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Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press grows wings

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With an international film festival in their backyard, Santa Barbara teenagers have had a unique opportunity to interview celebrities. At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival of 2007, a group of teenagers from Santa Barbara Middle School entered the red carpet’s press section. They called themselves Teen Press.
Nine years later, the club no longer interviews only celebrities. Middle schoolers have sat down with Microsoft co-founder …

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Marinello becomes a beauty school dropout

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With the government cutting the cord on student aid, a longtime fixture on the Southern California cosmetology scene is calling it quits.
The Marinello Schools of Beauty will close all 56 of its campuses, including dozens of schools in California.
The closures will leave more than four thousand students in the lurch, and 800 employees stand to lose their jobs.
The closures follow the U.S. Department of …

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The role of a library in the digital age

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The newly renovated UCSB Library, which had not undergone any changes in more than 35 years, opened its doors last week. Within the 60,000 square feet of new space lies diverse work spaces, more electrical outlets, group study rooms, a cafe and specialized areas for data-intensive projects and special-collection storage.
“The design of the building is intended to affirm the library’s position as the legitimate crossroads of the campus,” said University Librarian …

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SoundsLA goes to school to speak and listen

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Eric Drachman, SoundsLA producer, speaks to documentary filmmaking students.

[Eric Drachman produces KCRW’s SoundsLA, one-minute audio vignettes that air throughout the day.]
SoundsLA is one of KCRW’s ventures that connects listeners with our community in Los Angeles. The stories are character-driven, start with a sound and leave us with a sense of a fellow Angelino.
It’s easy to work on these pieces in isolation and not have a sense of whether or not they resonate with you. Well, …

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A drop in oil won’t put Santa Barbara in the red

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PlatformHolly- US Dept of energy

Santa Barbara County has a complicated – and at times, turbulent– relationship with oil. In May, the Refugio oil spill resulted in roughly 140,000 gallons of crude gushing over state beaches. Environmentalists rallied and called for an end to oil production in the region.  At the same time, these corporations remain among the top tax payers in the county – which raises the question: how …

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Mixer: A Tale of Two Cities

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friday mixer square

The Los Angeles Unified School District closed all of its campuses and facilities this week because of an emailed terror threat.
It claimed bombs, nerve gas and automatic weapons were stashed at several schools and an attack – the threat said – was imminent.

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Textbooks not telling whole story on climate change

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What’s causing climate change?
There’s broad agreement in the scientific community that greenhouse gases produced by human activity are the primary driver of rising global temperatures, but you wouldn’t learn that from textbooks used in California public schools.
A new report from Stanford University says that science texts used by students in elementary and middle school in the state are out of date because they explain …

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Mixer: Campus Activism Roils the Southland

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friday mixer square

Today, Occidental College President Jonathan Vietch announced some steps he’s taking in the wake of protests on campus over lack of diversity and racism at the school.
To be sure, Occidental — in the past — has ranked very high on lists of the most diverse liberal arts schools across the country.
But Vietch responded to demands on campus by saying the school will increase funding for the school’s …

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UC president says schools nationwide must confront systemic racism

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MU students protest inside Jesse Hall after report of racism. Photo: KOMUnews via Flickr

Protests at the University of Missouri and the resulting resignation of the school’s president have brought national attention to race relations at colleges and universities across the country.
The students demanded, among other things, the school increase the amount of black faculty by 10 percent and compose a 10-year plan to increase retention rates for marginalized students.    
But the events in Missouri are just …

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Is outside spending good for local journalism?

