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Listen to KCRW’s Murrow Award winners!

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Tristen J. Winger, 27, of South L.A. and Jordan McCovey, 22, of Victorville rehearse their lines.

KCRW won two regional Edward R. Murrow awards today, one for a series on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and a second for a piece on the casting call for “Straight Outta Compton,” an upcoming film about the founding of NWA.

You can hear the Straight Outta Compton story and see photos, here. 

And you can listen to Cargoland, which tells the stories of life at …

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Meet the artists changing Tijuana’s Pasaje Rodriguez

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After years of drug violence, Tijuana’s corridors were seedy places, home to drug addicts, and stinking with urine and rotting ceilings.
But after the violence subsided, things started to change. Businesses found a new clientele – not the rowdy American tourists, but locals looking for local culture.
A grassroots effort brought artists and shop-owners together to bring new life to Tijuana’s main drag, Avenida Revolución. Murals were painted, boutiques and book stores were …

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Barney Frank on coming out in Congress

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Barney Frank at KCRW. Photo: Gari Askew

In his new book, “”Frank: A Life in Politics from the Great Society to Same-Sex Marriage” Barney Frank tells his story of navigating Congressional politics as a gay man. “We gay and lesbian people don’t discuss our sexuality any more than straight people do,” he told Warren on “To the Point.” It’s just that when we do it, it’s called ‘coming out.’ When straight people do …

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Angelina Jolie on trying to prevent cancer and other stories we’re following

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Photo: Angelina Jolie by Gage Skidmore/CC/Flickr

Trash talks!
We’re talking about a new plan to cleanup L.A. on today’s Which Way, LA? And we want to hear from you.
Tweet us photos of the litter or abandoned furniture on your street. @kcrw or @wwla
Below are the stories that have us talking.
Angelina Jolie opens up about having surgery to remove her ovaries
The actress and activist has written before about having a double mastectomy …

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Get ready for Ted Cruz

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Sen. Ted Cruz has announced a 2016 presidential run.

A new report is calling for the LA to figure out a better way to deal with all the trash that doesn’t make into the garbage can.
Tell us: Is there a lot of trash on your street?
From presidential politics to Buddhism gone awry, here are the stories we’re reading today.
Ted Cruz eyes 2016
Sen. Cruz (R-Texas) is the first Republican to announce his candidacy. “I believe in …

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Is there too much trash in your neighborhood?

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Garbage in an alley. (Photo: Evan George)

A new report is calling for the LA to figure out a better way to deal with all the trash that doesn’t make into the garbage can.
Tell us: Is there a lot of trash on your street?
And here are some of the stories we’ve been talking about this week that you may have missed.
The virtual reality college tour
Some colleges are embracing VR to get students to come …

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Can we conserve our way out of the drought?

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Photo via Flickr/CC/docentjoyce

As California enters its fourth year of severe drought, the state is getting serious about water conservation. Gov. Jerry Brown and state lawmakers revealed a $1 billion drought relief plan Thursday. The package includes money for water recycling, water efficiency measures, and food assistance for communities impacted by the drought. (The LA Times breaks down the funding, here).
In a press conference, Gov. Jerry Brown said that the …

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Stacey Kenyon: ‘I just felt like it was time to breathe’

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Stacey on Main Street with the downtown skyline  in the background. And some snow.

Stacey Kenyon
Kansas City, Missouri
“I just felt like it was time to breathe.”
It has been said that Los Angeles is becoming a city of renters. The California dream of owning a house with a backyard and an orange tree is almost out of reach for a middle class family. If you’re a single 40-year-old woman with a good job in construction management like Stacey …

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Michele Mandle: ‘I don’t honk anymore’

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Michele and her son in front of their home, which they could never have afforded in Los Angeles.

Michele Mandle
Wilmington, North Carolina.
“I got a Dodger’s cap as a birthday present that I asked for. I’m totally a California person.”
Michele Mandle had spent a total of 24 years in L.A. County before finally settling in Wilmington North Carolina.
“We moved for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is that we felt like we couldn’t have a home that was …

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Should you stay or should you go? A leaving LA conversation with Warren Olney

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Photo via Flickr/CC/Vicente A.

 It has become so expensive in the LA Area that beaches, warm winters and cultural diversity aren’t enough anymore to keep a lot of people from moving away. Many have struggled with staying here, and many have left. What happens to a city when there’s a loss of economic diversity?
“If you look at out of state migration, the vast majority are folks that are making below …

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Tom Carroll: Things I’d miss about L.A.

