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Mixer: Watching the Watchers

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State regulators have been under intense scrutiny in recent history — overseeing utilities that are shutting down or shoring up nuclear power plants, dealing with an environmental disaster that’s displaced thousands, and even trying to coordinate the cleanup of a now-shuttered, lead-leaking battery plant.
So this week in Sacramento, has come a push to do something about those agencies that are responsible for regulating and …

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Marinello becomes a beauty school dropout

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With the government cutting the cord on student aid, a longtime fixture on the Southern California cosmetology scene is calling it quits.
The Marinello Schools of Beauty will close all 56 of its campuses, including dozens of schools in California.
The closures will leave more than four thousand students in the lurch, and 800 employees stand to lose their jobs.
The closures follow the U.S. Department of …

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Olney in LA – California Clout?

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[KCRW’s Warren Olney has launched Olney in L.A., an ongoing exploration of the people and the forces that are shaping Southern California.]
For 40 years, presidential nominations have been decided before the biggest state in the union got to vote in a primary. To look at the history and why this year could be different, Warren talked with Democratic strategist Bill Carrick and  Dan Schnur, director …

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BACKSTAGE: Cultural Infrastructure is Sexy!

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[BACKSTAGE is a series of posts focusing on the ‘Inside Baseball’ of the theater.]
In Tuesday’s on-air commentary, I suggested that the slew of openings in Los Angeles theater this weekend were a symptom of some basic calendar math and a lack of cultural infrastructure.  My argument was that local theaters were not scheduling to maximize their audience and attention by spacing openings out and avoiding direct …

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University Park residents fear oil drilling site

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Youth activist Ashley Lazaro, 14, at the shuttered drilling site in University Park. (Photos by Alexandra Garreton)

The streets of South LA’s University Park neighborhood are lined with old Victorians, palm trees and bougainvillea. Close to several houses, large apartment buildings, day care centers and schools, including a high school for developmentally disabled children, stands a tall, beige gate.
“If anybody was walking by they’ll see a normal building,” said Ashley Lazaro, 14, who grew up nearby. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, maybe it’s …

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Three foodie films to check out at the SBIFF

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The 31st annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival kicks off this week. One category within the festival, called “Screen Cuisine,” spotlights films centered on food. According to Matt Kettmann, editor at the Santa Barbara Independent and Wine Enthusiast, this year’s food film lineup is particularly strong.

Here are some of his top picks:

City of Gold: A portrait of Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold as he eats his …

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Olney in L.A. – ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ mini series

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KCRW’s Warren Olney has launched Olney in L.A., an ongoing exploration of the people and the forces that are shaping Southern California.
The first episode of Olney in L.A., on Feb. 2, 2016, covered The People v. O.J. Simpson, a mini series that the FX channel’s American Crime Story show premiered that night. Olney discussed the 1995 case that riveted the nation with Linda Deutsch, who covered …

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Mixer: Which Way, LA?

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KCRW’s Warren Olney moderated KCRW’s Which Way LA? for 23 years before wrapping up the program on January 28.
But he’s not going away.
He will continue to host To the Point, weekdays at 1. And, beginning next week, a new, regular segment called Olney in L.A.
And while Warren is staying put, so too are the issues he spent countless hours trying to make sense of on his …

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Car Talk: The Parlance of Cars

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In the aftermath of the Second World War, California’s population grew by roughly 500,000 people a year.
By 1963 it passed New York as the country’s most populous state.
And no place had higher levels of growth than Los Angeles. The city added 500,000 between 1940 and 1950. By 1960, the population was almost 2.5 million. By 1980 nearly 3 million.

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L.A. hones its bid for the 2024 Olympics

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We’re still 18 months away from a decision on the 2024 Olympics, but there’s no time to spare for the local officials trying to secure the summer sports extravaganza for L.A. for a third time.
Los Angeles previously hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984.
This week, the local organizing committee – LA-24 – announced plans to house athletes on the UCLA campus instead of building …

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