Silver Lake photo by Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr/CC.

Silver Lake photo by Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr/CC.

For someone who’s not a native Angeleno, the distinction of East versus Westside can be a little confusing.

Those hip, creative neighborhoods northwest of downtown LA, like Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz are often referred to as the Eastside.

But a group of Silver Lake residents has had enough. Anne-Marie Johnson is one of them. She co-authored a motion that’ll be voted on at tonight’s Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting that definitively states that Silver Lake is NOT the Eastside, and she spoke to KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis.

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  • Daniel

    Anything east of the LA river is NOT the city of LA. That is County of LA.

    I wonder how the “Eastside Deli” feels about this. They have been on the east side for decades.

    • Alex

      You are clearly new here. East of the river lies Boyle Heights, a historic neighborhood in the CITY of Los Angeles.

      How does it feel to be so wrong?

      • Daniel

        Damn, your right Alex. Damn. The areas they were speaking of like East LA, Montebello are not in the city limits so I still feel that has to be clarified.

      • Grendel

        You don't have to be a dick about it…

  • Alex

    Correct, Montebello is its own city, East LA is unincorporated Los Angeles county. Although I would definitely include East LA as a big part of the Eastside. The city neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights, and City Terrace are the eastern most part of the actual city. Making them the Eastside. Either way the eastside is definitely NOT in Silver Lake! Or Echo Park for that matter.

  • Charlie

    Who cares? It seems like downtown itself is part of the east side… it's just how we commonly orient different parts of the city and that's OK! This is like a solution in search of a problem. Regardless of this motion, Silver Lake will continue to be part of the "east side." (quotation intentional)

  • Hope

    This is the biggest waste of time on the planet. This woman obviously has too much time on her hands. Seriously,”we don’t wanna be called eastsiders” ridiculous! Who gives a crap. She’s the same lady who thinks Airbnb is a menace. Just move to the west side Anne Marie Johnson and leave silverlake alone. WE the people (who you are ‘supposed’ to be representing at the SLNC) DON’T LIKE YOU OR YOUR PATHETIC VIEWS AT ALL!!!
    Also, stop printing this crap as if ‘we’ all think this in silver lake. The same thing was said during the Airbnb argument. It’s all this looney woman obsessed with being legitimized by meaningless battles that only hinder and waste precious time.
    ENOUGH! Run for the SLNC, get her out of the public eye. This is your voice people!

  • Rich

    World changing debate.

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  • Jackie

    As a native Angeleno – it does matter that we keep things flowing for both natives and new comers to the state. I feel that causing Eastside/Westside attitudes keeps business and commerce stuck. We should agree that Los Angeles has so many areas that bring their own culture forward by those that passed on the native culture of California.

  • Loosey

    Why did you waste air time with this KCRW?

  • Evan

    Ri di cu lous. Someone please find either this woman’s marbles or rocker. Perhaps she’s afraid someone from Santa Monica will ‘bust a cap’…

  • Hope

    Head Line News:
    Aging actress goes MAD in Silver Lake!

  • Tiffany

    Just embarassing

  • The Two

    That's right. A lot of Silver Lake residents aren't Eastsiders. They're Westsiders who moved to the Eastside.

  • Mark

    How about we just continue to call Silverlake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz just that. It has worked thus far, so why not just continue to refer to them as the same. For some reason the "new generation" Angelenos feel the need to have to "sub label" the already existing areas of Los Angeles…..there's really no need to!

  • Molly

    Pure snobbery. My family’s been here for 25 years and it will always be the east side to me. And BTW, she pronounced Los Feliz like an out-of-towner. “Loss Fel-eese”. Just no.

  • Peter Rodriguez

    Come on guys relax, that has always been considered the east side since before you transplants moved in. Get over it…

  • Lisa

    She says that the East Side is East of the L.A. River, and then says that "Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Atwater" should not be considered East Side… Ummm… Last I checked Atwater IS East of the L.A. River.

    As a Silver Lake resident of the past decade, I say, WHO CARES!!! I guess our neighborhood council feels like they have no real work to do since they have time to debate such meaningless semantics.

  • Josh

    Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz are part of an area called Edendale. Start using it, it's great!

    People that are new to Los Angeles, please learn the history. Thanks!

  • Carol

    waste.of.time…. I offer my already evident solution: the “Eastside” is the eastside as we residents know it (I’ve been here and used that term for over 3 decades). I’m not going to start using a new name just because of some useless decree. “East LA” is East LA! over there! East of the eastside! East of Downtown! 2 different phrases… 2 different and equally wonderful places.

  • philbo

    who cares

  • Lydia

    I’ve lived in Echo Park all my life.. So, to me the whole Echo Park, Silverlake and Los Feliz area have always just been exactly what they are called. However jokingly I’ll say I live in the East on the West. But seriously who cares… Every little neighborhood has it’s charms. Enjoy them all! We are so lucky to have so many choices I’m this amazing melting pot of a city we live in. I love LA!!