Ted Brennan circa 1992

Ted Brennan now

KCRW listener, Ted Brennan had just gotten out of the army when the 1992 riots broke out. He was with the National Guard and was deployed from San Diego to Los Angeles to help patrol the city. He said that the community welcomed the National Guard when they rolled into Koreatown. Listen to his story below.

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  • Lynn Smith

    Mr. Olney, in your discussion regarding the aftermath of the '92 disturbance, please discuss with our elected officials an issue that they have not dared to respond to–public construction contracts and private commercial contracts are filled by Hispanics/Latinos all over the city as well as in majority African American communities. There is a constant refrain from African American residents concerning this issue–Where are the Black men? Why don't we see Black men and women working in our own community? The refusal of construction contractors to hire African Americans must be addressed, with actions, not with mild platitudes from elected and appointed city and county officials.

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