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Mixer: El Niño to the rescue?

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friday mixer square

Scattered thunderstorms have been battering the mountain and high desert areas this week with flooding rain, fierce lightning and even hail.
Monsoonal moisture continues across Southern California, and where it’s not raining, there’s plenty of moisture in the air.
Forecasters say the added moisture is part of a warming of Pacific Ocean waters that could continue to have a big effect on California weather in the next …

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A hike through fracked wilderness

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unnamed (1)

This month, the first state-wide Environmental Impact Review on fracking was published. The report spans over 2,500 pages and will be used to guide future proposals to frack anywhere in California. It focuses on three specific proposals at oil and gas fields. One of which is in the Sespe Wilderness, just a short drive from Santa Barbara.

Goodenough Road gets you to from downtown Fillmore to …

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Justice for the oil spill

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As visible signs of the oil spill along Refugio State Beach become harder to see, the work of politicians and legal counsels continue. Only days after the spill, Santa Barbara County’s District Attorney Joyce Dudley confirmed her office was investigating Plains All American Pipeline, the company responsible for the spill. Her department has teamed up with both state and federal officials to review potential criminal …

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“Smokejumper” finds satisfaction in heated job

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It’s a big jump from fighting peer pressure among young friends in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties, to fighting fires.
In Jason Ramos’s own words: “I had no plans after high school. College wasn’t an option; my grades sucked. Law enforcement was out since, in my world, ‘cop’ meant ‘narc’.”
Ramos jumped from looking for purpose and a cure for boredom and jumped into taking risks every …

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Brown goes to Rome to talk climate with Pope Francis

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Gov. Jerry Brown is heading to Rome to attend a symposium on climate change with Pope Francis at the Vatican.
The two-day event, which begins tomorrow, is intended to increase of awareness and galvanize action on climate change and modern slavery, two pressing issues highlighted in the Pope’s recent encyclical.
Pope Francis has called for action by local political leaders to address climate change in response …

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Last closed beach reopens in SB oil spill zone

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When a corroded pipe operated by Plains All-American burst on May 19th, a river of crude flowed into a creek that empties into the ocean at Refugio State Beach, a popular camping spot north of Santa Barbara.
Today, Refugio reopens – marking a significant milestone in the long-running cleanup process, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which is overseeing the effort.
Officials …

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A new chapter in battle over downtown L.A. oil wells

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The owners of a downtown L.A. oil field that shut down two years ago amid complaints that it was making neighbors sick want to start pumping again. It could be an uphill fight, though.
Neighbors had complained for years that noxious emissions from the facility were fouling the air – causing respiratory problems, headaches and nosebleeds. In spite of a long list of violations that …

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Equestrian corner of Atwater resists housing development

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Tucked away from the traffic, shops and restaurants of Atwater Village, where the Griffith Park hills meet flat housing tracts, people in Los Angeles still keep horses.
Gaby Valner, 22, has been coming to The Children’s Ranch in North Atwater for five years. She has Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder, and speaks through a computer.
“I have issues with balance and my body gets stuck a …

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Chance for an El Nino winter growing in California

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There’s no longer any doubt, according to federal scientists – California is on El Nino watch.
A new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says Pacific Ocean surface temperatures continue to warm near the equator – setting up what could be one of the most powerful El Nino’s on record. There is now a 90 percent chance that El Nino conditions will last …

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Residents sue L.A. in Hollywood sign tourist tussle

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On must summer days, cars filled with tourists make their way up and down Beachwood Drive – looking for that perfect place to stop and snap a picture of the Hollywood sign.
Needless to say, the locals don’t like it very much.
But are the tourists just a nuisance – or an actual safety hazard?
A new lawsuit could help answer that question.
Hollywood Hills homeowners have sued …

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Drought stricken trees are posing a huge fire risk

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Millions of trees have died during California’s four-year drought and millions more are in distress because of a lack of water. And all those dead and dying trees are increasing the state’s fire risk.
Now the state Board of Forestry and Fire Protection has taken the unprecedented step of recommending that landowners be able to cut and remove dead and dying trees of any size …

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State isn’t sure who’s on board with new water rules

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Californians continue to show a lack of urgency when it comes to new water restrictions.
Individually, we’ve repeatedly fallen short of the 25 percent reductions sought by Gov. Brown and state water officials.
And now, there’s word that more than two-thirds of the most senior water rights holders in the state haven’t even reported if they are complying with new restrictions on diverting water from river …

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Making LA: The built environment

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Photo: Saul Gonzalez

Is Los Angeles a world-class city? If not, what will make it become one? Those questions are at the heart of a new series on Press Play called “Making LA.”
Over the last century, Los Angeles become a giant. But even with the rapid growth, it has a bit of an inferiority complex, constantly questioning its own identity.
Over the next few weeks, Madeleine Brand’s Press Play will …

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DWP ready to drain water from Silver Lake Reservoir

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Silver Lake residents will be looking at a dry reservoir for the next year or so.
The L.A. Department of Water and Power plans to start draining 400 million gallons of water from the reservoir late this month or early next month.
The DWP says it needs to remove all of the water to replace a huge water pipe that’s buried underneath the reservoir. Of course, …

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Los Angeles pulls the plug on Mojave solar plant

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Plans to build a large solar farm in the Mojave Desert appear to be on the ropes after the city of Los Angeles announced that it won’t buy electricity from the project over concerns that it could harm wildlife.
Bechtel Corp. is developing the 2,000-acre Soda Mountain Solar Project, east of Barstow near the Nevada border. The L.A. Department of Water and Power was expected …

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Has the oil spill cleanup only scratched the surface?

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The beaches look better.
But, many things look better on the surface.
Cal State Channel Islands professor Dr. Sean Anderson is concerned with where and how much oil exists underneath the ocean floor. He and his research team have been monitoring the conditions of the ocean long before the May 19th’s spill, and are now re-purposing their resources and data to pinpoint changes and effects. They’re currently busy placing a robot (open …

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The dangers of moving oil

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Earns Exxon Mobil

Pretty nice stretch of road, right? Exxon would like to use it to ship oil.
Yesterday an emergency application was submitted to Santa Barbara County by Exxon Mobil. Now that the Plains All American pipeline is shut down after last month’s oil spill, Exxon is asking permission to truck oil from the storage tank at Las Flores Canyon, along Highway 101 to Nipomo in San Luis Obispo. …

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Santa Barbara spill eyed as source of tar ball invasion

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At first it seemed like a coincidence: globs of tar coming ashore from Ventura and Zuma down to Manhattan Beach and Long Beach – all within two weeks of the Santa Barbara spill. Natural oil seepage is not unusual on local beaches. But as more tar appears, suspicion is now falling heavily on the 21-thousand gallons of crude that spilled into the ocean when …

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The last-ditch effort to save the Prado Dam mural

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Supporters are rallying to save the iconic bicentennial mural on the Prado Dam spillway in Corona, which is set to be removed Thursday.
The faded mural on the Prado Dam is a regular sight for drivers heading into Corona on the eastbound 91 freeway. It was painted by Corona High School students as part of a competition to mark the nation’s bicentennial.
The U.S. Army Corps …

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Santa Barbara oil spill and its effect on the channel

Posted May 29, 2015 by | 1 Comment | ]

We sat down with Dr. Sean Anderson days after the oil spill on May 19th. He’s a professor of Environmental Science at Cal State Channel Islands. He gave us some great perspective on the recent oil spill on the Gaviota Coast compared to the massive spill in 1969, which spewed between 3-4 million gallons of oil in the Santa Barbara Channel, and what that …

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