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Young salmon hitching rides down Sacramento River


A massive drive is underway to truck baby salmon from hatcheries to the mouth of the Sacramento River, which is running unusually low and warm due to the drought. About 400,000 juvenile salmon were hauled more than 150 miles in climate-controlled tanker trucks yesterday and deposited in floating pens in the Sacramento River mouth at Rio Vista, near the northeastern end of San Francisco …

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Gov. Brown to decide if Manson follower goes free


A California parole board says a one-time Manson-family member convicted of two murders should be released from prison. But Bruce Davis isn’t home free. Gov. Jerry Brown will have the final say, and he’s already denied parole for Davis once. Davis is now 71. He’s served more than 40 years for taking part in the killings of ranch hand Donald “Shorty” Shea” and aspiring …

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Proposed L.A. River Water Wheel keeps on rolling


An arts organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation has been given the green light to build a $10 million water wheel along the Los Angeles River. The water wheel is described as both an art project and a novel way of creating a watery oasis in the urban core. The 70-foot-high steel wheel would be built underneath the North Broadway Bridge., diverting some water …

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L.A. banks billions of gallons of water in San Gabriels


About six billion gallons of water poured into San Gabriel Mountain reservoirs during last week’s storm, according to the L.A. County Public Works. That was the largest single deposit of water into local storage facilities in more than two years. It’s enough water to supply more than 150,000 people for a year. Some of the county’s dams are now mostly filled, and water from …

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Residents keep wary on hillsides as rain pours down


Concerns about mud and rock slides are increasing as a second, more powerful storm drops heavy rain on Southern California. Residents of more than 1,000 homes in the foothill communities of Glendora and Azusa have been ordered to evacuate, and the CHP has shit down a 10-mile stretch of PCH north of Malibu. Forecasters say the storm that blew in last night could drop …

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Outrage grows over school official’s huge paycheck


Dozens of angry residents of Hawthorne and Lawndale peppered members of the local school board with questions and criticism last night. The uproar was in response to a report that Superintendent Jose Fernandez earned more than $650,000 last year. Some District officials expressed ignorance about the full amount of Fernandez’ salary, while others defended the superintendent for improving student performance since he was hired …

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Many Dodger fans facing ‘blue-out’ as games begin


The Dodgers new Time Warner cable TV station has debuted just in time for the team’s first spring training game today against the Arizona Diamondbacks. For fans who can’t get enough the boys in blue, it’s a 24-hour network. But as of now, most denizens of Dodger nation are blacked out. That’s because Time Warner has yet to reach deals with many of the …

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Inside Mission Control: Southern California’s water management system


Your water takes a very long journey before it comes out of your tap. It travels through thousands of miles of pipes and aqueducts, enormous open-air and underground reservoirs, and a network of treatment plants that ensure the quality of our drinking water.
Southern California’s vast water delivery and storage system also has a kind of mission control center. Think NASA’s Johnson Spaceflight Center, but for …

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Governor’s drought plan emphasizes conservation


Gov. Brown says California can immediately improve its water picture through recycling and conservation programs. Brown says his nearly $700 million drought relief plan would bring emergency drinking water to communities in need, as well making long-term fixes that would allow the state to capture more water and use it more efficiently. The plan also contains money for emergency food and housing for people …

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Border Patrol says deadly San Diego shooting justified


The deadly shooting of a suspected illegal migrant is rekindling the debate over the use of lethal force along the U.S.-Mexican border. Investigators say a man who was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent yesterday threw several large rocks, including one that hit the agent in the face. It happened about four miles from San Diego’s Otay Mesa Border Crossing as agents …

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Drought relief gets political… and cable companies want to get together

friday mixer square

President Obama spent a few hours in California’s Central Valley today, where he announced drought aid for farmers, food banks and rural communities. After landing in Fresno this afternoon, the president held what the White House called “a roundtable with community leaders.”
The president’s visit comes on the heels of $173 million his administration announced for California drought relief. ($100 million for livestock; $60 million …

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Mixer: Our Year in Review

friday mixer square

The year is coming to a close and we look at some of the biggest stories of 2014.
There were a couple of high profile shootings underscored security and response at public places across LA.
One tragic day in June turned an idyllic Friday in Santa Monica into a horrible day for people in around the Santa Monica College campus.
That’s when a man who grew up not …

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Sheriff’s Department scrutiny. Is density destiny? And DWP gets a contract

friday mixer square

On this week’s Mixer, we covered several stories included on our newsroom’s whiteboard.
There’s an ongoing FBI investigation into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that’s already led to the indictment of 18 former and current deputies for misconduct in county jails.
We learned today that the feds are seeking to expand their investigation by convincing deputies to provide evidence against colleagues and the department brass.
Also, this week …

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Majority of California voters favor legalizing marijuana


Californians’ attitudes about marijuana use are mellowing out. A new Field Poll finds that fir the first time, a majority of California voters – 55 percent – favor legalization of recreational pot. Younger voters are far more likely to approve of legalization than those over 65. And political affiliations were also important in the poll: Two-thirds of Democrats and independent voters favor legalization, while …

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California on track for driest year in recorded history


Just how dry is it in California? During the first 10 months of 2013, The Golden State had its lowest recorded rainfall in 164 years of record keeping, according to government meteorologists. Because of that, 84 percent of the state is considered to be in severe drought. And several counties, including Kern and Santa Barbara, are in extreme drought, which is even worse. State …

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Decision time for Huntington Beach desalination plant


The future of a huge desalination plant in Huntington Beach tops the agenda of the California Coastal Commission today. The proposed plant would produce up to 50 million gallons of drinking water a day. But environmentalists and the commission’s own staff have warned it could harm the coastal ecosystem by killing large amounts of fish eggs and larvae. The $90 million plant would be …

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Filipino groups mobilizing for typhoon relief


A major local effort is underway to help survivors of the devastating typhoon in the Philippines. Filipino churches have been leading the way – collecting money and supplies from parishioners and helping people try to connect with family members. Southern California is home to more than 300,000 Filipinos, the largest population of Filipinos outside of that country. Meanwhile, an El Segundo group made up …

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Part I: William Mulholland’s vision

Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

Listen below as Madeleine Brand and Saul Gonzalez report on the Los Angeles Aqueduct.
The Mulholland Fountain is named in honor of William Mullholland, the City Engineer who brought water to the Los Angeles area from the Owens Valley via the aqueduct. Mulholland used to live in a shack where the fountain is now located, on the corner of Los Feliz Boulevard and Riverside …

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There it is – take it back! An interview with Benett Kessler

Madeleine Brand interviews Bennet Kessler, radio host and activist

KCRW’s Madeleine Brand sat down with Benett Kessler, a resident of Independence, California and owner and founder of Sierra Wave Media. She says that the DWP is still the major player in the Owens River Valley. “They virtually still continue to own all the business houses on Main Street and land under public facilities, churches, little league fields, that sort of thing,” she says. And, as she explains, …

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