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What does California’s high-speed rail mean for Central Valley farmers?

California's High Speed Rail project will slice through a section of Brad Johns's Central Valley tomato farm

California’s high speed rail project was supposed to break ground this fall, but the project is on hold again. Even before any trains run, the project will impact farmers like Brad Johns, who grows tomatoes. His farm is 200 miles north of Los Angeles.
One summer afternoon, he walked gently on a canopy of brown vines, stopped, and picked a bright red fruit. “That is an …

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Los Angeles bike enthusiasts look to Rotterdam for inspiration

Rotterdam Bike Lane with protective buffer

Meredith Glaser is a svelte 31-year-old from Long Beach. A couple of years ago she found a job as an urban planner in Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands. She’s learned to tolerate the wind and snow. And she’s fond of riding her bike on Rotterdam’s impressive bicycle infrastructure.
Before the second world war, Rotterdam had narrow streets and typical Dutch row houses. But …

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