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Meet at the market: What’s for dinner?

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Each week we meet up with Katie Hershfelt of Cultivate Events as she chats with farmers, chefs and shoppers at the Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market.
This week’s guest? An inconspicuous shopper named Ashley Zavagno, who we caught buying leeks from The Garden Of… stand. We asked what she’s cooking for dinner, and her answer made us want to crash the meal. Here’s how she’s using the leeks, fava beans and butter …

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Elephant enthusiast hosts renowned lion lover in Montecito

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Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld, executive director of the African People & Wildlife Fund (Photo: African People & Wildlife Fund)

A luncheon was held in Montecito this week to raise awareness of the plight of lions in Tanzania. Dr. Laly Lichtenfeld explained her efforts to help wildlife and humans co-exist.
Lalyl Lichtenfeld, co-founder and executive of the African People and Wildlife Fund, said wild cats that come into residential areas are being killed by villagers in retaliation for tearing up their homes. Her non-profit is putting …

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Santa Barbara’s new poet laureate shares her words

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Poet and Playwright, Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

In honor of National Poetry Month, the Mayor of Santa Barbara announced the city’s new poet laureate. Sojourner Kincaid Rolle has been a fixture in Santa Barbara for quite some time. She’s written seven books and six plays, and has been leading poetry workshops since 1992. We asked Sojourner to stop by our studio last week and share a poem or two.

A Space Where A Poem …

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Food and wine event in Santa Barbara celebrates Julia Child

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Foodies and wine lovers came together at the Bacara Resort & Spa for the 2nd Annual Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend. The event, benefiting the Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts, featured chef demonstrations, wine tastings, as well as classes on cooking, food pairing and much more.
The four day extravaganza of the senses provided an over-the-top opportunity to sip wines, …

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Meet at the market: local food distributor loads up

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Every week we meet up with Katie Hershfelt of Cultivate Events as she chats with farmers and chefs at the Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market.
This week’s guest? Micah Elconin of Harvest Santa Barbara, a wholesale distributor that connects local farmers to restaurants, schools and businesses that can’t make it to the market themselves.
Here’s what Harvest’s Jason Steward picked up at the market for C’est Cheese and Soho …

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Santa Barbara landscape architect offers drought busting tips

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With water rates climbing along the South Coast and California’s drought in its fourth year, many Californians are considering making landscaping changes at home. Among other cities, Santa Barbara offers cash incentives to make the switch to drought-friendly yards.
Billy Goodnick was the city of Santa Barbara’s landscape architect for more than 20 years. Now he writes and consults on low-water landscaping. He stopped by our …

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Dealing with the drought in Santa Barbara: are there options beyond desal?

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Only two months before Santa Barbara’s city council decides whether or not to reactivate the desalination plant, some locals think it’s wise to consider other options. One environmental community group, Sweetwater Collaborative, suggests studying Australia’s multi-year drought could provide clues as to what might work in California, which has similar climate conditions. KCRW’s Morning Edition host Lisa Osborn spoke with Brad Smith, a member of …

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Meet at the market: Santa Ynez sourdough pizza maker shops for toppings

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unnamed (2)

This week at the Santa Barbara farmer’s market, our new market host Katie Hershfelt from Cultivate Events met up with a local pizza maker, Rachel Greenspan, as she shopped for this week’s toppings. When Rachel and her boyfriend, Brendan, moved to the Santa Barbara area from Brooklyn they brought with them a craving for pizza, and the willingness to share. They started Autostrada last year, with a …

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Santa Barbara’s district elections, mapped out

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Adopted Plan 11_17 Streetnames

Last week the City of Santa Barbara chose the map which lays out which district citizens will vote in. The new map is a result of a lawsuit that began last November under the California Voting Rights Act. Plaintiffs in the case believed the city’s at-large elections were causing “racially polarized” results. In 45 years, only four Latinos have been elected to the City Council, despite …

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Wildflowers abloom in Santa Barbara

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As Easter weekend and the beginning of spring hits, wildflowers are popping out in Santa Barbara. Although many people drive up to Figueroa Mountain to check out the poppies, you don’t have to go far for a flower fix. Local Sierra Club hike leader Stephen Dougherty stopped by our Santa Barbara studio to speak with Morning Edition host Lisa Osborn about how and where to find these …

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“Eat Local” hard to uphold in the California sea

