Tuesday night at Santa Monica College — where KCRW is located — about 100 protesters crowded a hallway outside a meeting of the Board of Trustees. Video of the incident has been posted on YouTube by the Corsair, Santa Monica College’s newspaper. College President Chui Tsang says that when bystanders overran the door “there was one discharge of pepper spray by a [college] police officer… [and] a number of bystanders were affected.” He also said that the incident is being investigated, but that the college will pay the medical bills even of those it feels were breaking the law. No arrests were made, but the protest itself raises the broader issue of declining funds for public education in California. Listen below:

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  • Ras

    Don't act like a mob and you will not be pepper sprayed – it's that simple. I am so tired of people not obeying direct orders from the police and when that escalates the police to use force these self entitled idiots get offended. Give me a break!

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    I'm not surprised with the uproar of events because protests are expected to get a bit messy, especially in this country. I'm not so sure if I should be relieved or disturbed by the dismissal of the issue. But at least in that way there's not much complications made.

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    Maybe the government should have to take some serious steps

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    I think government should solve this issue

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  • http://twitter.com/NeuroVector @NeuroVector

    In general, cool heads don't prevail in heated debate. Unfortunate. Glad we have pepper spray. Lead spray is a bit more caustic.

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    Were funds increased in 2013 for public education?