Real estate agent Beverly Moore shows off a house in Watts. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

This week on Press Play, we’re using the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riots to talk about what has changed in the South L.A. community, and what has stayed the same. 
Four bedrooms, two bathrooms… $311,000. Three bedrooms, one bath… $199,000. In Los Angeles. Really.
People looking to buy should look no further than Watts, real estate agent Beverly Moore says. Moore deals exclusively in properties …

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New art exhibition explores human identity, in pixels

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A new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara deals with the interplay between technology and human identity. Then they form us plays off a quote by philosopher Marshall McLuhan, who wrote in the 1960s about how technology becomes an extension of ourselves, and influences our experience in the world.
In 2015, with smartphones, robotic cars and facial recognition, his wondering and worrying …

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Watts: A look back

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CHP officers with shotguns get ready to man the lines at 112th Street and Avalon Boulevard, during the rioting in the Watts area. Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

All week Press Play reflects on the Watts Riots. You can find all of our Watts coverage here. 
It was just after 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11th, when a California Highway Patrol car pulled over 21-year-old Marquette Frye, a young, black man suspected of drunk driving. He got out of his car and he failed a sobriety test. A small crowd gathered.
Marquette was calm until his mother showed …

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A walk through today’s Watts

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Watts Sign

“Six days of rioting in a Negro section of Los Angeles left behind scenes reminiscent of war torn cities, more than a hundred square blocks were decimated by fires and looters and few buildings were left intact.”
That’s how one news broadcast reported the immediate aftermath of the Watts Riots in August of 1965. The unrest was sparked by the stop of a black motorist …

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L.A. back in play as host of 2024 Summer Olympics

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Los Angeles is getting ready for another Olympics, or at least an Olympic bid.
Mayor Eric Garcetti says L.A. is nearing a deal with the U.S. Olympic Committee to be this country’s candidate for the 2024 Summer Games. Unlike Boston – which recently dropped out of the bidding – Garcetti says L.A. would be willing to guarantee that the city will cover any cost overruns …

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Remembering Watts: Listeners reflect on the 50th anniversary

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Man sweeps broken glass in front of Chesley Jewelry store, in Watts. Photo Courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

Fifty years ago, Watts erupted. A white traffic officer stopped a black driver named Marquette Frye, suspecting him of drunk driving. The stop led to an altercation. A crowd gathered and tensions that had been simmering for many years boiled up to the surface, sparking six days of unrest. More than 1000 people were injured, 34 were killed, many buildings were burned to the ground, and businesses …

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As classical season ends, renovations begin

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A world class institution for classical music here in Santa Barbara has been raising quite a bit of money lately. The Music Academy of the West is striving for $17.5 million, as part of their Capital Campaign. They’re at $11.7 million so far, and as the summer season wraps up, work is beginning to expand the campus and better train classical musicians. Music Academy President …

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California inmate given OK for sex-change surgery

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California will be the first state in the nation to foot the bill for sex reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate.
The state agreed to the procedure after its own expert testified in a federal lawsuit that surgery was medically necessary to prevent Shiloh Quine from suffering depression and anxiety.
Quine has been in prison for more than three decades. She went in as Rodney Quine …

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