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Olympics whip up British patriotism

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Anirudh Koul/Flickr

During the run-up to the London Olympic Games, British irony was in full swing, complete with predictions of gridlocked traffic, frustrated spectators and lapses in security. Then something happened. It all worked out. The Olympics proved “we’re not just the sum total of our corrupt bankers [or] our pretty useless political class,” Peter Whittle told Warren on today’s To the Point. “We are more …

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Can we keep getting faster, better, stronger?

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Photo by Gemma Dempsey

Every four years, the world focuses on Olympic athletes. The pressure is on—for the Gold, instead of the Silver or Bronze—with the expectation of world record performances. How much longer can this go on? The demands on Olympic athletes are more than physical: they are psychological. And, now that sports are a multi-billion dollar business, they’re economic as well. Will human beings always …

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Southern California’s Olympic speed skaters

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Wilma Boomstra and speed skaters at the Glacial Gardens arena in Lakewood. Photos by Matt Holzman.

There are more Southern Californians competing on the U.S. Olympic team right now than from any other part of the country.  We won’t have the same bragging rights two years from now at the winter games in Sochi, Russia.
Of course, some greats have come from these parts, like figure skaters Michelle Kwon – who was born in Torrance – and Sasha Cohen, from Westwood.   …

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London sounding

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Anirudh Koul/Flickr

Over the past two weeks, east London’s city sounds have been deafened slightly by the cheers and hollers of Olympics spectators. But outside of the stadium, the hustle and bustle carries on… also the occasional “parakeet squawking noises” in Richmond Park. Yes, that’s right, if you listen close enough on a walk in the park, you can hear the birds over the sounds of …

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The Olympics are making us sick

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US fans pose at the Olympics. Photo by Gemma Dempsey

It started with a headache last week. I should have gone to sleep early, but I stayed up watching NBC’s prime-time coverage of the Olympics. While I was lying in bed struggling to keep my eyes open, drugged on NyQuil, I watched Mckayla Maroney perform a near-perfect Amanar and was introduced to Ryan Lochte, which led to a series of Google searches and ultimately …

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Unfictional: ‘Not the Olympics’

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On this week’s  Unfictional, we hear stories about “the shadow the Olympics cast over us” and what happens to people after they’ve had their Olympic moment. “There is no de-training program to introduce you to the real world again.”

First, KCRW’s Matt Holzman meets a man who won a gold medal at the Olympics in 1968. Surprisingly, he really doesn’t like to talk about it very much.

Andrew …

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Dispatch from London: From West to East, basket to beach

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US fans in Olympic Park

A Londoner by birth, but a resident of Los Angeles since the mid-nineties, it seemed appropriate and terrifically exciting to be attending two Olympic sporting events that I associate with Southern California: Basketball and Beach Volleyball. Tickets to the Olympics games are like gold dust so imagine my delight in finding two tickets courtesy of an American called Michael on Craigslist.  My nephew Tim, …

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Why are so many Olympians from Southern California?

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You might see some familiar faces among the athletes competing in the London Olympics. About 15 percent of the US Olympic Team comes from Southern California, even though our region accounts for 7 percent of the U.S. population as a whole. In fact, if Southern California was a nation, it would be fifth in total medals as of this writing.  KCRW’s Matt Holzman went …

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The Olympics and the Twitterverse

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As world-class athletes go for the gold, NBC television is going for the audience. But those formerly passive viewers now have a voice — and it’s a loud one. On Twitter and Facebook, on blog after blog, NBC has been excoriated since the opening ceremonies: for commentary, dramatizations and especially tape delays. At the same time, prime time viewing is off the charts. We hear from the tweeter …

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Can NBC handle Olympics criticism?

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Guy Adams is Los Angeles bureau chief for the British newspaper The Independent.  He’s been very vocal these last few days about his disapproval of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. He’s far from the only one.
But now his Twitter account has been suspended, after he tweeted the work email of an NBC executive and NBC filed a complaint.
For more on this, KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis …

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Politics Friday: Olympics edition

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What’s your favorite Olympic sport? Maybe dressage? Here’s what the candidates have been up to this week.

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Bikinis, boxing skirts and female Olympians

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Washington Post sportswriter Liz Clarke spoke to Warren on “Reporter’s Notebook” today about the flap over female athletes’ attire at the London Olympics. From a failed effort to force women boxers into skirts to newly relaxed rules giving beach volleyball players the option of NOT wearing bikinis, women’s wardrobes have been a big focus going into the 2012 games.  Clarke also discussed the history …

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Where to watch the London Olympics in Los Angeles

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I’m a certified Olympics junkie. I’ve worked the last seven Olympics for NBC Sports and this is my first time participating as a couch-surfing spectator.  I’ve got everything I need for the next 17 days: apps to stream video on my iPad, mobile phone results notifications, websites bookmarked, TV schedule printed. But sometimes, it’s fun to watch with a crowd. So here’s a list …

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Designing and branding the Olympics

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The Olympic opening ceremonies, directed by filmmaker Danny Boyle, are tonight. They will include a much-anticipated parade of farm animals.
In the lead-up to the Games, there has been a lot of grumbling (most recently from would-be president Mitt Romney, demonstrating his diplomatic skills by referring to the pre-games challenges as “disconcerting” on his first day in England).There has also been grumbling from design critics, who …

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Summer Olympics brings USC vs UCLA rivalry into focus

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U.S. Olympic water polo player Courtney Mathewson, from UCLA.

The Olympic Games are upon us, and a slew of athletes from Southern California will be competing in London. A lot of them have some sort of connection with our two biggest universities.
KCRW’s Matt Holzman speaks to athletic directors at USC and UCLA, and two water polo athletes from those schools, now playing together on the US team.

The University of California at Los Angeles …

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LA graffiti artists on display in London

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Risk @ Corey Helford Gallery Opening London
Photo © ArtLyst 2012

It’s not just athletes that are congregating in London. An exhibit of Los Angeles graffiti artists is on display this month.
The exhibition is called “Letters from America.” It features a number of LA’s most well known street artists, many of whom were featured in MOCA’s Art in the Streets show. Shepard Fairey created the UK’s largest mural, a 60 by 80 foot vintage-looking billboard …

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