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Lemons out of lemonade, art out of trees: Forces of Nature at the LA Arboretum

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It’s been a year since the storms that felled thousands of trees around our region. At the LA Arboretum alone, 235 trees were lost. Artist-in-residence Leigh Adams was inspired by the destruction. “I’m an optimist,” she said today at a preview of the show, Forces of Nature: Art from Fallen Trees. Dozens of artists were allowed to have at the wreckage–after getting the okay from the …

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Port terminals close as LA Auto Show opens

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The L.A. Auto Show runs from November 30 to December 9 with all of the world's major automobile manufacturers represented. There are larger shows, but the car makers like displaying their automotive eye candy i in a city with such a connection to car culture and driving.

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, major engines of Southern California’s economy, have been hit by a strike this week. When a small number of well-paid clerical workers set up picket lines, thousands of longshoremen refused to cross. We get a progress report. Also, the LA Auto Show opens to the public tomorrow, demonstrating that cars are better than ever. The head …

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Today’s News: Strike crippling ports; Supreme Court watch on gay marriage; Mellowing out on medical marijuana

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Idle ships. Talks are back on to end a strike that has shut down most of the terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Cargo ships are stacking up outside the twin ports and at least two ships have left for other West Coast ports to deliver their goods. It’s not clear how much this is costing local companies, but the …

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The search for understanding: Two views of adoption, on stage and in letters

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Like most of us, Brian Stanton wanted to know who he was. Or rather, where he’d come from. But his questions were framed by the fact that he’d been adopted as a newborn. Raised in Kansas City in a loving home, he went on a quest as an adult to find out more about the circumstances that lead to his birth.
That quest and the …

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Photos: Scenes from the LA Auto Show

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49 vehicles are making their debut at the L.A. Auto Show. A vehicle's unveiling before the world's automobile press can make or break the buzz around a new car.

It’s that time of year again, when one of the world’s biggest cars shows comes to a town that loves its cars. The L.A. Auto Show will be open to the public for the next two weeks. This is your chance to ogle the newest cars and trucks from around the world. Below, Ed Loh, the editor-in-chief of “Motor Trend” magazine about the distinctive culture of …

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UPDATED: Why is there a strike at the Port of LA?

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Port of LA. Photo by Green Fire Productions/Flickr

Monday UPDATE: On tonight’s “Which Way L.A.?” guest host Alex Chadwick asks union spokesperson Craig Merrilees why the workers are striking, shutting down most of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
The union accuses employers of outsourcing these good local jobs overseas to Costa Rica, Taiwan, and elsewhere. But Steve Getzug, a spokesperson for the Harbor Employers Association, says there’s no outsourcing. He told …

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Ports slowed by walkout; Key vote on desalination plant; Fighting over foie gras

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Port dispute. Seven of the eight terminals at the Port of Los Angeles and several others at the Port of Long Beach are idle this morning. Longshoremen are honoring picket lines thrown up by about 70 members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. The clerical workers are involved in a two-and-a-half-year-old contract battle with APM Terminals, which operates most docks at the twin-port …

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Is the LAPD stepping backwards?

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Photo Jametiks/Flickr

Since the Rodney King beating and the riots of 1992, new police chiefs and commissions have earned high marks for reforming the Los Angeles Police Department. But lately, there’s been a string of jury verdicts for abuse and misconduct. It’s usually the taxpayers who are on the hook but, in one case, jurors assessed punitive damages against an individual officer.

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‘Oh my gosh!’ Huell Howser to retire

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“California’s Gold” is winding down production and its host Huell Howser will retire at the end of the year. The show, a PBS and KCET staple here in California, has sent Howser from Coachella to the Redwoods looking for people and places worth talking to. The Tennessee native became a California TV icon and is known for his small crew and easy going nature …

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How close is too close when lobbying?

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Supervisor Don Knabe

How about father and son? That’s the question being asked by good government observers about Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe and his son, who used to work as his father’s deputy in District 4 and is now a well-connected lobbyist. There’s nothing illegal about lobbying someone who shares your last name, but when there is taxpayer money being dealt to companies with family …

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As the oceans rise, what must come down?

