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L.A. teachers are due for a pay raise: But how big?

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So how do L.A. teachers fare compared to their counterparts statewide when it comes to pay?
Not so well, according to an analysis by the L.A. Daily News.
LAUSD teachers brought home $67,475 on average in 2013. That’s about three percent less than the statewide public school average, which was $69,623.
The L.A. district does offer better benefits – including premium-free health insurance to its teachers. But …

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Mixer: Tinseltown tax credits and jobs

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friday mixer square

On this first Friday of the month, we got a jobs report from the Labor Department. A lackluster one, nationally, for sure.
But here in Los Angeles, there’s some optimism from city officials and state lawmakers about film and television production jobs sticking around instead of being exported to other parts of the country.
The California legislature passed a bill that gives $330 million in tax …

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Why L.A. needs a resilience czar

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Northridge Earthquake, CA, January 17, 1994 -- An aerial view of destruction caused by the 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Damage costs were estimated at $25 billion. FEMA News Photo
Date	17 January 1994

For the first time in human history, the majority of the world’s population (currently 7.1 billion) lives in urban settings. While urban living offers many attractions — employment opportunities, higher education, entertainment, health care, and public transportation – the changes we make to the natural landscape to accommodate and support our current population often makes us vulnerable to human and environmental threats. And when …

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A ‘Fashion Police’ writer remembers Joan Rivers

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Joan Rivers

Fans and comedians alike are mourning today the death of trailblazing comic Joan Rivers, who died today at the age of 81.
Rivers spent more than five decades making us laugh – and think – with her often raucous and sometimes raunchy jokes about people, sex and, of course, fashion.
That last genre was a hallmark of Joan Rivers who made a profession out of calling …

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Does assimilation mean the end of gay neighborhoods?

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West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade in 1984, the same year the community, located between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, incorporated. After its establishment, West Hollywood fought for an LGBT civil rights agenda that's moved from the fringe to the mainstream (Photo: Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection)

On a Saturday night on West Hollywood’s Santa Monica Boulevard, the sidewalks, dance clubs, bars and restaurants are packed. The crowd is made up of mostly men; mostly gay, joyfully, proudly and unapologetically gay men. This is West Hollywood after all, the community that’s been called America’s “Gay Camelot” because of its place in American gay life and culture.
It’s been a LGBT enclave in Southern California for decades. …

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Mapping the dogs of LA

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You'll find pitbull-weimaraner mix Gryphon Vesper Battina in downtown L.A. 
Photo: Jessica Ikenberry

We are a town of chihuahuas and labs. And at least 4,376 dogs named Max.
When KCRW decided to map the dogs of L.A., we quickly realized we were signing ourselves up for an immersion course on our city’s passionate pup culture – not to mention several lessons in municipal bureaucracy.
How to find out where all the dogs live and what their breeds and names …

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What’s the best neighborhood for dog lovers?

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Photo: Hauptillusionator on Flickr

When you’re walking down the street and you see someone coming your way with a puppy, how do you react? Are you all cuddles and petsies? Or do you make silent eye contact with the owner, praying you won’t have to get too close?
The way you feel about interacting with dogs depends upon a lot of things: How much you like them, of course; whether …

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What do you have in common with your dog?

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As part of KCRW’s Dogs of LA mapping and storytelling project, we’ve collected anecdotes about the hobbies, hairstyles, and bad habits Angelenos share with their pets.
“We have anxiety disorder in common,” said Jennifer Ritch, who lives in Venice resident with her “purebred mutt” Emma. “She’s a bit of a worrier, and so am I. A bit impulsive sometimes. A little hypersensitive, which I tend to be.”
Perhaps owners are attracted …

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How to license your dog in Southern California

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Photo: Calvin Fleming on Flickr

Hey, dog owners, did you know you’re required to license your pooch?
Experts estimate that many thousands of dogs go unlicensed. But that can mean big fines, and a harder time finding your dog if it gets lost, or getting it back if it ends up at a shelter.
Here’s what you should know about licensing your dog.
When do I need to purchase a license?
L.A. County dogs …

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How does dog food get its flavor?

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Photo credit: Christina Lopriore

Ever wonder who dreams up the flavors in your pup’s doggy bowl? Companies put just as much effort into product testing pet food as they do for ours. And the parallels don’t end there.
Good Food host Evan Kleiman spoke with Mary Roach, author of  “Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal,” about the kibble development process.
When humans decide what to eat, there’s a whole set of cultural …

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