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Photo by virgosun via Flickr/CC.

If you’ve gone apartment or house hunting in recent weeks, you’ve probably noticed how much is being charged to rent or buy.

Of course, it varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. But one thing is certain. Housing costs are on the rise, and government is doing less and less to help people who aren’t able to afford it.

Median rents in California have risen more than 20 percent between 2000 and 2012. Yet median income fell by 8 percent.

A new report from the California Housing Partnership Corporation says close to a million Californians who make ‘extremely-low’ incomes are especially vulnerable to the lack of affodable housing.

And as incomes stay stagnant or fall, and rents keep going up, that number is expected to rise – especially here in Southern California.

KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis talked about rising rents with Stuart Gabriel, who directs the Ziman Center for Real Estate at UCLA and is Professor of Finance at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

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  • Melissa

    Hi Avishay,

    Your post is great about the renting of the homes and i love to see you here. Writing about low-income Californians getting squeezed by rising rents is good because you are raising your voice for the low income people and we all need to help them and to maintain the rents so that they can live their life in a better way.

  • Jamari

    Avishay thanks for raising your voice as we all know that the rates for the people who live in the homes for rent is touching the highest peaks and it is hard for the low income people to survive. This is the reason people are starting to apply for the loans for their own homes and the demand for new homes increases with the passage of time. We all need to do our job for these low income people so that they can easily spend their life.

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    Home rental rates are raised too high and there are so many people will suffer with it because there are so many families lining in the homes for the rent. So we all need to provide the best rates for the property so that they can buy their own homes and live in there.

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