Cindy Montanez, left, and Nury Martinez are seeking the Council District 6 seat in Los Angeles.

Cindy Montanez, left, and Nury Martinez are seeking the Council District 6 seat in Los Angeles.

Voters in Los Angeles’s Sixth City Council district head to the polls tomorrow for a special election.

Candidates Nury Martinez and Cindy Montanez are campaigning in this part of the San Fernando Valley to replace Tony Cardenas, who’s now a U.S. Congressman.

Among the chronic problems that both candidates promise to address are neglected zoning laws and a lack of city inspectors.

Joining us with more on this race is Kevin Roderick, editor of LA Observed.

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  • Pedro

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  • You can do better

    A lot of missing information in this brief summation. Montanez was promised this shot when she stepped aside for Richard Alarcon to allow him to take the council seat. "Someone had to be the adult," she said.
    For the deal she received a number of lucrative posts and moved to Studio City to enjoy her new found economic comfort. There is a lot of dirty laundry left behind in the City of San Fernando …that the city is still suffering from. San Fernando has suffered much from novice politicians who have used the city as a spring board and scandal that tracks back to Cindy and her sister Maribel De La Torre who has left the city nearly bankrupt.. There is far more than the neat and clean report Rodrick provides. Once again KCRW goes to those not from the community for their information…that's why KCRW can't attract a diverse listenership.. over and over you talk to people just like you to be the ""experts" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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