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City Controller candidates debate

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City Councilman Dennis Zine is the best-known candidate for City Controller, but he’s not available for WWLA? between now and election day.  We hear a debate between the two candidates who want to force Zine into a runoff, and find out what the City Controller’s office is all about. Also, KCRW’s Matt Holtzman takes us to the top of Los Angeles City Hall for a look at …

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A rogues gallery of LA mayors

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Just below the observation deck on the top of City Hall, there’s a weirdly quiet floor. It’s mostly inhabited by ghosts; stern-looking men staring out from fancy frames over a city they couldn’t possibly have imagined. These are portraits of LA’s past mayors. And no one knows more about them than Tom Sitton, a student of LA’s political past and the former head of …

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Today’s News: Homeless’ property rights; Sheriffs vexed by long jail stays; Redistricting fight

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Skid Row debate. Citing an immediate health hazard, attorneys for the city of L.A. plan to file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn rulings that prevent police from confiscating and destroying property homeless people leave on sidewalks. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich says allowing the homeless to store their belongings on sidewalks creates a health hazard. The way it stands now, …

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New downtown charter school raises questions about gentrification, diversity

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Downtown LA’s population has more than quadrupled in the past decade. Many of the new arrivals are families with young children, and they say there aren’t enough good public schools in the area.
Last year, a group of downtown parents decided to start their own elementary school. Metro Charter was approved by the LA school board this month and is scheduled to open in the …

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Bittersweet Dutch delight: LA and Amsterdam collide in retrospective

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I didn’t come to Amsterdam explicitly to see the retrospective of the late LA-based artist, Mike Kelley, who took his own life last year.
Nor did I come here to see the newly re-opened, grand Stedelijk Museum, which has been in the works for 8 years.
But if you wanted to learn a lot about this prolific artist and the Dutch all in one go-round, this show …

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Politics, education reform and diversity in LA Public schools

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The LA Unified School Board election has become Ground Zero for education reformers including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The teachers’ union is fighting back, but can’t match the $3.2 million being spent to make sure John Deasy remains superintendent. Also, upscale families are gentrifying downtown LA and other neighborhoods. If local schools aren’t up to their “standards,” should they push for new charters …

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The online campaign to catch a serial killer

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Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Magazine

On Tuesday’s “Which Way LA?” we heard from Internet sleuth and writer Michelle McNamara who has become obsessed with trying to solve the  cold case of a serial criminal she’s nicknamed the Golden State Killer. He claimed 60 victims of rape and murder from Sacramento to Orange County between 1976 and 1986. Detectives have had little success and an online community of true crime …

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Today’s News: Bracing for sequester cuts; L.A. Times sale; Support for gay marriage

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Sequester cuts. School districts across the state will lose more than $250 million for early education and other programs under sweeping federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect Friday. L.A. Unified – California’s largest school district – stands to lose the most. In addition to funding for eight-thousand students in the Head Start early education program, California would lose more than $70 million dollars …

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The Sequester: How will it affect Los Angeles and you?

Posted February 26, 2013 by | 2 Comments | ]

On Friday, if Congress and the President don’t find an alternative, more than $850 billion in federal budget cuts will go into effect. For California and Los Angeles, it means thousands of jobs on the chopping block, from the defense industry to pre-school to medical research. Guest host Mike Shuster explores how the sequester will affect your city and you. Also, an amateur crime blogger turned …

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Tribune hires investment banks to sell LA Times and other newspapers

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There are reports out today that media conglomerate Tribune Co. has hired advisers to explore the sale of its newspaper unit. The company has retained JPMorgan Chase and Evercore Partners to help decide whether to sell the division, which includes the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and six other daily newspapers. Analysts believe the Tribune wants to unload the newspapers to focus on more …

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Candidates for L.A. City Attorney debate on Warren Olney’s WWLA

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The Los Angeles City Attorney defends the city against civil lawsuits and prosecutes misdemeanor offenses.  He or she provides legal counsel to the mayor, the city council and departments and drafts all new laws and ordinances.  Three candidates joined Warren in the studio Monday night:  the incumbent Carmen Trutanich, Mike Feuer, who was termed out of the state assembly last year, and private attorney …

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Tuberculosis fears on LA’s Skid Row

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L.A.'s skid row neighorhood is home to one of the largest populations of homeless people in the United States. Poor sanitation and residents' lack of access to health care, make its streets fertile ground for communicable diseases like TB.