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The Los Angeles Times building in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As news organizations across the country struggle to make ends meet, so-called “sponsored content” has become one of several tempting alternatives to traditional advertising, but not without drawbacks.
Recently, the Los Angeles Times became the focus of headlines for becoming the latest outlet to launch a separate side business that creates custom content for corporate clients.
As Gene Maddaus at the LA Weekly notes, the Los …

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Cal State University faculty take a strike vote

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CSULA Student Union Photo: Justefrain/Creative Commons

About 25,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and other staff throughout the California State University system have been voting on whether to give their union the authority to call a strike. The strike vote is scheduled to wrap up this Wednesday.
At the heart of it is a dispute over pay. Management is offering a 2 percent across the board pay raise—faculty and staff are calling …

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U.C. planning to admit more students from California

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Your kid might have a better of chance of getting into the University of California next year under a plan being drawn up by University President Janet Napolitano.
This comes after a couple of years of U.C. officials taking heat for offering more spots to out-of-state and foreign students
Of the 62,000 new freshman and transfer students admitted to U.C. schools this fall, about 20 percent …

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New law aims to keep kids in the right math class

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Photo via Flickr/Aaron Escobar

Gov. Jerry Brown has until this Sunday to decide whether to sign hundreds of bills into law or veto them. One of the bills he signed Monday deals with something called math misplacement. Math misplacement is a term that’s used when a 9th grader is held back from advancing to the next level of math, even when they’ve scored well on the tests.
The new bill puts …

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Foes of new vaccination law want voters to decide

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If you thought the fight over mandatory vaccines for California school children was over, think again.
Opponents of a new law that eliminates the state’s personal belief exemption for vaccines have submitted signatures for a ballot measure to overturn it.
They needed to turn in 365,000 signatures by midnight last night to get on the November, 2016 ballot. It’s not clear how many signatures were …

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Why is the LAUSD building affordable housing?

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If you look around Los Angeles, you’ll see lots of new housing being built, especially in gentrifying neighborhoods like downtown and Hollywood. But most of that housing, whether rental units or condominiums, are luxury units and far too expensive for hundreds of thousands of working L.A. residents to ever live in. And if it needs saying, that’s bad.
Recent studies show that the average renter in …

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Making LA: Education

Posted August 27, 2015 by | 1 Comment | ]
Photo via Flickr/CC/Clotee Allochuku

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has a massive school system. There are more than 900 schools in the L.A. Unified School District, with more than 600,000 students. Los Angeles also has more charter schools than any district in the country. Some say that’s a threat to the public school system, while others argue that charters offer a crucial alternative.
Press Play’s Madeleine Brand talked with Joshua Pechthalt, President …

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What’s next for the anti-vaccine movement?

Posted August 20, 2015 by | 3 Comments | ]

Following the measles outbreak earlier this year that originated at Disneyland and infected 183 people and the passage of California’s tough new vaccination law, California has become ground zero for a national debate about vaccinations. At the center of the debate is whether mandatory inoculations should be required for all children before they start school, no matter what the personal beliefs of parents.
To better understand the issue …

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Making LA: Food

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Will we see more urban farms? South Central Community Garden, was an urban farm and community garden located at East 41st and South Alameda Streets, which was in operation between 1994 and 2006. Credit: Wikipedia

Los Angeles is a culinary wonderland. New, exciting restaurants seem to be opening faster than one can finish a meal. But not everyone is sharing in this bounty. In this installment of Making L.A., Press Play takes a closer look at what’s happening with the food scene and food policy — and what’s going to happen to the street vendors?
“We’re such a layered population …

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Critics of green energy measure: ‘Where are the jobs?’

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When California voters passed Proposition 39 three years ago, they were told thousands of green jobs would be created and that more than half-a-billion dollars a year would go to a new Clean Air Energy Fund.
But so far the state has been unable to deliver on those promises.
The Clean Energy Jobs Act closed a corporate tax loophole, with the money earmarked for energy-efficient projects …

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LAUSD gives itself an F for raising grad requirements

Posted June 10, 2015 by | 1 Comment | ]

Los Angeles School leaders are backing away from requirements that were adopted in an effort to make all graduating students eligible for University of California and Cal State schools.
The Board of Education had previously approved a plan requiring all graduates – starting in 2017 – to get a C or better in classes that are needed for college admission.
But it turned out the new …

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