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From Sophie to Serra: Pope Francis’ California ties

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A 5-year-old girl from South Gate is getting international attention after she sneaked through a barricade yesterday and delivered a personal message about immigration to Pope Francis.
Sophie Cruz – an American citizen whose parents are undocumented immigrants – was initially held back by security as the Pope’s motorcade rolled through Washington, D.C. But Francis summoned the girl to the Popemobile, kissing her cheek and …

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A multi-sensory experience of isolation

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A new exhibition at Santa Barbara City College’s Atkinson Gallery captures what it’s like to be a child in solitary confinement. UCSB professor Richard Ross is a photographer, but his latest project, Isolated, includes sound, touch and, in many ways, social activism. KCRW’s Larry Perel met up with Ross a couple days before his show opens.

Isolated runs from September 25th to December 4th, 2015.
Opening Reception:
Friday, …

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On the edge of LA’s tallest skyscraper, the Wilshire Grand

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If you’re in downtown Los Angeles or just driving by, it’s easy to spot the construction of the Wilshire Grand Tower as it rises ever higher into the sky. When it’s done, the Wilshire Grand, at 1,1100 feet high,will be the tallest building in L.A. and the tallest west of the Mississippi.
I recently got an opportunity to visit this skyscraper-in-the-making. A ride inside a cage-like construction …

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Let’s go Dutch

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Sometimes the best spots to grab dinner and a beer in Santa Barbara have been hiding under our noses for years.
That’s the case with the restaurant Matt Kettmann raved about this week. He’s the editor at the Santa Barbara Independent and Wine Enthusiast. The Dutch Garden might not be for the vegetarian or gluten-free crowd, but for those who enjoy Belgian brews, checkered tablecloths and …

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Impact of air pollution rules coming into clearer focus

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Have you been breathing a little easier?
A new study by state air regulators says that risk of getting cancer because of toxic air in California dropped by 76 percent over a span of more than two decades.
The authors of the report say the decrease in pollution is due to stringent regulations on everything from trucks and gasoline vapors to emissions from dry cleaning businesses.
Air …

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State GOP lashes out at Trump’s immigration rhetoric

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Perhaps the most notable policy pronouncement in the GOP presidential race so far is Donald Trump’s vow to build a new border wall and deport millions of undocumented immigrants.
The Republican Party in California, however, is not having it.
In a direct rebuke to Trump – as well as a bid to stay relevant in a state with a Latino majority – the California GOP has …

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Sainthood for Junipero Serra, California’s controversial founding father

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One of the acts on Pope Francis’ agenda important act on his agenda while he’s here is to bestow sainthood on Father Junipero Serra, the Spanish priest who founded California’s mission system in the 18th Century.
Orange County’s Mission San Juan Capistrano is a reminder of the time of Juniper Serra. The ten acre site includes manicured gardens, gracious stone arcades, and atmospheric 18th Century chapels (ancient by Southern …

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Short term rentals, long term consequences

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Few issues have elicited such polarizing responses in Santa Barbara as that of short-term housing. Defined as rentals under 30 days, short-term rentals have become a more affordable, and often roomier alternative to traditional hotels. Companies like AirBNB and V.R.B.O, which facilitate these rentals, are now commonly used when vacationers plan their next trip.
As the trend grew, more and more short term rentals opened up in …

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Meet at the market: the state of our soil

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Each week we meet up with Katie Hershfelt of Cultivate Events as she chats with farmers, chefs and shoppers at the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers’ Market.
This week, donned in her Fermentation Festival pickle suit, she spoke with Alison Hensley of Los Olivos Roots Organic Farm about the state of our soil.

Alison’s tips for nutrient rich soil:

Cover your crops. Bare soil dries up and loses nutrients. For home gardeners, Alison recommends …

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Outside the GOP Debate, anti-Trump, pro-immigration demonstrators rallied

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While GOP presidential hopefuls were straightening their red and blue ties getting ready for last night’s debate, about 200 people gathered down the hill from the Ronald Reagan Library to protest what they see as the “anti-immigrant” undertone of the GOP primary race.
“We’re looked at as contaminants to the American society,” said Eric Jimenez, a resident of Rosemead in L.A. County. “We are looked at as people that are …

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