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John Kelly: The Advocate

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John Kelly, a Vietnam vet from south central and recovered addict who spent 15 years on the streets, is outreach coordinator at the Los Angeles Mission. He helps people in need navigate the maze of available services.
“Why do you think people sleep on the streets? There’s no law against it downtown. It’s that simple,” he says.

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Amos Sandifer: The Newly Housed

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Amos Sandifer in his new apartment. Photo: Aaron Fallon

Amos Sandifer, a recovering crack addict, is co-creator of the citizen journalism site, After two years on the streets, he found a place to live through Skid Row Housing Trust earlier this year.
“It feels good knowing you pay rent, you have a place to stay, and it’s yours. First couple days, I couldn’t believe it,” he says.

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Theresa V. Thompson: The Veteran

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Theresa V. Thompson found herself homeless and living in a shelter after a divorce. An Air Force veteran, she now counsels other vets from her perch at the Los Angeles Public Library.
“You think you have it all together, you’re working every day, you’re saving money and just like the veterans I’ve seen, if you lose a job, that money begins to go real fast,” …

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Gretchen Hatz: The Loft Dweller

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Photo: Aaron Fallon

Camera assistant Gretchen Hatz bought her dream loft in a converted factory on the edge of Skid Row nine years ago. She got a crash course in the needs of her neighbors.
“Every day, it makes me feel more fortunate about what I have and sadly about what a lot of people don’t have,” she says.

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Inside LAPD’s body camera contract with Taser International

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Taser's Axon Body camera.

The Los Angeles Police Department is rolling out the first of 860 body cameras for its officers, part of a plan that will eventually have some 7,000 officers routinely wearing chest-mounted video cameras.
The cameras are made by Taser International, which won the LAPD contract last year.
As the second largest police department in the country, implementation of body cameras at the LAPD is raising a …

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Stephanie Williams: The Seamstress

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Stephanie Williams says she helps people by patching up ripped clothing and backpacks. Photo: Aaron Fallon

Stephanie Williams sleeps in a tent on Skid Row next to her sewing machine, where she offers donation-based mending to people who have little more than the clothing on their backs.
“I’m not scared at all. I’ve got a lot of friends and a lot of support. I have more support here than I do from my own family,” she says.

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Executives at non-profit Blue Shield raked in millions

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Health insurer Blue Shield of California is a non-profit, but state officials say it doesn’t act like one.
For starters, some its top executives are getting paid much like their counterparts in the private sector.
A confidential state audit reviewed by the L.A. Times shows that executive compensation soared by 64 percent in 2012, to $61 million.
The health insurer won’t say who got the money – …

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Two bills passed with two weeks left

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As California’s legislative session nears its three month hiatus, a local senator is celebrating some big wins. Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, whose district incorporates Santa Barbara County and a portion of Ventura, had two bills pass off the Senate floor last week and now sit on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. One hopes to close the income inequality gap between men and women in the …

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Surf, sting, suffer: a new KCRW host attempts to catch — or survive — his first waves

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Growing up at 7,000 feet in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, I only knew surf from “Endless Summer.” The Bruce Brown epic gave me romantic notions of a life at the beach. So when I moved to Santa Barbara for KCRW, I was ready.
I assumed buying a surfboard would be akin to finding a life partner or soul mate. You would just understand …

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Vin Scully is heading into final inning for the Dodgers

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The end of an era is coming…
Okay, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we all knew that Vin Scully could not go on forever. Now it’s official, or at least semi-official.
Scully thrilled Dodger fans when he announced that he’ll be back for the 2016 season, his 67th with the club. But the joy in Dodgerville was tempered when, a day later, the …

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