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Game of Drones: Can our skies be controlled?

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Tyler Hayden with the Santa Barbara Independent comes face to face with a drone.

KCRW’s Lisa Osborn talks with Tyler Hayden of the Santa Barbara Independent about his cover story on drones, including new FAA rules and how the unmanned aircraft are being used in a variety of industries.

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The fragile first days: Seal pups in California

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No one likes to see a sign reading “beach closed.” But from December through May, that’s exactly what you’ll see on a small stretch of shoreline between the Carpinteria State Beach and Rincon Point. That’s because it’s pupping season, and about 100 seal moms have chosen that spot to return to annually to give birth.

This is an exciting time for those who visit the trails along …

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UCSB Professor Oliver Chadwick on Rapa Nui’s Natives

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Oliver Chadwick2_ENH

An international team of researchers are exploring a new theory surrounding the mysterious demise of Rapa Nui’s natives, those who built larger than life “moai” statues on the small Polynesian island known as Easter Island. University of California, Santa Barbara geography professor Oliver Chadwick studies Polynesian cultures and co-wrote the recently published study. He sat down with KCRW’s Kathryn Barnes to discuss his findings …

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‘The Penguin Counters’ Debuts at Santa Barbara International Film Festival

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Penguin counters 1

The documentary “The Penguin Counters” is being shown at the Santa Barbara international film festival. The film tells the story of adventurers who go to Antarctica to count penguins.
“Chief penguin counter” Ron Naveen stopped by our KCRW Santa Barbara studios to talk with our morning edition host Lisa Osborn. Lisa told him he should receive the award for traveling the furthest to get to …

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KANSAS drummer Phil Ehart on the band’s documentary debut

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A documentary on the legendary classic rock group KANSAS will celebrate its world premiere tonight at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. KANSAS drummer Phil Ehart dropped by KCRW’s Santa Barbara studios to talk with Morning Edition host Lisa Osborn about the film, Miracles Out of Nowhere, and what’s next for the band.

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The miracles and misery of Mt. Carmel in Santa Barbara

Posted December 22, 2014 by | 0 Comments | ]
Sister Jean Marie walks through freshly sprouted clover around the mobile homes that she lives in with Sister Patricia and Sister Mary Anne. This is where they've resided since the monastery project went belly up. Photo by Paul Wellman

A tale of miracles and misery in Santa Barbara’s wine country has been unfolding for decades. This week, the Santa Barbara Independent tells the fascinating story.
Senior editor Matt Kettman tells KCRW’s Lisa Osborn how the dashed dreams of cloistered nuns laid roots for some of Santa Barbara’s finest wine producing fruit.

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A drought in paradise as Santa Barbara struggles with a very dry year

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In response to its dwindling supply of water, Santa Barbara City's Council has declared a Stage Two drought alert, requiring a 20% or more reduction in residential and commercial water use. That means the watering of gardens is limited to the early morning and evening hours, the washing or hosing down of pavement is generally prohibited,cars must be washed at commercial facilities instead of homes, and drought notices are required at hotels and restaurants. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

Communities across California are  implementing emergency conservation measures to save water during what has become one of the state’s worst droughts.
One of the places most affected by the drought is also one of the state’s richest communities: Santa Barbara.
For decades, Santa Barbara has sold itself as a kind of seaside Shangri-La. It’s a place of beautiful beaches, gorgeous Spanish-inspired architecture and lush gardens. But …

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