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How do we put fewer Californians in prison? Other states are finding alternatives

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Photo by Rennet Stowe/ CC/Flicrk

In 2009, overcrowding in California’s prisons had gotten so bad—140,000 inmates crammed into prisons built to house just 80,000—that federal judges ruled it violated prisoners’ civil rights. Under order to reduce the state’s prison population, Governor Brown introduced realignment in 2011, a plan to send nonviolent inmates to county jails and probation departments rather than prison.
This year, a federal court gave California two more …

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Who is your favorite LA songwriter? KCRW’s Anthony Valadez and others weigh in!

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The Mamas & the Papas longed to be “safe and warm” in L.A. Tom Petty sang about a “freeway runnin’ through the yard.” And in “L.A. is My Lady,” Frank Sinatra crooned: “I brought her my wildest of dreams and she came up with the answer.”
The long list of songs about Los Angeles includes odes to cruising on Sunset, experiencing the rare rainy day, …

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Who voted? We asked Twitter!

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VOTE! Send your “I voted” selfie pics to @kcrw for a RT! Let’s show twitter that KCRW listeners are voters! We’ll have live election coverage all night!
— KCRW (@kcrw) November 6, 2012
We asked you to play along with us on Twitter! Here are some of the results!

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Space Shuttle Endeavour lands in Exposition Park

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After mesmerizing Los Angeles with a flyover and then a journey through the streets of L.A., the Endeavour space shuttle is now home and ready for viewing at the California Science Center. I got a sneak peek yesterday at the Exposition Park museum, where the shuttle is on display in a custom-built hangar. I was blown away by what I saw. I didn’t pay …

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Silicon Beach: The perils of gentrification

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Gratitude serves vegan fare

For a long time, people in Silicon Valley would fly to LA when they had to. Then it occurred to them that people who work in technology and content could actually live in the same place. Now, Google has come to Venice, greeted warmly by the Chamber of Commerce, but regarded by some long-time residents as an unwelcome invader. We look at the changing …

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Silicon Beach brings change to Westside

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For a long time, people in Silicon Valley would fly to LA when they had to. Then it occurred to them that people who work in technology and content could actually live in the same place. Now, Google has come to Venice, greeted warmly by the Chamber of Commerce, but regarded by some long-time residents as an unwelcome invader. We look at the changing …

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California’s Central Valley and the future of food

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For yesterday’s annual food edition, Mark Bittman, author of many cookbooks and the leading food writer for the New York Times Magazine, asked his readers what he should do. All they wanted, he found, was something on “big farming, small farming, sustainability, politics, poverty and, of course, truly delicious food.” He found it all in the same place: California’s Central Valley, running 450 miles, from Bakersfield up …

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San Onofre: The nuclear plant in LA’s backyard

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Southern California Edison’s website calls the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station‘s two reactors the region’s “largest and most reliable sources of electricity.” Not any more. Since January, both reactors have been shut down because of unexpected wear on thousands of tubes carrying water that transfers heat from the nuclear cores to generate power.  Restoration of full power won’t happen soon, if at all. But Edison …

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Gas prices spike

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Warren Olney

Gasoline rose by 60 cents last week in some places — by 40 cents this weekend alone — setting records all over California. The gasoline industry blames refinery problems, but others accuse them of shipping supplies overseas to keep them tight on the West Coast. Senator Dianne Feinstein wants an investigation. Is this what she calls the “malicious and manipulative trading activity” she’s seen …

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Props 30, 38: What happens to public education if they fail?

