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Republican National Convention wrap with Warren Olney

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Warren Olney and a round table of guests at the RNC

KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis talked to Warren about what it was like to be in Tampa for the Republican National Convention and the role of Republicans in California. “They have a huge challenge ahead,” said Warren,”How do they raise funds to have a vital party that is really challenging the democrats?”
Next up? Charlotte for the Democratic Republican Convention. Find KCRW’s RNC and DNC coverage here.

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Money and politics behind closed doors at the RNC

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Sheldon Adelson at the Republican Jewish Coalition event, putting on a button that says "Obama... Oy Vey"

Headlines about the convention so far have mostly focused on the night’s speeches by elected officials. That’s a big part of it, sure. But there’s a lot that happens when the cameras are off. And it involves a lot of money.
At an event Wednesday sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, delegates from states like Alabama and Texas mingled with men with long beards and …

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Why is Mayor Villaraigosa crashing the RNC?

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LA Mayor Villaraigosa is in Tampa this week to make an appearance at this week’s Republican National Convention. “It’s important that we compare and contrast the candidates and their records,” the mayor tells Warren. He offers his critique of the circus and of GOP nominee Mitt Romney and tells Warren that the Republican won’t get very much of the Latino vote. Listen to the …

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Video: A Paralympian’s tale

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Angela will be competing in both the shot put and javelin competitions in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

Below is video of Paralympian Angela Madsen during an early morning shot put training session at Lakewood High School.

The 2012 Olympic Games in London are over, but there’s still lots of sweating and cheering to do in the British capital as the Paralympic Games, the premiere international sporting event for the world’s disabled athletes, start in London. More than 4,000 athletes representing over 160 …

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Oak Park: The best-kept real estate secret, and a film location

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Movies are in his veins: By day, Harry Medved is in PR (at movie site Fandango).  By night, he’s a film historian. (He’s co-authored two indispensable–and fun–guides to film location history, Hollywood Escapes and Location Shooting in Los Angeles.)
And now, he’s got a new one, Oak Park-about the Ventura County community he now calls home, which happens to have a storied history.
Oak Park is one …

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells CA delegates: ‘There is hope’

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California Delegate, Emily Sanford from Huntington Beach, CA

“I hear California’s blue, but it’s no bluer than New Jersey is,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told the California delegation in Tampa, today. “We’ve gotta use 2012 to reassert our role in the national debate, and to reassert our role in the individual state to say, we can make a difference.” Addressing a cheering audience, the New Jersey Governor talked about taking on …

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KCRW at the Conventions!

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To The Point will be LIVE from Tampa and Charlotte

Our news team is hitting the road to bring you live, behind-the-pageantry coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The week of Aug. 27, Warren Olney will host To The Point live from Tampa, as we follow the Republican nomination of Gov. Mitt Romney. On Sept. 3, the team heads to Charlotte, where …

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How do you become a delegate and what do you do?

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Conventions don’t really nominate presidential candidates any more; that happens in state primaries and caucuses. Many people believe all that goes on is the TV show. But there’s more to being a delegate than just being in the audience for political speeches. Warren talks to two California delegates.
Julie Biggs is an attorney in Redlands and she’ll be representing California’s new, 31st Congressional District at …

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24 Hour Sleep Out: Understanding homelessness from the inside out

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By Ed Yourdon via flickr

Sympathy for the plight of the homeless can be abstract. The 24-hour SleepOut this weekend in Venice aims to put a face on the problem of homelessness. A coalition of groups, including Occupy Venice, will gather at Beyond Baroque to explain the hard and complicated facts of being on the street. And then, everyone who brings tents or sleeping bags will spend the night outside …

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What’s your favorite LA dive bar?

