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L.A. Dwellings: Toretto’s House from “The Fast and the Furious”

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There are certain places in this city that seem to scream “L.A: You Are Here.” Places like the Hollywood sign, the Sunset Strip or the Santa Monica Pier. And then there are the more unexpected landmarks.
The unexpected landmark in question is one Echo Park house which, ironically, became an icon precisely because of how ordinary it looks. It’s a plain white two-story craftsman. No bigger, no smaller …

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Fixing a gaping hole in California’s road repair budget

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How much will take to fix California’s crumbling roads and transportation infrastructure?
About $3.5 billion a year, indefinitely, according to Gov. Jerry Brown.
To pay for that, Brown is proposing an annual $65 fee on drivers, as well as increases in taxes on gas and diesel, a crackdown on polluters, and savings from a more efficient Caltrans.
The proposal comes two months after the governor called a …

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Why is the LAUSD building affordable housing?

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If you look around Los Angeles, you’ll see lots of new housing being built, especially in gentrifying neighborhoods like downtown and Hollywood. But most of that housing, whether rental units or condominiums, are luxury units and far too expensive for hundreds of thousands of working L.A. residents to ever live in. And if it needs saying, that’s bad.
Recent studies show that the average renter in …

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New site is lifting the lid on California police records

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Nearly 7,000 people have died in police custody in California over the last quarter century. And black youths are booked into jail at a 25 percent higher rate than whites.
That’s a sampling of the information now available to the public on the Open Justice Initiative, a new website created by the state Department of Justice.
It comes as part of an effort to ease tensions between police and …

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Why African-Americans are at a greater risk of colon cancer

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Dr. Donald Henderson, a gastroenterologist and colorectal cancer specialist, at his office in Inglewood. Photo by Avishay Artsy

Each year, about 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with colon cancer, and more than 50,000 die from it. That’s bad news, but for African-Americans, it’s even worse.
“African-Americans are more likely to get colon cancer, they’re more likely to have an advanced stage of disease when they’re diagnosed with colon cancer, they’re more likely to die from colon cancer and they have shorter survival after diagnosis …

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Introduction to Housed: Life on Skid Row

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The most recent census of Los Angeles county’s homeless population found the largest number of unhoused people in the smallest geographic area: 11, 681 in the .4 square mile region known as Skid Row. The main thoroughfare is S. San Pedro Street.
Market rate rental units and pricey condos dot the neighborhood and continue to encroach on it. Meanwhile, the numbers of people on the …

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Executives at non-profit Blue Shield raked in millions

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Health insurer Blue Shield of California is a non-profit, but state officials say it doesn’t act like one.
For starters, some its top executives are getting paid much like their counterparts in the private sector.
A confidential state audit reviewed by the L.A. Times shows that executive compensation soared by 64 percent in 2012, to $61 million.
The health insurer won’t say who got the money – …

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Vin Scully is heading into final inning for the Dodgers

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The end of an era is coming…
Okay, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we all knew that Vin Scully could not go on forever. Now it’s official, or at least semi-official.
Scully thrilled Dodger fans when he announced that he’ll be back for the 2016 season, his 67th with the club. But the joy in Dodgerville was tempered when, a day later, the …

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Does L.A.’s 2024 Olympics plan rely on fuzzy math?

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Let the budget games begin.
The committee responsible for deciding if L.A. will make a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games is holding its first meeting today. And there will be a lot to consider. A new report from the city’s top budget officials sites a number of potential problems, including possible cost overruns building housing for athletes.
The report from City Administrative Officer …

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Body cams? Yes, but the public wants to see the video

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Police body cameras are coming to a city near you.
For starters, the LAPD plans to roll out more than 800 of the devices next week as part of a larger plan to equip almost the entire force. The department will eventually deploy 7,000 body cameras.
The cameras have the support of police chiefs and civil libertarians alike. They can increase transparency and provide a more …

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Young Californians being shut out of housing market

