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Cargoland: Meet the port police

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070316 K9 Insp_073

The Los Angeles Port Police isn’t your average law enforcement agency. It has to be one of the most versatile police departments in the nation.
“We’re homeland security, community relations, dive team, motors, K9, a lot of different things,” said Sergeant Ryan Howley. “It’s actually kinda hard to define.”
This port sees a lot of traffic, from recreational boaters and cruise ships, to commercial fishermen and massive …

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Interview with Democratic Candidate for State Controller Betty Yee

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The State Controller is the Chief Financial Officer for the state of California, and is tasked with accounting for every dollar spent. Current Controller John Chiang is termed out this November, having served in the post since 2007, and Betty Yee is the Democratic Candidate for his position. She sat down with Warren Olney to talk about her campaign.
Yee claims that her more than …

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California’s cougars need help crossing the street

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A young cougar feeding on a deer. Courtesy of the National Wildlife Foundation

The movement to preserve California’s mountain lion population might finally be getting the push it needs. A campaign called Save LA Cougars, which is sponsored by the National Wildlife Foundation, is hoping to make crossing the street a little bit safer for the animals.
The ultimate goal of the campaign is to build a wildlife crossing either over or underneath the 101 freeway in Agoura …

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Interview with Raphe Sonenshein on LA Sheriff, Supervisors’ Race

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Sheriff’s Race
For the time since 1998, the role of LA County Sheriff in is question as voters go to the polls on June 3rd. The Sheriff’s department is under scrutiny following scandals involving favoritism in hiring, obstruction of justice, and abuse of prisoners in County jails.
Raphe Sonenshein joined Warren to discuss how voters will have to decide who would be the best candidate to clean …

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Warren Olney hosts sheriff candidates debate

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Warren Olney

California’s statewide primary election takes place on June 3, and this year’s ballot includes candidates running to become the next Sheriff for Los Angeles County.
This Sunday, Warren Olney will be hosting a debate between seven of the candidates: James Hellmold, Jim McDonnell, Bob Olmstead, Todd Rogers, Paul Tanaka, Patrick Gomez, and Lou Vince. The debate is open to the public, and will be followed …

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Board Games: Then and Now

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There’s a local board game boom underway, as KCRW’s Saul Gonzales reported from the couches of LA’s first board game cafe, GameHaüs. Just hearing that sound of the roll of the dice, made us feel nostalgic. Here’s our top 6 old-school, cardboard classics. What’s yours?
1. Scrabble was invented by an out-of-work Architect during the great depression in 1938.
Here is a commercial from 1990. Is …

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What’s in a name? The quest for ‘Beverly Village’

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On yesterday’s Which Way, L.A.? Saul Gonzalez talked to residents of Koreatown that are pushing to designate a slice of the city “Peru Village.”
In a different part of town, another Angeleno is also in the process of naming her neighborhood. Tara Riceberg owns Tweak, a gift store on Beverly Boulevard, in a section of LA that doesn’t quite have a name. She realized there …

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Becoming the face of Covered California

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Stella Cheung is the face of Covered California,literally. Cheung, an LA-based yoga teacher, had regular insurance, until her physician billed her $130 for preventative care that wasn’t covered. She switched her coverage by signing up for a new plan through Covered California, and found herself on billboards across the state.
Monday is the deadline to enroll for new health coverage. (More on how to …

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Report shows LA charter schools outperforming public schools

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By Bruno Girin, Flickr

According to new research from Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes, charter school students in LAUSD have a huge advantage over their public school peers. Almost half of charter school students have significantly larger gains in reading when compared to traditional schools, and 44 percent perform much better in math.
The discrepancy is especially pronounced for Hispanic students in poverty, who gained even more …

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Warren Olney hosts debate between LA County Supervisor candidates

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Warren Olney

On Thursday, March 20th Warren Olney will be hosting a debate between the candidates running to replace Zev Yaroslavsky as Los Angeles County Supervisor, and you are welcome to join!
Third District County Supervisorial candidates John Duran, Sheila Kuehl, Bobby Shriver and Pamela Conley Ulich will take part in a debate jointly sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists/Greater Los Angeles Chapter, KCRW 89.9 and their …