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For the past two years, Tom Carroll has been following in Huell Howser’s footsteps to create his YouTube series, Tom Explores. An explorer at heart, he has gone everywhere from an abandoned mall in Hawthorne to the nooks and crannies of Griffith Park on his journey to tell the hidden, colorful stories of the Southland.
We wanted to know what he would miss if he left L.A. He emailed us his …

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Karim Akbar: ‘I think the rent has finally caught up with us’

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Karim said he's intent on leaving L.A. for Portland.

Karim Akbar
Moving to Portland, Or.
Karim, an aspiring writer and radio broadcaster, hasn’t left L.A., but he said as soon as he gets a job in Portland, he is out of here.
“I think the rent has finally caught up with us. A lot of it has to with the luster of L.A. fading.” Karim lives in the valley and said he doesn’t go west of Sepulveda, …

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Nichole Joor: ‘Alaska feels totally wild and woolly’

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Nichole Joor left L.A. about a month ago to live in Anchorage, A

Nichole Joor
Eagle River, Alaska
“This is definitely so drastic and new that I feel like if and when the time is right I will be ready to come back to California.”
If California isn’t the final frontier anymore, Alaska is. That’s what Nichole Joor discovered when she moved to Eagle River, a suburb of Anchorage to live with a friend and unwind for a while.
Life …

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Mirah Ippolito: ‘L.A. will always be here unless there’s an earthquake’

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Mirah in Baltimore.

Mirah Ippolito
Baltimore, Maryland
“One of my friends, who is struggling, told me you can always come back — you know that’s actually what she says.”
After going to film school at USC, Mirah could simply not find good work in film and television. “Every entry level opportunity is an unpaid internship and most of the people I know now are in their mid to late …

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Simran Bajaj: ‘I don’t miss the smog’

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Sim - portrait

Simran Bajaj
Seattle, Washington
“I love the air here. I love that you can drink water out of the tap. I love that everything is green.”
For some it’s housing prices, but for Sim, the decision to leave L.A. was prompted by a breakup. A relationship tying her to L.A. had ended and she decided to move to Seattle.
She described Seattle as a small city, where it’s easy to walk …

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Joel Wilson: ‘I couldn’t afford a mailbox in LA’

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Joel Wilson in his new hometown.

Joel Wilson, Bentonville, Arkansas
“This is boom town I feel like I’m on you know the gold rush. There is construction going on all over the place.”
Joel Wilson lived in Long Beach most of his life, but finally packed up and moved to rural Arkansas to be closer to his daughter and her family. “I actually thought I was going to live and die there,” Wilson …

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Leaving LA: Why are you going?

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Despite the sunshine and the lifestyle, Los Angeles can be a hard place to live. Rents are notoriously high, and buying a house is out of reach for many.
Even as California’s economy improves, it’s hard to find a job in L.A.
All week on this blog we’re looking at why people are leaving L.A. Share your story!

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Are you ready for today’s election?

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Today, March 3 is an election day – polls are open from 7am-8pm.
First things first, check out and find out where your polling place is, and who is on your local ballot.
Then, use this handy League of Women’s Voters guide (pdf) to learn more about the candidates.
Voters will be deciding on:

City Charter Amendments 1 & 2, which will determine if the election date should change for …

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The web reacts to the FCC’s vote for net neutrality

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Photo by Blaise Alleyne/CC/Flickr

This morning the FCC voted to uphold net neutrality rules, ensuring that Internet service providers will treat all websites and web traffic neutrally. Basically, you can rest assured that you will be able to watch your HBO shows just as seamlessly as your favorite Netflix shows.
The FCC determined that Internet service providers will now be classified under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, which regulates services like …

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Oscars 2015: Full list

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*It’s okay. Made my own!
— philip lord (@philiplord) January 15, 2015

The full list of Oscar nominees and winners is below, with links to relevant KCRW interviews.
The 87th Oscars:

Best Picture:
“American Sniper”
** WINNER “Birdman”
“The Grand Budapest Hotel”
“The Imitation Game”
“The Theory of Everything”
Best Actor:
Steve Carell, “Foxcatcher”
Bradley Cooper, “American Sniper”
Benedict Cumberbatch, “The Imitation Game”
Michael Keaton, “Birdman”
** WINNER Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory of Everything”
Best Actress:
Marion Cotillard, “Two Days, One Night”
Felicity Jones, ‘The Theory …

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