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Voter Guide: May 21st elections


Did you know that L.A. has more than 2 million eligible voters, but that 1.6 million of them are expected to skip the election on Tuesday? This means that you, dear voter, have a lot of responsibility.
When to Vote:
Polls are open from 7AM – 8PM on Tuesday, May 21st.
Where to Vote:
Find your polling place and a sample ballot here.
Wendy Greuel vs. Eric Garcetti:
Angelenos will finally …

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Election Guide to the California Primaries



Are you ready to vote? Here’s what you need to know beyond the ballot.
When to Vote:
Polling places are open Tuesday, June 5 from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Where to Vote:
Find your polling place and a sample ballot here. 
What are the main issues?
The Republican Primary
The District Attorney Race
 Proposition 28 (Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office)
 Proposition 29 (Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for …

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Election June, 2012: A California primary to remember?

Warren Olney

California’s presidential primary won’t mean a thing, but tomorrow’s election could shake up state politics for years to come. It could change things in Washington, as well as in Sacramento. We’ll hear why the LA Times told readers, “Don’t sit this one out.” Also, Mitt Romney has the GOP nomination sewed up, but there’s still an active opponent in California. We talk with Fred …

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Slate mailers: 3 things to look for

By Jake Rome via Flickr

Buyers beware. Slate mailers decked with large fonts and glossy images have bombarded California voters as they prepare to cast their ballots in tomorrow’s primary election. Adorned with pictures ranging from John F. Kennedy to Orange Country firefighters, the mailers urge Californians to vote a certain way on set of candidates and/or issues. Many mailers come from political parties or organizations that advocate certain …

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Explaining California’s ‘Top Two’ primary

By Muffet via Flickr

Ballots will look a little different Tuesday than in past elections because of California’s new open primary system. Approved by voters two years ago, the open primary sends the top two finishers to the November general election, regardless of party. Backers say the system will lead to more moderate candidates… perhaps. What’s immediately clear is that this is increasing competition for all candidates, including …

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California’s dollar democracy

By Images_of_Money via Flickr

Money, as the saying goes, is the mother’s milk of American politics, and the same goes for California. It takes lots and lots of gold to successfully run a statewide political campaign in the Golden State, but there are no shortage of powerful individuals, companies and special interests, with very deep pockets, ready to pony up and spend their fortunes to influence the California …

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Should Mitt Romney care about the CA primary?


Mitt Romney’s win in the Texas GOP primary this week put him over the top when it comes to the number delegates needed to clinch his party’s presidential nomination. So it might be tempting to think Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary here in California is just a formality. But San Francisco Chronicle political writer Carla Marinucci told KCRW’s Chery Glaser that the contest is still …

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Prop 29 explainer: Funding, advertising and voters

By League of Women Voters via Flickr

Nearly $60 million has been spent to fund campaigns for and against Proposition 29, which aims to increase taxes on cigarettes by $1 per pack. The new tax revenue – expected to total about $735 million – would be placed in a fund to finance research of tobacco-related diseases and prevention programs. And the new fund would be administered by a nine-member committee.
While only …

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The DA’s race and the challenges ahead


Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is considered the favorite heading into next week’s primary election for LA county DA, but he could be vulnerable.  Five other candidates are vying for the job, including top Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey and Deputy DA Danette Meyers. If no candidate can muster 50 percent of the vote, a run-off will be held in November. This is …

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Sizing up candidates in the DA race


The Los Angeles County District Attorney runs the largest agency of its kind in the nation, with 60,000 felony prosecutions each year. The best-known candidate is LA’s controversial City Attorney, who once promised not to run for the higher office. But when Steve Cooley announced he’d step down, Carmen Trutanich jumped into the race. With more money and more endorsements than the other five …

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Competing medical marijuana bans move forward

Warren Olney

It’s been 16 years since California voters approved medical marijuana, creating a nightmare for cities all over the state. Any form of the drug is illegal under federal law, and the Obama administration has surprised them all with a selective crackdown.  We hear about LA’s latest effort to reconcile the risk of legal action with patient demand. Also, the “other five” candidates for Los …

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Berman vs. Sherman: What you need to know


One of the most closely watched congressional primaries in the nation is taking place in the San Fernando Valley. Veteran Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are going head to head because of redistricting, and the race has become heated. Both men are vying for a place on the general election ballot in November. Tuesday’s vote could be just a preview of what’s to …

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Judging candidates for the Los Angeles Superior Court

Warren Olney

There are three superior judges up for re-election next week in Los Angeles County and three open seats on the bench. Most voters have no idea who’s qualified and who’s not. We hear how endorsements are made and where to find other information. Why should voters have to decide? Also, another story about cutbacks in public schools — and it could be worse. There’s …

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Prop 29: What you need to know

By kristin_a via Flickr

Proposition 29: This measure would raise the state’s cigarette tax by one dollar, from 87 cents to $1.87. Proposition 29 would raise an estimated 800 million annually, with virtually all of the money going to cancer research and to programs to prevent people from smoking and to help them quit. KCRW explains:

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Prop 28: What you need to know

By League of Women Voters via Flickr

Californian’s primary election is next Tuesday and voters are being asked to weigh in on everything from cigarette taxes to a U.S. Senate race. June 5th also marks California’s first experiment with a “top two” primary system, in which the two candidates with the most votes, regardless of political party, will survive to face off in November. All this week KCRW is examining some of …

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Carmen Trutanich and the race for District Attorney

Warren Olney

When he ran for LA City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich promised he’d serve two terms. He said, if he ran for District Attorney, he’d take out a full-page ad in the LA Times saying, “I’m a Liar.” Well, there’s been no such ad, but Trutanich is running for DA, even though he hasn’t finished his first term as City Attorney. Name-recognition, his campaign war-chest and …

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Rep. Brad Sherman’s mom missing from some political mailers

Rep. Brad Sherman decided to get creative with Photoshop. The candidate sent mailers to Jewish voters that feature his mother standing behind him and his wife and kids, while those sent to non-Jewish voters don’t have mom in the picture. His campaign has provided the media with conflicting messages for why Sherman’s mother was edited out of the advertisement. The Jewish Journal has more …

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California’s ‘Jungle Primary’

Warren Olney

The June 5 election will be like nothing California has seen before, with some office holders hiding their party affiliation — and even their incumbency. Republicans have given up some legislative and Congressional races altogether, and the general election will feature run-offs between candidates of the same party. A lawyer deemed “unqualified” by the County Bar has challenged a highly regarded judge with a …

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Proposition 28: Another flap over term limits

Warren Olney

Term limits prevent state legislators from learning their jobs, giving the real power in Sacramento to lobbyists and bureaucrats. That’s according to supporters of Proposition 28 on next month’s ballot. But how does it make things better by giving lawmakers less total time in the Capitol rather than more? We solve that riddle and hear the pros and cons. Also, a mountain lion in …

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Candidates debate for Valley Congressional District 30

Warren Olney

Because of newly drawn boundaries, two Democrats with similar names got stuck in the same Congressional District. But Brad Sherman and Howard Berman are not alone. California’s new rules have created a web of confusion as candidates of different parties now run in the same primary. So, along with the Democrats, we also hear from Republicans Mark Reed and Susan Shelley. The top two …

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