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KCRW’s Oscar interviews

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American Hustle

The Academy Awards are Sunday, and the 2014 season has been a landmark year for film. Many of the potential award winners have come through the KCRW studios. We’ve compiled the full list of nominated filmmakers who have appeared on The Business with Kim Masters and Elvis Mitchell’s The Treatment.
More Oscar coverage here
 Here are some highlights:
12 Years a Slave
Steve McQueen told The Business contributor John …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014! We hope that you have been paying attention to our friends over at Sonic Trace this week. They have been highlighting stories of love and marriage that transcend cultural and international boundaries. Like that of Anaheim native Darlene, and her Aussie husband Steve, whose story began 8,000 miles away, forty years ago this month. And thanks to Google Maps, we …

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The fight to preserve LA’s Carthay Square

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You can find the neighborhood of Carthay Square tucked away behind the streets of Little Ethiopia, near Olympic and Fairfax. Most of the houses in the six-street, mid-city neighborhood were built in the 1930s or before, and it’s residents are working to keep it that way.
A group of volunteers set out to make Carthay Square a “Historic Preservation Overlay Zone” (HPOZ) in 2008 – …

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Los Angeles in a new light

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Photo by Hector Sanchez via Flickr/ CreativeCommons

In a move to make LA more energy-efficient, the city has been changing the light bulbs. Since 2009, over 140,000 sodium-vapor street lights were switched to new LED ones in the first phase of the world’s largest lighting retrofit.
According to Forbes, “The City of Los Angeles estimates it will see at least $7 million in electricity savings and $2.5 million in avoided maintenance costs …

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Timeline: The legacy of Sheriff Lee Baca

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca announces his retirement during a news conference at Los Angeles County Sheriff's headquarters in Monterey Park , California January 7, 2014. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

Today, John Scott replaces Lee Baca as sheriff of Los Angeles County. Baca served for 15 years. When he announced his retirement back in January, he said, “I don’t see myself as the future. I see myself as part of the past.” It’s a past plagued by scandals, including abuse at the county jails. We take a look at his tenure going all the …

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How to stay safe in an earthquake

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Mayor Garcetti has made several moves to improve LA’s earthquake preparedness on the eve of the anniversary of the 1994 Northridge quake. The city has teamed with a US geological survey seismologist to develop resilience strategies in case of another big quake. Given our geographic location and plentiful fault lines, it’s more of a “when” the big one will strike than an “if.”
So here’s …

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100 years of the Colorado St. Bridge

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View of the Colorado Street Bridge shows several groups of people walking on the bridge and enjoying the surrounding scenery. A few automobiles can be seen travelling on the bridge. Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Public Library

Today marks the centennial of Pasadena’s Colorado Street Bridge, and a new exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of History features art, photography, writing, designs, and much more that was inspired by the bridge.
Although the rest of LA county might not realize it, the bridge was an important feat,  making passage from Pasadena to Highland Park possible for the new invention of the early 1900’s – horseless …

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More California schools on meningitis alert

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Photo by Connor Tarter/ Flickr/ CreativeCommons

Updated December 13, 2013:
Two more California schools have joined UC Santa Barbara on meningitis alert. Cases were reported this week at both UC Riverside and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Reuters reported that University of California officials are pushing to administer the same vaccine that Princeton, which vaccinated more than 5,000 students this week, received after CDC intervention.
After confirming whether this vaccine will be …

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The Yellowstone super volcano is super big

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Photo of the geothermal features of Yellowstone. Via Flickr by Kevin Saff/ CreativeCommons

“Even more colossal” is the way University of Utah researchers now describe the Yellowstone super volcano, which lies under the  Wyoming’s northwest corner, after discovering that it is over twice as big as originally thought.
The newest study of the volcano revealed the underground magma chamber is actually 55 miles long, 20 miles wide, and reaches depths of up to 9 miles below the surface. …

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When it comes to college debt California grads are doing better than most

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Photo by Parker Knight / Creative Commons/ Flickr

A new report shows that California’s college grads aren’t actually that bad off when it comes to student debt load. The Institute for College Access and Success recently published its yearly report called the “Project on Student Debt,” and in its survey of the class of 2012 found that Californians rank among the lowest.
Nationally, 70 percent of students in the class of 2012 had …

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