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Malibu beachfront homes. Photo by AlBakker/Flickr

New York and New Jersey were not prepared for Superstorm Sandy. That’s costing them tens of billions of dollars for homes and roads, sewer treatment and power plants — on a seashore that will never be the same. As the waters rise and storms get larger, are California’s coastal communities ready for the inevitable? What’s being done in Newport Beach and Ventura? What’s not …

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Today’s News: Ventura organized crime bust; Senators demand gas probe; Massive Burbank Ikea planned

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Organized crime. Ventura prosecutors have unsealed what they’re calling the most widespread criminal indictment in that county’s history. More than two dozen people are charged with crimes ranging from drug sales to murder – most allegedly in the service of the Mexican Mafia. Law enforcement officials say the case is unusual but because rival gangs worked together on drug deals, extortion schemes and violent …

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Could rising sea levels wipe you out?

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Several studies in the last couple years have tried to raise awareness over the risks posed to Californians by rising sea levels. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, and the billions of dollars-worth of damage, that conversation is likely to gain some urgency. But short of installing a water-level marker, something as slow as rising tides can remain abstract and contested. This weekend, the …

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TMZ denies applying for a drone

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AR Drone video game. Phot by Mike Miley/ Flickr

Since Congress permitted the use of domestic drones back in February, the FAA has been “flooded” with applications for permits to fly unmanned aircraft in our nation’s airspace. Among the numerous military, police, and universities interested in operating the technology (KBIA, a Missouri-based NPR affiliate recently received a grant to purchase one), the Hollywood gossip outlet TMZ was conspicuously included on the list of applicants, as …

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Today’s News: Riordan drops pension measure, San Bernardino cuts deep; LAUSD loses ‘Race to Top’

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Retiring type. Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan says his team simply didn’t have the time it needed to collect the nearly 300,000 signatures required to qualify a pension reform measure for the May ballot. Riordan has abandoned the effort. His measure would have scaled back benefits for current city workers and required new hires to accept a 410(k)-style retirement plan instead of a guaranteed …

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Implementing a reformed ‘Three Strikes’

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California’s Three Strikes law was first passed in 1994, at a time of anxiety over violent crime. Offenders previously convicted of two violent or serious crimes could be sentenced to 25 years to life for any third conviction. Now, state prisons are so overcrowded that federal courts have ordered population reduction, but the state’s voters may be ahead of the game. By huge margins …

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This week’s entertainment buzz

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Photo credits: Richard McLaren

Film: Word of Mouth Movie Hopes
It’s common practice to look at box office numbers on Mondays— especially the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. But what’s most striking today isn’t the massive success of the final installment in the Twilight series or of Bond’s “Skyfall,” it’s the relatively small number that “Silver Linings Playbook” did. The film was directed by David O. Russell, who also adapted …

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A desire for a streetcar in LA?

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Before it had its freeways, Los Angeles had the Red Car system, a massive commuter streetcar network that spanned the city, making travel around town affordable, fast and convenient. But when Angelenos fell in love with the automobile, they fell out of love with the Red Cars and the system was slowly dismantled and the streetcars scrapped.
Fast forward to today and there’s a plan …

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Cyber Monday sees sales tax

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Screen shot from Amazon. Where are you shopping for Cyber Monday?

For online shoppers, Cyber Monday is high time for low prices, free shipping, and sweet deals. And for the first time in California, sales tax. Amazon, a leading online retailer, attempted to quell Gov. Jerry Brown’s bill that imposed the tax. The  In past years, consumers were responsible for reporting purchases and to incur the additional fee themselves. Now it’s up to online retailers to …

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Today’s News: Supreme Court mulls Prop. 8 ruling; Villaraigosa touts Port of LA in South America

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Defining marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court could jump into the fray over the same-sex marriage this week. The justices will consider several cases, including one stemming from Prop. 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Proposition 8 earlier this year – saying that the 2008 ballot measure was unconstitutional because it took away an existing right, …

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