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Tim Robbins on The Actors Gang’s ‘The Rivals’


To celebrate the anniversary of theatrical troupe he founded 30 years ago, Tim Robbins and the folks over at The Actors Gang asked acclaimed director David Schweizer to choose a production. Schweizer dug deep into theatrical history, and came up with Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 250 year old masterpiece, The Rivals.
Widely panned when first produced, but now considered a classic, The Rivals follows two young …

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week


Carmageddon 2 is coming! Watch out! Stay home! Do art! No, really, do art. Here are five stories you may have missed this week while stressing out about how you’re going to drive across town during Carmageddon 2.

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Sonic Trace: Tavehua, Los Angeles & Tavehua, Oaxaca

Julian Gonzalez in Santa María Tavehua, Oaxaca jamming on tuba. Photo by Carmen Vidal

Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world. The largest number of people in the city is of Latino origin. But there are many ethnic groups within Latin-American culture. Like the enclave of Zapotec villagers from Southern Mexico who have migrated to LA’s Koreatown. KCRW’s Sonic Trace series has been focusing on Zapotecs who come from the tiny village …

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Sonic Trace: A Zapotec raised on the streets of Los Angeles


Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world. The largest number of people in the city is of Latino origin.  But there are a lot of different ethnic groups within Latin-American culture.  Like the enclave of Zapotec villagers from Southern Mexico who have migrated to LA’s Koreatown.  We’ve been focusing on migrants, who come from the tiny village of Santa Maria Tavehua.
This is Nico’s …

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LA’s uninsured and Obamacare

Warren Olney

For the fourth year in a row, Care Harbor opened today at the LA Sports Arena. From now until Sunday, it will offer free medical treatments to almost 5000 people who are poor and uninsured. This year there’s a new wrinkle: they’ll hear how the state will be implementing the Affordable Care Act, who can qualify and how. Also, in a new boost for …

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Which homemade foods are legal to sell?


First it was a Silver Lake flower garden that got busted for urban gardening. Then, the Los Feliz backyard baker, Mark Stambler, who last May scored a profile in the LA Times and a visit from the health department the very same day. Small-scale growers and do-it-yourself food businesses have been wrapped in a lot of red tape. On today’s Which Way, LA?, we …

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‘Elevators are for wimps:’ Climbing stairs for charity


You haven’t really lived until you’ve climbed the tallest building west of the Mississippi. With 3500 of your closest friends. All glorious 75 stories… 1679 steps.
I’m so excited to be participating in the YMCA Stair Climb again Friday–and to get that transcendent feeling you get as you climb higher and higher on the utility stairs of the US Bank Building, aka Library Tower. Then, there’s …

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‘Getting my smile back’ at the Care Harbor Clinic


Nearly 5000 people are expected at the Los Angeles Sports Arena to receive free medical, dental and vision care through Care Harbor. The clinic opens today and will run through  beginning today through Sunday, September 30. Below, photos and voices of the clinic and its clients. “I came today because it was a great offer,” says Jesus, one 15-year-old patient, who came to the …

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Video: Google maps coming to an ocean near you

Screen grab from the Google image of the Great Barrier Reef at sunset.

Beach lovers, divers, and snorkelers can now get their underwater fix while sitting at the computer.  Google maps “Street View”  has gone underwater to capture images  from the Great Barrier Reef,  Hawaii and the Philippines. The Google blog explains that the company has teamed up with the Catlin Institute  to map some of the world’s reefs. So far, there are no images of California’s rocky reefs.
Brian …

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Sonic Trace: Elsa, an artisan in Oaxaca on her craft and her home


Santa Maria Tavehua is a tiny village in the hillsides of southern Mexico.  They are known for their ceramic arts made from an indigenous orange clay.  For centuries, the people of Tavehua made pots and plates, cups and bowls to barter and trade among themselves.  In the modern economy, their work shifted to decorative pieces, specifically these little bunnies playing instruments.  In recent decades, …

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China teaching: The rise of Confucius Institutes

The students and teacher pictured are at the L.A. Unified School District's Broadway Elementary School in Venice, where 240 students are enrolled in a Mandarin immersion program.

China’s rapid rise as a global industrial and financial power is well known. But what gets less attention is the country’s efforts to become a global cultural and educational leader, seeking to make its mark in the world’s classrooms as well as its factory floors and stock exchanges.
China’s doing just that through a system of Confucius Institutes its opened around the world in recent …

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Make art, not traffic: Artmageddon offers a Carmageddon diversion

Why drive when you can Butoh in the meadow at Silver Lake?

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with friends at the glorious Silver Lake Meadow (kind of a grassy equivalent to the beach for those of us who live on the east side) and we noticed a group of people nearby, moving very slowly. They weren’t in sync, and it wasn’t Tai Chi.
Eventually, one of the gliding group approached us and told us about …

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Are you ready for the driverless car?

Google driverless car operating on a testing path.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation yesterday that will allow driverless cars onto California roads for testing.  The technology behind driverless cars is pretty much here, so why is it taking so long for the drivers to accept the idea? Will we have to give up autonomy and our love affair with the car?  Warren talked to the Wall Street Journal’s  Dan Neil about when we’ll actually …

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Sonic Trace: Koreatown turns Korexico


Since the 1970s, Los Angeles has become a hub for Mexico’s indigenous Zapotecs – a culture that predates the Spanish conquest of the Americas. All week, Sonic Trace is exploring the connection between Santa Maria Tavehua, a tiny village in the hillsides of southern Mexico, and L.A.’s Koreatown – where more than half the village now lives. This is a story is about putting down roots. …

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Is LA too Complacent about Carmageddon 2?

Warren Olney

Mayor Villaraigosa says, “Plan for the worst,” but Metro is already worried that Carmageddon 2 is being anticipated more with complacency than alarm. Despite months of warnings before July of last year, there was no Carmageddon when Metro closed down the 405 Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass from Friday night until Monday morning. Workers took down half of the drive that crossed the freeway on Mulholland Drive, …

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Sonic Trace: Julieta, an LA-Born Zapoteca

Since the 1970s, Los Angeles has become a hub for Mexico’s indigenous Zapotecs – a culture that predates the Spanish conquest of the Americas. Sonic Trace has launched a five-part series that explores the connection between Santa Maria Tavehua, a tiny village in the hillsides of southern Mexico, and L.A.’s Koreatown – where more than half the village now lives. In this story, we hear from …

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AEG tells LA that sale will not affect NFL stadium plans

Warren Olney

Mayor Villaraigosa says he knew but didn’t tell. The rest of Los Angeles has been trying to figure out what it means: the sudden offer for sale of the Anschutz Entertainment Group at the very moment it seemed to have worked out a deal to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. Will a new stadium now cost more public money? Will there be …

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Time to get serious about Carmageddon 2

Photo by Clotee Pridgen Allochuk via Flickr.

L.A. knows a thing or two about making sequels. And this weekend one big one is coming to our freeways, Carmageddon 2. From 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning to Monday at 5:00 a.m. a ten-mile stretch of the 405 between the U.S. 101 and I-10 will be closed. That’s being done so workers can demolish one side of the Mulholland Bridge, which spans the 405.
Last …

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Has tuition gone up at your alma mater?

UC Berkeley Campus

The data team over at WNYC has this nifty calculator to help visualize just how expensive getting a college degree has gotten. Rising tuition is a particularly  important issue here in California. Just last Wednesday, Cal State Trustees approved a possible five percent hike if Prop 30 does not pass. The Los Angeles Times reported:
Failure of Proposition 30, backed by the governor, would trigger a $250 …

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