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Last week, President Obama signed the transportation bill, which allocates $105 billion in transportation spending in an effort to create jobs and boost infrastructure. Los Angeles will get some of that money to fast track projects here. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa talked to Warren about “America Fast Forward,” which aims to expedite 30 years of transportation programs into a ten-year time period. Will rebuilding public transportation in a “city that dismantled a world class transportation system in the 1940s” be part of the mayor’s legacy? Will this help Los Angeles take care of its terrible traffic problem? Listen below:

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  • Laure B. Smithson

    Car pooling could be a viable solution for our city. Helps relieve traffic and cut emissions. Also public transportation improvement will help generate jobs for skilled drivers.

  • Marilyn V.

    Correct, but we should remember that every system is different; there are some points in which you have to deal with, in a non-traditional way. We'll just see how it contributes to the improvement of the traffic.

  • Rose Melza Boudreaux

    I believe the problem with the traffic is the volume. Correct, we do love single passenger automobiles because it's not that easy to share your car with a friend to lessen the number of vehicles on the road. Since transportation is now considered a basic need, everyone loans/buys/rents cars, and that contributes to the traffic problem.

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