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When Bernard Friedman heads out to his farm early in the morning, he’s not jumping into a tractor. He revs up his boat and shoots out of the Santa Barbara Harbor. His 72-acre farm is incognito. It’s under the open ocean. And the crop he’s harvesting? They’re mussels.
“Hopefully you’ll see a few whales,” he says. “You’ll see some sea lions, you might see some …

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Too close for comfort: Pesticide spraying near Oxnard high school sheds light on statewide issue

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A 15 month study by the Center for Investigative Reporting has found potentially harmful amounts of chemically-laden pesticides in the air above an Oxnard high school.
As the pictures suggest, pesticides being sprayed at Bob Jones Ranch are a bit too close to Rio Mesa High School for comfort.
Rules concerning pesticide use, however, are made and enforced on a state level. Although this study has …

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Santa Barbara columnist talks “Montecito Miscellany”

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"Botticelli, Titian, and Beyond: Masterpieces of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums" is on display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Richard Mineards spotlights many of Santa Barbara’s cultural happenings and local celebrity doings in his weekly Montecito Journal column, ‘Montecito Miscellany.’ He recently stopped by our KCRW Santa Barbara studio to dish on news from recent columns.
Mineards reminded KCRW listeners to take advantage of the world class Italian Masterpiece exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. “Botticelli, Titian and Beyond: Masterpieces of Italian …

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Santa Barbara billionaire’s plush empire

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Coral Casino  Beanie Baby

Montecito mogul H. Ty Warner made billions selling Beanie Babies but, up til now, there wasn’t a lot known about his personal life. KCRW’s Lisa Osborn talks with Zac Bissonnette, author of “The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute.”  Bissonnette chronicles the rise and fall of the popular plush toys which, at one time,  were selling for hundreds …

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The 101 widens in Santa Barbara

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Construction on Highway 101 is taking place in Carpinteria.

If you drive Highway 101 between Ventura and Carpinteria, check out Santa Barbara County’s first car pool lanes. This completes the second of four scheduled phases within the Highway 101 widening project. City Council member Gregg Hart is the spokesperson for the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, which is overseeing the project. He hopes that, with support from the city and financial contributions at the state level, they’ll raise the …

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Lotusland: A public garden, with a private reputation

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Lotusland is not your typical garden. Ever since it opened in 1993, this eclectic garden in the foothills of Montecito has garnered a reputation of being more private than public.

This property was owned from 1941-1984 by Gana Walska, a polish opera singer, socialite, and funky lady. She married six times and procured quite a wealth. Her dramatic nature ran through both her life and her garden. …

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Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider’s State of the City speech

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unnamed (1)

A few hundred people attended Friday’s public State of the City breakfast, at the Fess Parker Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara.  With two large screens on either side of the stage, displaying complementary info-graphics, photos and videos, Mayor Helene Schneider began her speech by celebrating partnership projects underway.
“The level of civic involvement here in Santa Barbara is unparalleled, and together we’ve built an incredible community through a …

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Popular Santa Barbara society columnist Richard Mineards on KCRW

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KCRW Santa Barbara host Lisa Osborn in studio with popular local columnist, Richard Mineards, who pens the weekly "Montecito Miscellany" for the Montecito Journal.

KCRW Santa Barbara’s Morning Edition host Lisa Osborn welcomed popular local columnist Richard Mineards to the show on Friday. Mineards’ weekly “Montecito Miscellany” column, which showcases good causes, society events and local celebrity news is one of the most widely read columns in Santa Barbara.
Mineards dished on Montecito resident Oprah Winfrey (is the television mogul returning to network TV?), and provided details on philanthropist Michael …

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Santa Barbara’s new giraffe baby has valuable DNA

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A little before midnight last Friday, before going to bed, Santa Barbara Zookeeper Cassie Taylor decided to check on the giraffes via a camera monitoring system set up in their barn. She saw hooves.
“We were in there within 20 minutes of [Betty Lou] going into labor,” said Wendy Anderson, Senior Mammal Keeper at the Santa Barbara Zoo. At 1:55 a.m. on Saturday, Asha (her name means “Life” in Swahili) was …

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The 90s are back: Aged desalination plant gets dusted off in Santa Barbara

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Water Resources Manager Joshua Haggmark

The Charles E. Meyer Desalination Plant in Santa Barbara hasn’t seen use in over two decades, but that might change soon. According to the city’s Water Resources Manager Joshua Haggmark, the plant is crucial for Santa Barbara to survive the drought.
“I don’t think desalination should be our only source of water, but in California I think it should be a small portion of the water supply. At least …

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