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If you’re having a hard time scraping money together to buy a house, you might take solace in the fact that you’ve got a lot of company. Or, perhaps not.
As it stands, two-thirds of the single-family homes and condos in the state are priced higher than a typical family can afford, according to a new report from the California Association of Realtors.
The median household …

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Subsidence is giving Gov. Brown that sinking feeling

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Gov. Jerry Brown says California plans to get tougher with farmers who have been pumping record amounts of groundwater during the drought.
Appearing yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Brown responded to a new NASA report that shows vast areas of the Central Valley sinking rapidly in a process known as subsidence because huge amounts of groundwater are being siphoned from underground aquifers.
Brown recently signed …

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What’s to come in California if the drought persists?

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What would California look like if the drought lasts another two years? Three years?
A new study says the state’s economy would probably hold up pretty well, including agriculture. But it finds that continued dry winters could prove devastating for small, rural communities that depend on well water, for the state’s wetlands and for wildlife in general.
The study by the Public Policy Institute of California …

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How the Inland Empire became home to massive warehouses

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A constant flow of big rigs streams down Etiwanda Ave. in Jurupa Valley on the way from logistics facilities to any number of major freeways in the area.

Almost half of the country’s imports move through the Ports of LA and Long Beach. That massive volume of stuff has to go somewhere, and somewhere isn’t that far away – only about 40 miles east to the Inland Empire. The inland region is dotted with warehouses ranging from semi-automated fulfilment centers for Amazon to vast distribution centers for Restoration Hardware and Costco.

Sitting where …

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Difficult wait goes on for families in Grim Sleeper case

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The long-delayed trial of the man believed to L.A.’s notorious Grim Sleeper killer has been postponed once again, much to the disappointment of the victims’ families.
Prosecutors asked for the most recent delay. During a contentious hearing yesterday, they accused the defense attorney for Lonnie Franklin Jr. of “gamesmanship,” saying he planned to ambush them by introducing new information during the trial about DNA evidence …

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Critics of green energy measure: ‘Where are the jobs?’

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When California voters passed Proposition 39 three years ago, they were told thousands of green jobs would be created and that more than half-a-billion dollars a year would go to a new Clean Air Energy Fund.
But so far the state has been unable to deliver on those promises.
The Clean Energy Jobs Act closed a corporate tax loophole, with the money earmarked for energy-efficient projects …

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A tour of LA history through restaurant menus

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Los Angeles has a rich culinary history, due to the waves of immigrants who settled in Southern California and brought their food traditions with them. The restaurants they opened can tell us a lot about how people use food to shape their own identities of community, culture and class. A new book and exhibit of old LA restaurant menus reveals how the city has …

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Watts: Policing South LA 50 years after the riots

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South LA Bureau Deputy Chief William Scott.

This week on Press Play, we’re using the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riots to talk about what has changed in the South L.A. community, and what has stayed the same.
When William Scott joined the LAPD in 1989, the crack epidemic had consumed South Los Angeles. “AK-47s were everywhere. The murder rates had started to get to levels we had never seen before. A …

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Watts: How racist housing policy helped light the flame

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Photo: Real estate agent Beverly Moore shows off a house in Watts. (Photo: Saul Gonzalez)

This week on Press Play, we’re using the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riots to talk about what has changed in the South L.A. community, and what has stayed the same. 
Four bedrooms, two bathrooms… $311,000. Three bedrooms, one bath… $199,000. In Los Angeles. Really.
People looking to buy should look no further than Watts, real estate agent Beverly Moore says. Moore deals exclusively in properties …

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Watts: A look back

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CHP officers with shotguns get ready to man the lines at 112th Street and Avalon Boulevard, during the rioting in the Watts area. Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

All week Press Play reflects on the Watts Riots. You can find all of our Watts coverage here. 
It was just after 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11th, when a California Highway Patrol car pulled over 21-year-old Marquette Frye, a young, black man suspected of drunk driving. He got out of his car and he failed a sobriety test. A small crowd gathered.
Marquette was calm until his mother showed …

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