The Los Angeles County of Public Health has announced that it’s grappling with the largest outbreak of tuberculosis in the region in over a decade, one that’s centered on L.A.’s skid row neighborhood.
There have been 78 confirmed cases of tuberculosis, with 60 of those cases involving L.A.’s homeless population. Since 2009, there have also been 11 TB-related deaths in L.A. But that’s just the tip of …

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Today’s News: Baca is ‘Sheriff of the Year'; Untracked parolees; Telecommuting debate

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Baca honor. L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca has been named Sheriff of the Year by a national law enforcement group. It’s a prestigious award – but a puzzling one given that Baca’s department has been mired in a series of high-profile scandals in recent years. The National Sheriff’s Association calls Baca “exemplary” and “the most progressive sheriff in the nation.” But Baca’s critics point out …

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The City Attorney race

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Carmen Trutanich lost a bid to be LA County’s District Attorney. Now he’s running for re-election as the City Attorney of LA. Two opponents are former Councilman, now termed-out Assemblyman, Mike Feuer and Greg Smith, a private attorney who’s won millions for cops and firefighters who’ve sued LA and other cities. The City Attorney is the only official elected city-wide except for the Mayor …

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LA Observed: Traffic, bikes and the 405

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With the Los Angeles mayoral primary just about a week away, there’s some last-minute campaigning going on.
But one of the issues that’s been largely missing from the campaign – at least hasn’t been talked about a whole lot – is traffic. As in all the Angelenos who get stuck in it way too often.
Kevin Roderick from LA Observed joins KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis, as he …

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Oscars draws protests from visual effects industry

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The folks who put a tiger on a boat for “Life of Pi” won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects last night – but it was a bittersweet triumph.
Rhythm & Hues, the Marina del Rey studio that led the effects team, has filed for bankruptcy.
Some of the artists who lost their jobs were among about 400 people protesting at Hollywood and Vine last night …

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OC Line: Disney issues an F ticket

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Disneyland this year announced it would no longer offer Southern California residents special discounts as it has throughout much of the past decade. Discounts for those people who live nearby, including those of us in Orange or L.A. Counties, to get a little break from at the gate.
The decision provoked a little teeth-gnashing among the faithful. Will it affect attendance at the resort in …

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This week’s entertainment buzz: Oscars & VFX

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And the Oscar Goes To… 
Kim Masters, host of KCRW’s The Business and Editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter joined Warren Olney on “To The Point” today to talk about some of the highs and lows of the Oscars. “It was kind of  like a bumper car,” she told Warren.
Spectacular effects have become the driver for why many people still go to the movie theater. This …

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Oscars: LA Times’ John Horn on ‘Argo,’ Tarantino and a ‘sophomoric’ Seth MacFarlane

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No single film dominated the 85th Academy Awards, but it’s safe to say that it was a heck of an evening for Ben Affleck, and a not-so-swell night for Steven Spielberg.
L.A. Times film writer John Horn says that despite being snubbed in the Best Director category, Affleck’s Best Film Oscar for “Argo” (George Clooney got one, too) represents an astonishing comeback for the actor/writer/producer/director.
It …

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Today’s News: ‘Argo,’ Affleck come up gold; Special effects protest; Sequester cuts

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Hollywood’s night. The Iranian hostage drama “Argo” was the big winner at the 85th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre, but no single film dominated the Oscars ceremony. Daniel Day Lewis won his third Best Actor award and Jennifer Lawrence her first. Ang Li was top director for “Life of Pi.” There were a few surprises, a few eyebrows raised by host Seth MacFarlane …

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