LA mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti, left, and Wendy Greuel

LA mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti, left, and Wendy Greuel

Who are Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, and why do they want to be mayor of Los Angeles? After a primary election that saw less than 20 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, City Councilman Garcetti and City Controller Greuel cashed in their front-runner status for invitations to the May 21st primary.

Both candidates are liberal Democrats but, beyond that, few Angelenos know much about their policy priorities or their visions for the city. L.A. Weekly Staff reporter Gene Maddaus has been closely following the mayor’s race. He says Garcetti and Greuel will have to work hard in the coming weeks to distinguish themselves in voters’ minds. “You’ve ended up with two candidates who agree on 99 percent of the issues,” Maddaus says. “It’s going to be interesting to see if they can magnify whatever that one percent of disagreement is into a major black and white choice.”

Listen here to our interview with Gene Maddaus:

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