gustavocroppedThis past weekend, the annual Tet Parade took place in Little Saigon, in honor of the Vietnamese New Year.

But on the sidelines were gay and lesbian Vietnamese who made national news because organizers banned them from marching in the parade, citing “tradition.”

It’s the latest skirmish in a continuing battle between the elders and new generation in the nation’s largest Vietnamese community.

The OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano joined KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis for this edition of OC Line.

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  • justice

    I wish you had a Vietnamese American organizer of the LGBT Partnership to provide insight to what you observed as "passive" response to the discrimination. Trying to obtain a court injunction is not passive. It was already considered a "nontraditional" act to "bring in outsiders to settle a family dispute." Yes, the Interfaith Council who is behind the discrimination does not represent the majority of Vietnamese Americans and it is shameful that folks like Lutheran Pastor Tran Thanh Van continue to bully people with whom they disagree. They cover their prejudice and hunger for power with rhetorics about community unity and tradition. They solicited community participation but then excluded their own lgbt brothers and sisters. What they did was hypocritical and most rational people can see that. Yet, calling names and protesting them on the first day of the new year would be not practicing Tet tradition. We do not want a Tet offense, excuse the pun. On Tet day, all Vietnamese want to rejoice the rebirth of spring and want to provide an auspicious atmosphere to welcome prosperity, longevity, luck, and good health. We are asking for positive energy, so we must practice it. Brotherhood, sisterhood, community unity are what we want and model despite our so-called religious leaders' inability to practice lovingkindness and inclusiveness. Shame on them, but we still wish the love will come around for them one day :-) Peace.

    fyi, Nguoi Viet Daily News had a poll to see who favors lgbt marching in the parade and the results is currently 52 yes to 47 no.
    This issue is not as much a generational issue as a religious issue. We have many Vietnamese elders who support our inclusion in the parade. It's the intolerant Christians (what an oxymoron) who oppose us, because their version of Vietnamese tradition only traces back to French Colonialism when the intolerant Christians preaches hatred and division amongst our people. FMI: We are reclaiming our history and belonging.