Lily Koppel and Joan Aldrin at KCRW

Tonight at Griffith Park, you can go to the moon–and back to the origins of the space race, from a fresh perspective.

Writer Lily Koppel is speaking there about her new book, already a bestseller, called “The Astronauts Wives Club.” It’s about early American space exploration–through the eyes of the women who supported the heroes of their day.


Joan Aldrin cheering her (now ex-) husband on, way back when

Like Joan Aldrin, ex-wife of Buzz, the second man to walk on the moon. What it was like for the men who shot into space is well-documented.The stories in Koppel’s book lasso up the lesser-known tales of the women who lived through it with them, and how it altered their lives forever.

What it was like to be married to a space pioneer during the early stirrings of feminism–and the pressures of being the perfect spouse to these heroes? Listen below to my conversation with Koppel and Aldrin below:

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  • Lindsaysf

    I would love to hear this interview but apparently Soundcloud isn't playing on my computer. I've done the steps suggested to no avail. Do you have this interview in another format? Transcribed? mp3? I worked on a theater production Joan starred in, back in 1968-69, and would love to hear what she's up to now.