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Watts: Riots, rebellion and rethinking Watts

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When the Watts rebellion broke out 50 years ago this week, the predominantly African American neighborhood was rife with poverty, pervasive police brutality and a lack of access to quality education and employment.
The Watts of today may look a lot different than it did in 1965 — more than 70 percent of Watts residents identify as Latino. But many locals say the same problems that plagued Watts at the …

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The Armenian Genocide: 101-year-old survivor tells her story

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Yevnige Salibian remembers peering through the wooden panels of her family home in Aintab, Turkey as a young girl and seeing throngs of Armenian women, children and elderly being marched out into the desert to their eventual deaths.
“I saw the Turkish people, long whips in their hands… and the children were crying, ‘Mama I am hungry. I want some bread. Mama I am thirsty. Mama I cannot walk,’” Salibian says, …

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Coachella at the Rose Bowl? A music and arts festival is on the horizon

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Concert goers toss t-shirts in the air at the 2014 Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The Rose Bowl is pursuing a music festival of its own, slated for the summer of 2016.

It took Darryl Dunn just one visit to San Francisco’s beloved Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival to be convinced — this is the future of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.

“It was a great vibe,” Dunn, the CEO of the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC), which manages the Rose Bowl, recalled. “It was fun. And we were like, ‘could this happen at the Rose Bowl?’ And we thought ‘ya …

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Will LA crackdown on Airbnb?

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Pictured: Joel Mandelkorn and Mandee Johnson's living room in their Del Rey apartment. The couple rents their second bedroom out on AirBnB.

Vacationing in Los Angeles can be pricey. Hotel rooms can cost hundreds of dollars, and living conditions at hostels — long the dominion of young backpackers– don’t appeal to all travelers.
Airbnb seems to offer a solution. The social networking site, which connects vacationers with short-term rentals, has exploded in popularity. There are 14,000 listings currently available in LA, up from 4,000 just two years ago.
But current laws governing the hospitality business are …

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Interview with Republican Candidate for State Controller Ashley Swearengin

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Mayor Ashley Swearengin (Photo courtesy for the Fresno Mayor's Office).

In a state dominated by Democratic lawmakers, Fresno’s two-term Republican mayor Ashley Swearengin faces an uphill climb in her race for California State Controller.
A Field Poll from last month had her trailing her challenger, Democrat Betty Yee, nearly 2 to 1, and the share of registered voters in California strongly favors the Democratic Party — Republican voters make up just 28.4 percent of the electorate, while Democrats make up 43.4 percent.
Swearengin admits …

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‘Why do you have to post that stuff?: LA’s Iranian diaspora responds to the arrest of Washington Post journalist

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Jason Rezaian, Tehran Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, was arrested three weeks ago on unspecified charges by the Iranian authorities (Photo credit:  Jason Rezaian's Twitter page).

The arrest of Jason Rezaian — the Washington Post’s Tehran Bureau Chief — his wife, and two other journalists in Iran three weeks ago has sparked an international outcry for their immediate release.
Here in Southern California, Rezaian’s detainment is both troubling and, in many ways, predictable for the Iranian-American community.
Referred to “Tehrangeles” by local residents, L.A. is a nexus for Iranians in the U.S., with an estimated half a million …

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California Highway Patrol beating: How will the department respond?

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Screenshot of a CHP officer beating Marleen Pinnock on the 10 Freeway last week.

When thinking of police brutality in Los Angeles, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is not usually top of mind.
But after a video showing a CHP officer beating an unarmed woman on the eastbound side of Interstate 10 near La Brea Avenue went viral this weekend, local civil rights leaders say they’re concerned about a pattern of abusive behavior within the department.

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Listen to the LA County Supervisors Debate

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On Tuesday’s Which Way, LA? Warren sat down with four of the eight candidates to fill Zev Yaroslavky’s seat on the LA County Board of Supervisors.
With 2 million residents, the 3rd supervisorial district runs from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica and from Westlake Village to Hollywood.  The Supervisors manage a $26 billion budget—spending more than all but a few states.  There are …

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Jaron Lanier: ‘The Internet is worse’ than Congress

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Jaron Lanier with his khene outside the KCRW studio.

