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Mixer: Crumbling sidewalks and rising gas prices

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Emily Alpert Reyes is a reporter with the Los Angeles Times and Kevin Smith is business editor for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group. Both joined us for the Mixer.
We got word this week that money for sidewalk repairs in Los Angeles has gone unspent by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s administration – and City Hall still wants a new tax to pay for sidewalks.
In many …

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Mixer: Mayor douses city Fire Department recruiting

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This week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered an immediate stop to the recruitment of firefighters in the city’s department.
He called the hiring process “fatally flawed” and he’s enlisted Santa Monica-based think tank RAND Corporation to study the process.
That means a scheduled fire academy class with about 70 cadets will no longer be held, and no more firefighters will be hired from the current …

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Mixer: Is LA hungry to close medical pot shops?

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This week, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer and Police Chief Charlie Beck announced an effort to help property owners and real estate agents comply with Proposition D, which banned all but about 100 medical marijuana dispensaries that opened before 2007.
But that’s not the only crackdown.
Four LA dispensaries were raided by DEA agents, along with two homes.
We’re devoting today’s Mixer to the issue of medical …

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Mixer: Bits & Flicks, and the money they make and take

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The man who reportedly created Bitcoin is 64 year-old Satoshi Nakamoto.
Newsweek magazine says he lives in a house in Temple City, with his mother, and has a $400 million fortune thanks to the virtual currency.
But then, Nakamoto gave the Associated Press a two-hour interview yesterday claiming that he is NOT the creator of Bitcoin, adding further mystery to the story of how the world’s most popular digital currency came …

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Calderon shoe drops and Dodger beating suspects plead guilty

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A federal grand jury has indicted State Senator Ron Calderon and his brother Tom on multiple corruption charges.
The US Attorney’s Office says the Calderons face charges of mail and wire fraud, bribery and money laundering.
Gene Maddaus is a reporter with LA Weekly, and Andrew Blankstein is with the NBC News Investigative Unit based here in LA.

Did we see all of this coming? Especially given the Calderon …

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Mixer: Resignation and designation

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In the midst of growing criticism about his leadership at his department, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca announced this week he’s stepping down on January 31 from the post he’s held for more than 15 years.
Baca says he doesn’t want to be a distraction going forward.
Baca’s been under intense scrutiny for accusations of abuse at jails and, of course, the indictment of 18 former …

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Mixer: Our Year in Review

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The year is coming to a close and we look at some of the biggest stories of 2014.
There were a couple of high profile shootings underscored security and response at public places across LA.
One tragic day in June turned an idyllic Friday in Santa Monica into a horrible day for people in around the Santa Monica College campus.
That’s when a man who grew up not …

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Sheriff’s Department scrutiny. Is density destiny? And DWP gets a contract

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On this week’s Mixer, we covered several stories included on our newsroom’s whiteboard.
There’s an ongoing FBI investigation into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that’s already led to the indictment of 18 former and current deputies for misconduct in county jails.
We learned today that the feds are seeking to expand their investigation by convincing deputies to provide evidence against colleagues and the department brass.
Also, this week …

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Mixer: iPads, Ports and Power

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The price-tag for a 173-acre Port of Los Angeles freight terminal upgrade has doubled in just four years, from $245 million to $510 million. And the design changes that ballooned the cost were made without the knowledge of the LA City Council. Despite council concerns, members ratified the revised costs.
So the question is whether this represents a complete lack of accountability. Who is the person, or …

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Mixer: LA wifi and bacon-wrapped hot dogs in the air

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Gene Maddaus from LA Weekly and Kate Linthicum from the Los Angeles Times joined us.
Taxpayers may have to dig into their pockets to sustain the LAUSD’s plan to equip teachers and students with iPads. It could take bond measures to keep the program going long-term.
The school district is using money from construction bonds to pay for the iPad rollout. The iPads are only guaranteed to …

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LAX shooting update: 6:20 PM


