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What do you have in common with your dog?

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As part of KCRW’s Dogs of LA mapping and storytelling project, we’ve collected anecdotes about the hobbies, hairstyles, and bad habits Angelenos share with their pets.
“We have anxiety disorder in common,” said Jennifer Ritch, who lives in Venice resident with her “purebred mutt” Emma. “She’s a bit of a worrier, and so am I. A bit impulsive sometimes. A little hypersensitive, which I tend to be.”
Perhaps owners are attracted …

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How to license your dog in Southern California

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Photo: Calvin Fleming on Flickr

Hey, dog owners, did you know you’re required to license your pooch?
Experts estimate that many thousands of dogs go unlicensed. But that can mean big fines, and a harder time finding your dog if it gets lost, or getting it back if it ends up at a shelter.
Here’s what you should know about licensing your dog.
When do I need to purchase a license?
L.A. County dogs …

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How does dog food get its flavor?

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Photo credit: Christina Lopriore

Ever wonder who dreams up the flavors in your pup’s doggy bowl? Companies put just as much effort into product testing pet food as they do for ours. And the parallels don’t end there.
Good Food host Evan Kleiman spoke with Mary Roach, author of  “Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal,” about the kibble development process.
When humans decide what to eat, there’s a whole set of cultural …

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Why don’t more Angelenos license their dogs?

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Photo by Samantha Hemphill

Call it the doggie DMV.
Like drivers registering their cars, Los Angeles County dog owners are required to purchase licenses for their pets. But many people either don’t know the law or they ignore it. In fact, most of California’s dogs are unlicensed – as many as 84 percent, the Sacramento Bee reported in 2011.
And that’s a problem, warn public health officials, who say licensing …

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Share your dog story

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Tell us about your dog. Use this form to share your story.

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Making the case for saving the Salton Sea

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Failure to stop the Salton Sea from drying up would cost the state tens of billions of dollars in lost jobs, sliding property values and damage to public health, according to a new report.
The Pacific Institute’s “Hazard’s Toll: The Cost of Inaction at the Salton Sea,” warns of “catastrophic” environmental changes. Among other things, it says allowing the sea to dry up would release 100 …

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‘Snackable’ art served up by LACMA’s social media maven

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Maritza Lerman Yoes said she was worried when she first joined Snapchat on behalf of her employer, the LA County Museum of Art–believed to be the first art institution to deploy the youth-oriented social media app. Would the brand of irreverence necessary to succeed on Snapchat offend her bosses at the museum?
The answer is, it seems, no: Last week one of the big VPs asked …

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Surge in unvaccinated children alarms health officials

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Used to be that vaccinations were considered to be a normal part of childhood. But for a lot of kids, that’s no longer the case.
State law says parents must vaccinate their children against measles, whooping cough, polio, chicken pox and a host of other diseases. But parents who object because of their personal beliefs can get exemptions. And those exemptions are soaring.
An analysis by …

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Are Californians beginning to sour on President Obama?

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President Barack Obama’s approval ratings have sunk to a record low in California.
The Golden State has been a consistent source of support for Obama ever since he first ran for the first White House. But a new Field Poll finds that only 45 percent of voters in the state hold a favorable view of Obama’s job performance right now. That’s a five percent drop …

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Mixer: School’s in, iPads out

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friday mixer square

The Los Angeles Unified School District has scrapped the $1 (B) billion effort to provide all students and teachers with iPad tablets and laptops.
Embattled Superintendent John Deasy says he wants to gather new bids for future phases of the program.
Which is spin for this plan isn’t working.
The change comes in light of alleged improprieties in the awarding of the original contracts with Apple and …

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