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Marinello becomes a beauty school dropout

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With the government cutting the cord on student aid, a longtime fixture on the Southern California cosmetology scene is calling it quits.
The Marinello Schools of Beauty will close all 56 of its campuses, including dozens of schools in California.
The closures will leave more than four thousand students in the lurch, and 800 employees stand to lose their jobs.
The closures follow the U.S. Department of …

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Olney in LA – California Clout?

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[KCRW’s Warren Olney has launched Olney in L.A., an ongoing exploration of the people and the forces that are shaping Southern California.]
For 40 years, presidential nominations have been decided before the biggest state in the union got to vote in a primary. To look at the history and why this year could be different, Warren talked with Democratic strategist Bill Carrick and  Dan Schnur, director …

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University Park residents fear oil drilling site

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Youth activist Ashley Lazaro, 14, at the shuttered drilling site in University Park. (Photos by Alexandra Garreton)

The streets of South LA’s University Park neighborhood are lined with old Victorians, palm trees and bougainvillea. Close to several houses, large apartment buildings, day care centers and schools, including a high school for developmentally disabled children, stands a tall, beige gate.
“If anybody was walking by they’ll see a normal building,” said Ashley Lazaro, 14, who grew up nearby. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, maybe it’s …

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Olney in L.A. – ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ mini series

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KCRW’s Warren Olney has launched Olney in L.A., an ongoing exploration of the people and the forces that are shaping Southern California.
The first episode of Olney in L.A., on Feb. 2, 2016, covered The People v. O.J. Simpson, a mini series that the FX channel’s American Crime Story show premiered that night. Olney discussed the 1995 case that riveted the nation with Linda Deutsch, who covered …

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L.A. hones its bid for the 2024 Olympics

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We’re still 18 months away from a decision on the 2024 Olympics, but there’s no time to spare for the local officials trying to secure the summer sports extravaganza for L.A. for a third time.
Los Angeles previously hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984.
This week, the local organizing committee – LA-24 – announced plans to house athletes on the UCLA campus instead of building …

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Zika virus makes its first appearance in L.A. County

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A teenage girl who traveled to Central America is the first confirmed case of Zika virus infection in Los Angeles County.
The mosquito-borne virus has been raising alarms among health officials, who say it appears to be linked to serious birth defects in Brazil.
Confirmation of the infection in L.A. County came one day after the World Health Organization warned that Zika cases will likely soon …

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Los Angeles likely to be a two-team NFL town once again

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Los Angeles may be a Rams town once again, having snatched back the team from St. Louis after a 21-year absence, but that’s not the whole picture of pro football’s future in L.A.
The deal that’s bringing the Rams home gives the San Diego Chargers a one-year window to decide if they want to join the Rams in a new stadium in Inglewood.
If the Chargers …

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St. Louis is seething over loss of Rams to Inglewood

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In St. Louis, the Blues isn’t just the name of the local hockey club.
It’s also the prevailing civic mood since the NFL earlier this week granted the Rams’ wish to pack up its footballs and helmets and move to Inglewood.
The decision to relocate the Rams has been met with joy and relief by Los Angeles football fans who’ve weathered more than 20 years of …

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Locals only compete in El Niño waves this weekend

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This weekend, surfers from the 805 only will duke it out at Rincon Beach, at the 33rd annual Rincon Classic.
Unlike many sports competitions, such as the Super Bowl or March Madness, the Rincon Classic has no scheduled date. Instead, there’s an eight-week “waiting period.” Each Wednesday, contest coordinators decide whether the upcoming weekend will be the one.
This year, for the first time since 2009, they chose the …

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Inglewood Mayor Says City Ready for the NFL

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The city of Inglewood is celebrating the NFL decision to allow Rams owner Stan Kroenke to move his team from St. Louis, Missouri, to Los Angeles starting this fall.
That will put the Rams in the Coliseum, or perhaps another stadium in greater L.A. for a few years while a new home for the team is built in Inglewood.
Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts tells KCRW …