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There are those who prefer to battle loneliness with a drink at a “clean well-lighted place” —as Hemingway put it—and then there are KCRW listeners, who clearly favor a side of grit and grime with their beer.
After we reported yesterday on dramatic changes coming to the legendary King Eddy Saloon, we got about 100 responses on our Facebook page. Comments ranged from remembrances of …

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LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky will not run for mayor of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said Thursday he will not run for L.A. mayor, ending speculation that he’d join the 2013 race to replace termed-out Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Instead, Yaroslavsky will finish out his final two years on the board, where he’s served since 1994, and then leave elective politics. In a message posted on his website, Yaroslavsky said he’s served long enough as …

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The last days of King Eddy?

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Younger people flock to King Eddy in the evenings, but during the day the older regulars rule the barstools.

Los Angeles is thought to be a city infatuated with the bright and shiny, the new and youthful. So, how to explain the King Eddy Saloon?
This downtown-Los Angeles watering hole, on the corner of Los Angeles and 5th street, has been open and serving drinks for over 90 years. Over the decades, it has not only survived business booms and busts, but also Prohibition. …

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Artistic expression inspired by cancer at UCLA Medical School

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A while back, we told you about an art exhibit that focused on back pain. Now there’s a new show in the same venue about artistic inspiration as a result of cancer. Six different points of view are represented and currently on display at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine Learning Resource Center.
Katie Carney, for one, dealt with her breast cancer diagnosis in 2003 by …

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Central Valley Meat Co. shutdown, but no recall issued

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Downed cow in a holding pen, unable to walk. From Compassion Over Killing.

A Central Valley Meat Co. slaughterhouse in Hanford has been temporarily shut down following the release of two undercover videos. The videos, shot by a contractor of the animal rights’ group Compassion Over Killing, show cattle allegedly being abused by the workers at the plant.  The Los Angeles Times reports:
“Our video evidence clearly demonstrates a lot of suffering these cows are enduring,” says Erica …

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Robert Redford on his new WeHo movie theater

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Robert Redford at the Sundance Festival 2012. Photo by Jemal Countess/Wikimedia Commons

Tonight on Which Way, L.A?Warren speaks to actor-director-producer Robert Redford about his new Sundance Sunset Cinema, an independent movie house that opens in the old Laemmle Sunset 5 Space on Aug. 31.  While Redford admits that his other theaters around the country have relied on bigger budget films to finance their independent offerings, he doesn’t think L.A. moviegoers will require same the spoonful of …

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West Hollywood bans plastic bags

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Via Flickr by Velkr0

West Hollywood, the city best known for being Southern California’s unofficial gay capital and having its finger to the pulse of all things hip and happening, has become the latest city to take a stand against plastic bags. This week, West Hollywood’s City Council adopted an ordinance banning grocery stores, pharmacies and other community retailers from offering single-use plastic bags to customers. Now, under …

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Should test scores count in teacher evaluations?

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Warren Olney

To meet a court order and possibly get $40 million in federal dollars, the LAUSD has to prove it’s using standardized tests to evaluate teachers. But the teachers union is telling its members not even to volunteer for such a thing. We hear from Teachers Union President Warren Fletcher and Superintendent John Deasy. Also, the Berman-Sherman race in the San Fernando Valley. Two Democrats …

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Video: Phyllis Diller roasts Ronald Reagan

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Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller died today at age 95. The Los Angeles Times remembers:
“When I realized I looked like Olive Oyl and wanted to look like Jean Harlow, I knew something had to be done,” she once said. “From 12 on, the only way to handle the terror of social situations was comedy — break the ice, make everybody laugh. I did it to make people feel …

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Politics Friday: 5 things you may have missed this week

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Sen. Paul Ryan

It’s pledge drive time here at KCRW. While you were busy picking up the phone and showing support for KCRW, the VP candidates were out in full force. Here are 5 things you may have missed this week.

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As funding is cut, can CA schools compete?

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By Bruno Girin, Flickr

Funding for K through 12 public education has been cut by 25 percent over the past five years here in California. The cutbacks have had big implications for the LA Unified School District–the biggest district in the state. But California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson says LA Unified isn’t alone. He’s hearing from schools up and down the state that are struggling due to California’s …

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