The federal ground stop at Los Angeles International Airport is over now, but trying to get flights and people in and out is proving slow and difficult.
That’s after a man walked into Terminal 3 this morning about 9:20, pulled out a high-powered, semi-automatic rifle from a duffle bag and began firing at TSA agents.
One agent was killed, though his name has not been released. …

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Mixer: LAUSD Sup. Deasy looking for the exit

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As the week draws to a close, Howard Blume and Dave Zanhiser — both from the LA Times — help us tie a ribbon on it.
The bell reportedly may be ringing for John Deasy.
The LAUSD superintendent may be about to resign. That story reported by Howard and the LA Times, who say Deasy could be leaving in the next few months.
Deasy has neither confirmed nor denied the …

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Mixer: Shake, rattle and baseball

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After taking a couple of weeks off, we mixed it up again. Gene Maddaus, from the LA Weekly, and Seema Mehta, from the LA Times, offered their insights.

LA City Councilman Jose Huizar has admitted to having an affair with a former aide, after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.
His former office employee Francine Godoy claims he waged a “campaign of retaliation” against her after she turned down requests for “sexual …

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Mixer: iPads and union contracts – can’t we have nice things?

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Jack Dolan reports for the LA Times. Hillel Aron for LA Weekly. They both joined us for this week’s Friday Mixer.
LAUSD is spending hundreds of millions of dollars for iPads for every one of its students. Some kids who’ve been lucky enough to get early iPads have reportedly already got around restrictions and downloaded some unapproved apps. We also found out more recently that some people are allegedly stealing them.
Can’t we have nice things? …

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Mixer: Sheriff’s parachute, rideshare apps, and the mayor of Portlandia

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The end of the week means we have analysis of LA stories and politics. Welcome to the Mixer.
Gene Maddaus reports for LA Weekly, Seema Mehta reports for the Los Angeles Times. They joined us to dissect the big stories of the week.
If someone points a finger at you, go ahead and retire. A new report finds that none of the top managers at the LA …

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Mixer: The Legislature adjourns: a Sacto Roundup

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We would advise you to stick a fork in Sacramento, but that wouldn’t be nice.
On today’s Mixer, we’ll just say the California Legislature is toast. Over. Fin.
Lawmakers in the state and assembly have passed hundreds of bills this week. Legislation that’s now piling up on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.
Nannette Miranda from KABC-TV/Channel 7, and Patrick McGreevy from the LA Times joined us to discuss.

A bill that would allow …

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Mixer: Plans for bans… and Croatia cares about LA football

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Today, the Mixer goes deep beneath the earth’s surface, where two members of the LA City Council want to stop energy companies from injecting chemicals to extract oil and natural gas.
The controversial process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, gets no love from council members Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin, who are calling for an outright ban.
The question to our panelists today, Gene Maddaus of the LA …

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Mixer: Murals, Millennium, Prisons and Porn

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There’s nothing like a long holiday weekend. But the news knows no days off. So, we talk about the long week in LA on today’s Mixer.
Thanks to Dennis Romero from LA Weekly and Claudia Peschiutta from KNX Newsradio for our robust roundtable.
The LA City Council took a first step this week toward lifting a decade-long ban on murals on privately owned buildings. The measure must still come back for …

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The Mixer: DWP contracts, street repairs and the Sheriff’s race

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On our Mixer this week,  Raphael Sonenshein, Executive Director of the Pat Brown Institute at Cal State LA joined us.
The LA City Council today told city staff to finalize a new agreement between the city and the union that represents about 9 in 10 workers at the Department of Water and Power.
The deal will – over the course of 30 years – save ratepayers …

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New DWP pact includes pay and pension concessions; Echo Park gang injunction goes ahead; Fracking fracas


DWP deal. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and the L.A. City Council have reached agreement on a new-four deal with the union representing DWP workers. The proposed contract calls for significant concessions by employees of the city-owned utility.
The new labor pact covers about eight-thousand Department of Water and Power employees. It postpones a two-percent raise that was due to go into effect October 1st for …

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