Stanford computer science professor Andrew Ng. Photo by  Morgan Quigley.

Stanford computer science professor Andrew Ng. Photo by
Morgan Quigley.

Computer scientists and tech companies have been for years engaged to make more gadgets that are human-like.  That not only respond to humans in a life-like way, but also think like a human.

But tech companies are researching and designing and advancing – everyday – algorithms that will make computers as smart, and complicated, and quiet, as the human brain. This month, Wired magazine reported on Stanford computer science professor Andrew Ng, the man behind Google Brain, the Mountain View-based company’s efforts to perfect true Artificial Intelligence.

Ng joined KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis to discuss Deep Learning, a field of computer science research looking to create neural networks that mimic the way brains process data.

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  • pete

    The human brain is probably one of the most fascinating piece of creations. I think it will be quiet a while before any man made AI can catch up, even though it is not impossible. Can you imagine a computer being able to take a known problem and automatically creating a new program to solve this problem?

  • James

    No matter what we may put into a computer system we still cannot give it true emotions as a human. However, I do believe computers will run the near future.

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