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LAPD rank-and-file rankled by Chief Beck’s candor

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L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck is defending his decision to recommend criminal charges against an officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed homeless man in Venice.
Since going public earlier this week, Beck has been taking a lot of heat from the union that represents rank-and-file officers. The Los Angeles Police Protective League says it’s lost confidence in Beck’s ability to run the …

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Home is where the Hef is for Playboy Mansion buyer

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The Playboy Mansion is for sale.
But if you buy it, you’ll have to make room for a certain octogenarian, and perhaps some bunnies as well.
Playboy Enterprises has announced that it’s asking $200 million for the six-acre Holmby Hills estate, grotto and all.
The company says any deal will be  contingent on allowing 89-year-old Hugh Hefner to live in the home until he dies.
The main house …

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Growing up Zorthian: Family business sells nothing

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Photo by Jen Rice

Alan Zorthian and his daughter, Caroline, are the owners and operators of Zorthian Ranch. It’s hard to say what their jobs actually are – other than being Zorthians. They have a family business that sells nothing.
Alan’s father, the artist Jirayr Zorthian, built the ranch more than 70 years ago. It resembles a sprawling village built of out of driftwood and washing machines, perched on the …

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Scarlet logos? Requiring lawmakers to wear donor ID’s

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Picture this: California lawmakers plastered head-to-toe with NASCAR-style logos.
It may seem silly, but a California businessman is funding a ballot initiative that would require members of the state legislators to wear the logos and emblems of their biggest donors on their clothing – just like race car drivers.
John Cox has been traveling the state to push his disclosure measure. This week, he was cleared …

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LAPD body camera plan comes into focus

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LAPD body camera

Sgt. Dan Gomez of the Los Angeles Police Department’s tactical technology section holds out his smartphone to show the video he’s recording using the body camera on the front of his uniform. The camera he’s wearing is a small black plastic box made by Taser International, which captures everything in a 130-degree field of vision.
LAPD plans to outfit every officer with a body camera. The …

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Lots of unfinished business as Legislature returns

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The California Legislature is getting back to work today with a long to-do list, including some pressing unfinished business from last year. Plugging a billion-dollar hole in the state’s health care program for the poor and fixing the state’s deteriorating roads are at the top of the agenda.
Gov. Jerry Brown called special sessions of the Legislature last year to address the shortfall in the …

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Christmas Lights Bring Ho-Ho-Hoardes of Cars

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lights house1

Your tree is up, your lights are strung and your garland is hung.  But what happens when your holiday decorating is too successful?  Reporter Susan Valot says that’s what one Torrance neighborhood is dealing with.
For decades, the area called Sleepy Hollow has been known for its holiday light display. Residents string thousands of white lights from the wispy Chinese Elm trees that line the …

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Muslims under attack after San Bernardino shooting

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Vandals spray-painted graffiti at two mosques in Hawthorne this weekend and left a fake explosive in the driveway of one of them.
Police are investigating both incidents as hate crimes and the FBI is also involved.
The vandalism at the two mosques are among a spate of incidents in Southern California over the past two weeks that are being investigated as hate crimes – possibly as …

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Death row inmates tell their stories through art

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Kevin Cooper, "Free Me!!" 2011, acrylic on canvas

There are currently 746 inmates awaiting execution in California. We don’t often hear from those inmates, let alone see artwork they make in prison. But organizers of a Los Angeles exhibition of art made by death row inmates from across the country say they hope to reveal the humanity of those people whose lives hang in the balance.
On July 16, 2014, U.S. District Judge …

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BACKSTAGE: Missing 99¢ or where is your Nutcracker?

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[BACKSTAGE is a series of posts focusing on the ‘Inside Baseball’ of the theater.]
I always feel sorry for artistic directors and producers this time of year.
Here they are with this holiday slot that they’ve got to fill and just over their shoulder is that juggernaut of seasonal cheer and ticket sales: “The Nutcracker.”
Think about it.  The dreaded holiday slot is both a blessing and a curse. …

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