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How to get more women in California’s political leadership

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Last week, Republicans in California’s state Senate chose Jean Fuller as their new leader. When Fuller takes over as Senate GOP leader this fall, she’ll be the first woman from either party to hold a leadership position in that chamber, and three out of four of the top leaders in the state legislature will be women. The others–who are already on the job–are Assembly Speaker Toni …

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Cargoland: A brief history of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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A cargo ship docks in San Pedro. Photo: Saul Gonzalez

All week, KCRW looks at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Explore Cargoland.
The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach  have been a driving force in Southern California’s economy for more than a century. The push to establish the port of L.A. came when a harbor commission was set up in 1907. But the debate over where to put the port was heated.
Director of the Los …

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Updated with results: The Nov. 4 ballot measures

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By seeingimonkey via Flickr

Seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were talking about plans for summer vacation and weekends at the beach.  But now Columbus Day has come and gone; Halloween is a week away; and Election Day is just around the corner.  That means it’s time to take a closer look at some of the issues California voters will be weighing in on next …

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Deasy under increasing scrutiny from School Board

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The L.A. School Board is expected to hold a closed-door meeting tomorrow. That in itself is nothing out of the ordinary.
What is unusual is that this is a specially called closed door meeting. And L.A. Times education reporter Howard Blume says the focus will almost certainly be on the future of LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.
Deasy has been under fire for issues connected to the …

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Joan Rivers’ archive? The joke could be on all of us

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When many of us sit down to draw up a will and think about what we might leave to our heirs, we’re looking at perhaps a home, a car, some jewelry, maybe some stocks.
But when it comes to a celebrity, there can be a lot more involved – especially memorabilia.
And that got Seth Abramovitch – a senior writer at the Hollywood Reporter – thinking. …

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The Northridge Earthquake through opera

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The libretto follows seven young, diverse angelenos  in the aftermath of total devastation. 
Photo: Long Beach Opera

It’s been 20 years since the Northridge Earthquake rocked Southern California, and now that natural disaster is the setting for an opera that’s having its L.A. premiere at the Ford Amphitheater this Saturday. The opera is called, “I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky” and is by composer John Adams with a libretto by poet June Jordan.
The title, “I was …

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The hidden history of California’s parks

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Cathedral Cove
Crystal clear water, kelp forests, sea caves, sea birds, and sea lions all may be seen from the Cathedral Cove overlook on East Anacapa. (Photo:

July 4th has come and gone, which means that summer is officially here. Given any thought yet to where you might go on vacation?
We’re looking at some of California’s less well-known state and national parks—going beyond the superstars like Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree to some of the places that tend to get passed by. Some of them, you can cover in a few hours. …

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Low-tech but vital: Braille in the 21st Century

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You’ve probably seen it on the front of an ATM or by the up-and-down buttons for an elevator. I’m talking about Braille — the system of raised dots and spaces that blind and visually-impaired people use to write and to represent numbers and letters of the alphabet.
More than 60 blind and visually-impaired kids from across the U.S. and Canada are gathering in Los Angeles …

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Los Angeles lobbies Washington

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Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

The LA County Supervisors are packing their bags and heading to Washington DC this week for their annual lobbying trip. They’ll be meeting with members of Congress and folks at the White House:  talking about what they need, what’s working and not working–and their wishlist when it comes to federal funding. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavky says one of the issues high on their agenda is healthcare.
“With the affordable …

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One Thing: Dining

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From politics and music to television, health and sports, what were the most important stories and trends of the year? Nine of our sharpest local observers weigh in on the one thing that shaped 2013. 
Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold talks about the “extreme locavorism” that has gripped the food scene here in Southern California. The idea that food should come from the area we …

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One Thing: Local Politics

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From politics and music to television, health and sports, what were the most important stories and trends of the year? Nine of our sharpest local observers weigh in on the one thing that shaped 2013. 
“There’s probably no city in the country now whose labor movement is as strong and effective as the LA labor movement,” says Raphael Sonenshein, Executive Director of the Pat Brown Institute at …

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One Thing: TV

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From politics and music to television, health and sports, what were the most important stories and trends of the year? Nine of our sharpest local observers weigh in on the one thing that shaped 2013. 
TV Guide’s Michael Schneider shares how the “Netflix effect” has impacted 2013.  “Executives are all having to adjust to this new reality, and it’s turning things upside down in terms of how do …

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McCartney and Timberlake play gigs in Hollywood

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Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2009 - Paul McCartney

A stretch of Hollywood Boulevard is going to be shut down for the next couple of days to make way for a pair of concerts planned for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Today’s gig features a guy you may have heard of – one Sir Paul McCartney. He’s scheduled to perform this afternoon around 4:30. Tomorrow, it’s Justin Timberlake.
We asked Mikael Wood – who covers pop …

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Documentary ’99 Percent’ looks at origins, future of ‘Occupy’ movement

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Occupy Wall Street Hacks

It’s been about two years since activists took over Zucotti Park in Manhattan and changed the national debate about income equality and economic justice. The activists called for a shift in power and wealth that they said could lead to a new society. Over the next several weeks, tent camps and demonstrations sprang up across the country as part of what came to be …

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An era of bickering has ended: So what’s next for Mono Lake?

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Mono Lake, South Tufa Preserve

The L.A. Department of Water and Power has come under fire for decades for siphoning water from Mono Lake and the Owens Valley. But in recent years, the utility has taken steps to try to mitigate its impact on the ecosystem in that part of Central California. The latest move – the D.W.P. board signed off on a deal last week to help restore …

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California Legislature moves to allow non-doctors to perform abortions

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California is known for bucking the trend and going its own way. And the state legislature is doing it again—this time, when it comes to abortion. At a time when access to abortion is being restricted in many states, California may expand it.
The state legislature has approved a bill called AB 154. It would let specially trained nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and certified midwives …

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Barred entry: Bid for face time with Pres. Obama falls flat

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An electric car (Courtesy: flckr/mariordo59)

It’s not just political big shots and corporate CEO’s who get to meet with the president.
For $30,000-plus, you too can bend Barack Obama’s ear. Well, maybe. It depends on what you want to say – and who you’re telling about it.
When electric car salesman and Obama supporter Paul Scott got an invite to a fundraiser with the president in Santa Monica this Friday, he …

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Interreligious university offers business ethics degree

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Typically, you think of a masters degree in leadership as being offered by a business school. But starting today, a new online masters in leadership is being offered by Claremont Lincoln University. That’s an interreligious university and theological seminary based in Claremont — about 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.
Claremont Lincoln provost Philip Clayton says they’ve heard from interested students from as far …

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Today’s News: Dorner reward, Prop 8 heads to Supreme Court

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Immigration reform. Only 19 percent of California voters say people who are in the country illegally should have to leave, according to a new USC Dornsife/LA Times poll. 72 percent of voters polled said they support comprehensive reform that includes a path to citizenship. USC Dornslife / LA Times
Stockton’s bankruptcy trial begins. After years of financial trouble, Stockton declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy last year. Now …

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Today’s News: Mahony relieved of duties; Calif. upgraded from A – to A

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Cardinal Mahony relieved of duty. In an unprecedented move for the US Catholic Church, Cardinal Roger Mahony has been relieved of his remaining duties. The announcement came at the same time that the church released more personnel files that show Mahony shielding priests who sexually abused children.   New York Times
California gets an upgrade. The Wall Street rating agency Standard and Poors has upgraded the state’s credit rating …

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