spacciaIt’s Day 2 in the corruption trial of former Bell Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia. She was making more than $500,000 a year and her boss – Robert Rizzo – more than twice that when their salaries came to light in 2010. Prosecutors say the pair had a secret formula to boost their pay. Spaccia’s lawyer says her client was duped by Rizzo, who has already made a plea deal with prosecutors…Divisions in the upper ranks of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department are coming to light. Several captains are accusing Sheriff Lee Baca of retaliation for reassigning to them less desirable posts because they are supporting one of Baca’s rivals – former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka – in next year’s election. The L.A. Times reports that of the nine department captains who are publically backing Tanaka, four were reassigned this month. A spokesman for Baca says the transfers were driven by the captains’ performance and the department’s needs…The state’s political watchdog is expected to announce its biggest fine ever today – a combined $1 million penalty against two out-of-state non-profits, including one with ties to billionaires Charles and David Koch. The groups violated California finance laws when they funneled $11 million into the campaigns for Prop. 32 and against Prop. 30. Despite, the infusion of cash, the groups were on the losing side of both votes…Two L.A. City Council members are calling for wholesale changes to the city’s sexual harassment training regimen. For one thing, they want every city employee to undergo training – not just managers. The proposal comes on the heels of two high profile lawsuits, one of them filed by a former aide against Councilman Jose Huizar…chinohills2And finally, there’s a bovine menace at Chino Hills State Park. Grazing cattle are breaking through fences and roaming the park, scaring hikers and trampling sensitive habitat. The park sprawls across 14,000 acres of rolling hills and oak-lined canyons where L.A., Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties meet.

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  • Yvette

    In me and my classmates point of view this was a use of political corruption in which the use of the city councils power was used for their private gain, this was an illegal act by office holders where city funds were used for their own benefits not involving their city occupations and therefor ignoring their official duties. This not only affects the city in general but also the citizens along with school funds and the public funds that covers public destruction and public repairs for the city can be more civilized for citizens. Political corruption should not occur if we, the citizens, are convinced to give the responsibilities of the city to a mayor that tries to give us the trust we deserve, it should not be allowed that we the people should deal with the outcomes when these tasks are not our duties; when a person steps up to take these challenges and responsibilities they should not abuse them they should achieve them because those actions affect everything and everyone, and that’s not the civilized way to do things.

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