This year’s Motor Trend Car of the Year Award goes for the first time to a Silicon Valley made car without an internal combustion engine. The choice was unanimous – Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S 4-door sedan. Warren Olney talks to Dan Neil, Auto Critic for the Wall Street Journal about the car. “I think the sheer novelty of the experience of the car behind the wheel  is so radically different than an internal combustion engine car,” said Neil. “The sound is different, the acceleration is different, the tactility is different,  the fascination with the machine is on a completely different wave-length.” Listen to more about the car, its speed and what it feels like to drive, below:

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  • Water Damage

    Saving up my pennis for a new car!

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  • opaler

    I've heard some people from Wilson refer to the Tesla Model S as "the iPhone of cars" and I must admit, it's a beautiful car, and an impressive engineering achievement. I only wish the government would support large scale adoption of EVs, and help bring their price down through tax cuts and incentives.

  • Craig McFerguson

    Tesla is the Apple of car makers. Like Apple products, they do not come cheap. I was checking out of AlarioBros when I imagined a wold full of electric cars made by Tesla. Wouldn't that be a better world?

  • opaler

    Tesla is just as American as General Motors and Ballscrew replacement parts and not only did it manage to enter one of the tightest regulated industries ever, the auto industry, but it also managed to produce one of the most beautiful EVs ever, the Testla Model S.

  • opaler

    I think driving a Tesla Model S like an old man is still pretty good driving compared to the way Asian women drive. I've seen an old Asian lady in the UPAP parking lot spending 15 minutes trying to lateral park.

  • nicolas

    The car looks amazing. Thanks to this site I found many useful informations about the cars. Also, here I found tips about how to buy used cars.

  • frapel

    I read an article titled "Does Tesla's Supercharger answer the road trip question for EVs?" that a friend from Larchmont recommended. It said that Tesla announced plans to rollout a network of supercharger stations that will generate more solar power than the Tesla S series cars draw, leading to a net input into the grid. If this really works the way they plan it to, this is a game changer.

  • fralp12

    While Tesla Motors expects its first profitable quarter (despite some bad press), the electric car competitor it unsuccessfully sued for stealing its technology, Fisker Automotive, teeters on the brink of insolvency. ,Tesla is succeeding because Teslas are good looking, fun cars to drive, and the company early on recognized that Toyota succeeded with Prius by making it a status symbol among certain kinds of people, and emulated that .

  • fralp12

    Normally I've done the practical thing and bought a very cheap runabout but I lucked into a little money and after investing most of it can have a bit of a splurge with what's left. Here's what I'm after and see if there's anything that might match; I want it to have a bit of grunt, I'd like either a convertible or coupe (or something else that's sporty and looks good) 4 seater, it doesn't have to be new in fact it would be preferable if it was a year or two old as new cars depreciate pretty quickly. Do you think I could find something similar to Tesla here XtremeDiesel ? Name that car!

  • jasmini

    If this really works the way they plan it to, this is a game changer, and I have experience with used cars for sale in Pittsburgh PA. I can't think of a single chain of gas ststions/convenience stores that wouldn't pay Tesla to ensure traffic of relatively affluent customers who will be there a minimum of 30 minutes charging through their SuperCharger stations.

  • Fixerrr

    Tesla are great cars and very exclusive, everybody would like to have one, including me. I visited Rogers Auto last week and they had a brand new Tesla in the showroom. I was absolutely amazed of it.

  • fixme

    Tesla are awesome cars and also very expensive which cannot be afforded by anybody. I also wanted to buy one last year but I wanted one with all the extras including Xenon headlight bulbs.

  • ciaociao

    National auto parts chain sold me the wrong part. They asked me, and I told them the year, make and model and engine size of my car, and they still sold me the wrong part. By name, it was the part I asked for, but it was one that only goes in other models of cars, not mine. I found the part on, but I need money for it. How do I get them to pay for the consequences?