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Warren Olney

Two measures on next month’s statewide ballot would provide new money for public schools. Proposition 38 is sponsored by LA attorney Molly Munger and backed by the State PTA.  It would increase income taxes on all but the poorest Californians to raise $10 billion a year for K through 12 education. It would also impact higher education in California. Governor Brown’sProposition 30 would raise everybody’s sales taxes and …

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Councilman Alarcon to stand trial for perjury, voter fraud

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Warren Olney

Councilman Richard Alarcón will be tried for fraud and perjury, but probably not before he stands for election to the State Assembly in less than a month. A judge today said there’s “more than substantial” evidence that he and his wife both lied about where they actually live. Also, on the flood-control channel — now partly restored as the Los Angeles River — kayaking …

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Brown Signs bill allowing driver’s licenses for some undocumented

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Warren Olney

Governor Brown has signed legislation to allow some illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, but he’s vetoed new protections for farm workers and a prohibition on County Sheriffs from working closely with federal immigration officials. Is he still the leader Latinos have counted on? Also, LA Sheriff Lee Baca stands accused of allowing brutal violence in county jails. Can the Board of Supervisors …

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Is LA too Complacent about Carmageddon 2?

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Warren Olney

Mayor Villaraigosa says, “Plan for the worst,” but Metro is already worried that Carmageddon 2 is being anticipated more with complacency than alarm. Despite months of warnings before July of last year, there was no Carmageddon when Metro closed down the 405 Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass from Friday night until Monday morning. Workers took down half of the drive that crossed the freeway on Mulholland Drive, …

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AEG tells LA that sale will not affect NFL stadium plans

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Warren Olney

Mayor Villaraigosa says he knew but didn’t tell. The rest of Los Angeles has been trying to figure out what it means: the sudden offer for sale of the Anschutz Entertainment Group at the very moment it seemed to have worked out a deal to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. Will a new stadium now cost more public money? Will there be …

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Governor Brown, Molly Munger and the future of public education

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Warren Olney

Between now and election day in November, we’ll be hearing a lot about the fate of public education in California. Two ballot measures are competing to increase taxes and distribute the new revenues in different ways. There is no question that the proposals are serious or that the stakes are high. Proposition 30 was placed on the ballot by Governor Jerry Brown. Prop 38 is the creation of …

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Closing in on approval of a football stadium in Downtown LA

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Warren Olney

For years, the powerful developer AEG has been working to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles with a 76,000-seat stadium downtown. It appears that the wait is all over except for two more meetings by the Planning Commission this week and the City Council two weeks from now. LA Times columnist Jim Newton says, “If there are concessions left to get, now’s the time to get them…”

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LA Sheriff Lee Baca and violence in county jails

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Warren Olney

Reports of frequent brutality by Sheriff’s deputies against inmates in LA County jails led the Board of Supervisors to a blue-ribbon commission. Last week, the commission’s investigators published their findings after interviewing some 150 people and reviewing 15,000 pages of documents. They found that, “harsh force is used as the default position, not as the last resort.” They said Under Sheriff Paul Tanaka “promoted a culture …

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Should test scores count in teacher evaluations?

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Warren Olney

To meet a court order and possibly get $40 million in federal dollars, the LAUSD has to prove it’s using standardized tests to evaluate teachers. But the teachers union is telling its members not even to volunteer for such a thing. We hear from Teachers Union President Warren Fletcher and Superintendent John Deasy. Also, the Berman-Sherman race in the San Fernando Valley. Two Democrats …

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Genetically modified food and ethical cycling

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Warren Olney

Monsanto has just dumped $4.2 million into the campaign to defeat Prop 37 on November’s ballot. It would require the labeling of all genetically modified food. Do California consumers really need to know? We hear from both sides. Also, even though it’s illegal, is it ethical for cyclists to run red lights and stop signs? When we asked that question on Facebook, we got …

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Prison populations and realignment

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Warren Olney

The US Supreme Court has ruled that California’s overcrowded prisons constitute cruel and unusual punishment. To reduce the population, Governor Brown and the legislature enacted “realignment,” which provides that non-serious, non-violent, non-child abuse convicts be sentenced to county jails. That’s where parole violators are going now, too. But the state prisons are still not emptying out fast enough, and three appellate court judges are …

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