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London sounding

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Anirudh Koul/Flickr

Over the past two weeks, east London’s city sounds have been deafened slightly by the cheers and hollers of Olympics spectators. But outside of the stadium, the hustle and bustle carries on… also the occasional “parakeet squawking noises” in Richmond Park. Yes, that’s right, if you listen close enough on a walk in the park, you can hear the birds over the sounds of …

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Highlights from the LA District Attorney debate

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Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson, contenders to be the next LA County District Attorney

Warren moderated a debate between District Attorney candidates Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson in downtown Los Angeles last night. Lacey, a Democrat, is Chief Deputy District Attorney and Jackson, a Republican, currently serves as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. The race is non-partisan.
Warren talked to Jon Regardie of Los Angeles Downtown News about the race and the debate.
Here are some highlights …

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Curiosity’s Mission to the Red Planet

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NASA illustration

This Sunday, Jet Propulsion Laboratories in La Canada-Flintridge will work to land Mars Rover “Curiosity,” which is programmed to slow down from 13,000 miles an hour to zero in just seven minutes — a time period that NASA has dubbed the “7 minutes of terror.” What’s more, there is a 14-minute communication lag between Earth and the rover so by the time word has …

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How does Hollywood view violence in film?

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Poster for "The Dark Knight Rises"

On tonight’s  Which Way, LA?  Warren will talk to L.A. Times movie critic Kenneth Turan and TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman about whether Hollywood has the responsibility to talk about the possible impact violence in film.
Back in December 2010, The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper joined Kim Masters on KCRW’s  The Business to talk about how the industry views violence in determining film ratings. Hooper said, …

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Sonic Trace: ‘La Burbuja’ brings radio to your backyard

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Sonic Trace, KCRW’s independent producer project featuring the stories of Mexican and Central Americans around Los Angeles, launched a Kickstarter campaign for “La Burbuja” or “The Bubble,” a sleek portable sound booth. The designers of the booth, Hugo Martinez with Christin To, are both immigrants to the United States.
Searching for a portable sound booth design, Sonic Trace challenged architects back in May to submit …

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Supreme Court overturns Stolen Valor Act in case originating in L.A. County

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Does the First Amendment guarantee of free speech extend to lying about being a military hero? In a 6-3 decision handed down today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it did, invalidating the 2005 Stolen Valor Act in the process.

The case centered on Xavier Alvarez, who as a member of the Claremont-based Three Valleys Municipal Water District board, claimed to have won the Congressional …

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What’s your favorite road trip?

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KCRW has been looking for great road trips for series that will air all next week on KCRW 89.9 FM. We began by asking listeners for summer road trip suggestions on KCRW’s Facebook page. Below are some that caught our attention, but you can check them all out here. Then tune in all next week during morning edition to hear some road trips for …

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KCRW at Dwell on Design

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If you aren’t busy standing under LACMA’s levitated mass this weekend, check out KCRW’s booth at Dwell on Design, a program at the L.A. Convention Center from June 22-24.
KCRW’s booth (#270) will feature the edgy and imaginative illustrations from a recent contest to design a sound booth for KCRW’s new series Sonic Trace, which was created by Anayansi Diaz-Cortes and Eric Pearse-Chavez and features …

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To the beach or to the mountains?

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Bear Lake, Co. By bengrey on Flickr

If you think the beach is crowded now, just wait. By a six point margin, Americans have a more favorable opinion about an ocean vacation than a mountain vacation, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Seventy-two percent of poll participants said a beach vacation was favorable, while 66 percent had a favorable opinion about a trip to the mountains.
Gender played a role …

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Summer Reading: Recommendations from KCRW listeners

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By jm3 via Flickr

It’s summer in Los Angeles. And while some might be excited about the L.A. Film Festival or hitting the beach, many are just eager to have some extra time to read a good book. At least many of our readers are. We got  summer reading recommendations from indie book store owners, and several readers posted suggestions of books old and new on our Facebook page …

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Reform, Prop 13 and California’s ‘Crooked Asessors’

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By Jeffery Turner via Flickr

Prosecutors have placed the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office under scrutiny after accusations surfaced that the assessor and his top aides lowered property taxes for top campaign contributors.  There was a time, however, before the standardization of property taxes, when California’s assessors used their own discretion to make assessments on homes and businesses. And, as Mark Paul writes in an article on Zócalo, they …

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Dreaming of a Persian Spring in LA?

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Zocalo Public Square main image

The prospect of a Persian Spring has Angelenos talking. If protests for reform erupt in Iran, Los Angeles, home to a large population of Iranians (many of whom are exiles), may play a role. So what would an Iranian protest movement mean for Los Angeles? That’s what a panel (sponsored by KCRW) will explore tonight at 7:30 P.M. in a discussion with Zócalo at …

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Election Guide to the California Primaries

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Are you ready to vote? Here’s what you need to know beyond the ballot.
When to Vote:
Polling places are open Tuesday, June 5 from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Where to Vote:
Find your polling place and a sample ballot here. 
What are the main issues?
The Republican Primary
The District Attorney Race
 Proposition 28 (Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office)
 Proposition 29 (Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for …

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Slate mailers: 3 things to look for

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By Jake Rome via Flickr

Buyers beware. Slate mailers decked with large fonts and glossy images have bombarded California voters as they prepare to cast their ballots in tomorrow’s primary election. Adorned with pictures ranging from John F. Kennedy to Orange Country firefighters, the mailers urge Californians to vote a certain way on set of candidates and/or issues. Many mailers come from political parties or organizations that advocate certain …

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Prop 29 explainer: Funding, advertising and voters

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By League of Women Voters via Flickr

Nearly $60 million has been spent to fund campaigns for and against Proposition 29, which aims to increase taxes on cigarettes by $1 per pack. The new tax revenue – expected to total about $735 million – would be placed in a fund to finance research of tobacco-related diseases and prevention programs. And the new fund would be administered by a nine-member committee.
While only …

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