deleonThe National Rifle Association ended its week-long silence following the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, saying today that the answer to stopping school violence is posting armed guards at every campus. In a widely anticipated news conference, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said tougher gun laws won’t stem violence in our society. California State Senator Kevin de Leon listened in. De Leon, who has introduced legislation this year to create ammunition licenses in California and has long fought for stricter gun laws, tells KCRW that LaPierre and the NRA is moving further away from the American mainstream on firearms issues.

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  • sbj1964

    The NRA a republican gun wing-nuts club wants armed guards in every school? These are the same butt monkeys that don't want to pay teachers,and want to abolish the Department of education.Do you really think they are serious about paying Tax payer money to turn school playgrounds into armed camps?Haven't people learned that kids,and guns do not go together well?

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  • Ruppert Jennkins

    Kevin DeLeon is a fascist a-hole. What a lying piece of sh**t

  • gorila

    The laws should be more severe because we are talking about guns, not toys. I own a gun and I had to take many psychological tests to have a gun permit. Even when I buy the GG&G tactical accessories for it, I have to complete many important papers. I like these restrictive laws, they are good for our protection.