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KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez talked to Andrew Kitzenberg, a witness to last night’s shootout between Boston bombing suspects and the police. Kitzenberg was evacuated from his own Watertown apartment by heavily armed cops. We reached him at the apartment of a friend and business partner, also in the Watertown neighborhood.

Kitzenberg has been actively tweeting his experiences of the last few hours. The authorities were “checking every corner, making sure every stone was unturned,” said Kitzenberg, “our whole street is roped off, closed down.” Kitzenberg.  Normally, “Watertown is a quiet and safe town.” Listen below:

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  • http://www.e-robot.pl Odkurzacz Roomba

    Waterntown is not safe…

  • http://berney-toys.pl Zabawki

    Why do you think so?

  • http://www.martin-scena.pl scena do wynajęcia

    Ask the one who allowed it …

  • http://www.onet.pl wybielanie

    @Scena do wynajecia – Exactly

  • http://gruzwroclaw.pl +gruzem

    It's not a question of permits for the possession of weapons, and people. The weapon gets into the wrong hands and before that you need to protect us.

  • http://centrumnaprawelektronikikomputerowej.pl naprawa komputerów

    Agree. No civilian should not have guns!

  • http://www.elastograf.pl stłuszczenie wątroby

    Give people a gun and kill each other.

  • http://www.sportklinika.pl endoskopia biodra

    Idiocy is handing out weapons to people left and right …

  • http://lwplogistics.pl/wozki-transportowe-reczne wózki transportowe

    How can I prevent public access to weapons. Logic dictates that the weapons in the hands of anyone interested leads to tragedy.

  • http://kyciek.com pobieraj zdjęcia

    The weapon is not for people!