For best-selling author Jaron Lanier, society’s dependence on digital networks kindled the economic recession and is responsible for the declining middle class. “What’s happening here is that we’re centralizing all the wealth with whoever has the biggest computer,” Lanier said, adding that the “Internet is worse [than Congress].”
Lanier is a computer systems expert, futurist, music composer, and virtual reality pioneer. He sold a start-up to Google …

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At Coachella, spotlight on safety after apparent overdose

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Coachella has marked several ‘firsts’ throughout its 15 years history, and now the acclaimed music and arts festival is grappling with its first apparent fatality.
A Coachella attendee who was hospitalized after last week’s festivities died Thursday due to an suspected drug overdose, the Riverside County Sheriff coroner’s office told KCRW on Friday. The 24-year-old woman, identified as Kimchi Truong of Oakland, CA, reportedly collapsed …

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Infographic: Women, wages, and representation in Los Angeles City government

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Photo of Ron Galperin courtesy of his Flickr page.

Even before Ron Galperin beat out Dennis Zine for the Los Angeles Controller’s seat last year, the affable attorney attempted to brand himself as a champion of free and accessible government data.
The latest from the Controller’s open data project — Control Panel LA — supports a well-understood narrative about City Hall: women may be well-represented in certain city government positions, but they are paid less …

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Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: 3 years later, local scientists check kelp for contamination

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It’s been three years since a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck the northeastern shoreline of Japan’s Honshu Island, sweeping away entire towns and claiming more than 15,000 lives.

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Race to Replace Waxman: An interview with Wendy Greuel

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Wendy Greuel

After losing last year’s race for Mayor of Los Angeles to Eric Garcetti, and passing up on a chance to run for the Board of Supervisors,  former L.A. City Controller Wendy Greuel now has her eyes on a bigger prize: Congress.
Greuel has been an official at Dreamworks and represented much of the San Fernando Valley on the L.A. City Council before serving two terms as …

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Race to Replace Waxman: An interview with Ted Lieu

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Since the surprise announcement that longtime Los Angeles democrat Henry Waxman would retire from Congress after this year, local candidates have been lining up for a shot at the previously untouchable 33rd congressional district seat.
There’s still one month left for prospective candidates to file for the state’s June primary. But in the early running, two Democrats have emerged as the likely favorites: State Senator …

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Former TSA agent divulges abhorrent agency practices, protocol

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Credit: David Prasad, (Obtained bia creative commons license)

If you’ve ever worried about the TSA abusing your privacy rights during a routine airport screening, chances are you were right.
TSA agents institutionalized racial profiling and the objectification of female passengers, and perversely handled images taken by full-body airport scanners while on the job, according to Jason Harrington, a former TSA (Transportation Security Administration) agent and screener at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
“We could see …

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WATCH: Obama’s State of the Union Address

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President Obama delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday night to a joint session of the United States Congress.

To listen to the President’s sixth State of the Union address live and NPR analysis, click here.
Facing a deeply divided Congress and waning job approval ratings, President Barack Obama will declare 2014 his “year of action” Tuesday evening and reassert his willingness to use executive orders to push his agenda during his much-anticipated State of the Union address.
“We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation …

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Sheriff Lee Baca: ‘I don’t see myself as the future, I see myself as part of the past’

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca announces his retirement during a news conference at Los Angeles County Sheriff's headquarters in Monterey Park , California January 7, 2014. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Reuters

Updated 3:30 pm:
Today on “All Things Considered,” KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis spoke with Celeste Fremon, a freelance journalist and blogger at WitnessLA.com, about Baca’s announced retirement. Here’s what she said about Baca’s legacy:
“He’s been known as a very progressive sheriff. The fact that he’s put in this education-based incarceration program is something that is a model, is potentially replicable. And I think his progressive …

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