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Fog and Smog at it again: This time, cell phone addiction in the crosshairs

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Loved the creative collective Fog and Smog’s lampoon of the absurd surreality of modern yoga-mania so much that I interviewed one of the founders back when it was going viral a few weeks ago about how the videos come together.  (And then, behold, the NY Times followed suit and did its own story.)
Tonight Fog and Smog has written with news of a new video, …

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LA toy company launders drug money

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Photo by Andrei! on Flickr

There’s a movie in here somewhere…
Two Southern California sisters were sentenced to 37 months in prison for money laundering. Drug cartels had been funneling millions through their company, Angel Toy Corp. Here’s more from the story:
The money was then used by a Colombian importer to purchase teddy bears and other stuffed animals. These toys were sent on to Colombia, where the importer sold them …

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The gaping hole in downtown’s center that becomes a pond in the rain

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For those of you who don’t know downtown well, it’s west of the LA Times building and down the hill from the Disney Concert Hall.  And: It’s thankfully about to get filled.  Supposedly.
The Downtown News has an editorial about the recent surprise announcement that finally the site of the courthouse-that-never-materialized…is about to:


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Get on your bike! Ciclavia route announced

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Imagine Los Angeles without cars. Thanks to Cyclavia, you don’t have to.  April 15th is the next fabulous car-free day and they announced the route today.

Here’s my interview with Heidi Zeller of Cyclavia, a grassroots movement rooted in Brazil to teach us to re-think our relationship to our bicycles:

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A Muslim girl in OC tells all!

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Mona Shadia wants to to tell you what it’s really  like to be a modern Muslim woman in America. How do you talk about your faith when your on your first date? How do you reconcile your piety with an abiding love for pop culture? And what’s the most fashionable thing to wear nowadays to Friday night prayers at the mosque?
These are some of …

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The history of UCLA (the first century)

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Marina Dundjerski is a graduate of UCLA and she’s had a plum assignment the last few years: researching the history of this amazing institution, sifting through vast stores of photographs and information to create “UCLA: The First Century. Now, I’m not a card-carrying Bruin or anything—I went to school on the east coast, in fact—and even I found it interesting, the roots of UCLA …

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Video: Olvera Street 1937

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LA Observed and posted this video from the archives. It’s nostalgic and wistful and full of stereotypes… how many can you count?

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Where’s California’s lone wolf?

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Wolf Map from CA Dept. of Fish and Game

In case you missed it, Warren talked about California’s recent canine resident on “Which Way, LA?”  The wolf called OR-7 (Oregon, wolf 7) has traveled more than a thousand miles looking for a mate. He’s the first in California since almost 90 years. He left Oregon, crossed highways and appeared in places that haven’t seen wolves in many years. What’s it like to see …

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Put on your pants!

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Muscle Cars by  dicktay2000 (Flickr)

A Glendale man was arrested on “suspicion of indecent exposure, possessing methamphetamine and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”  He was convicted of indecent exposure back in 1998.  According to the L.A. Times, he liked the sense of freedom.

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The year of the dragon (through the eyes of a Chinese astrologer)

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The handbook of Chinese horoscopes

I’m all for finding ways to mark the new year in whatever culture is celebrating.  Happy year of the dragon!
Laura Lau now lives in Singapore, but she was raised in Los Angeles; her late mother was the legendary Chinese astrologer, Theodora Lau.  Their book is called “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes“.
Laura joined us via phone to talk about what the year of the dragon …

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Holocaust Remembrance Day: ’15 square miles dedicated to evil’

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The Museum of the Holocaust in Los Angeles is marking Holocaust
Remembrance Day today in a unique way:
A flash mob along the border of an area the size of Auschwitz. (Thanks to Karen of the Which Way LA staff for forwarding.)
They museum staff writes in their release:
“If you want to understand how much land the Nazis devoted to their plans to kill innocent people, you have …

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Lunatics: Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel

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Two of the funniest men in the United States stopped by KCRW to talk about their new madcap novel, Lunatics.  In the press materials, Pulitzer-prize winning columnist Dave Barry and back-when-the-show-was-genius Saturday Night Live writer Alan Zweibel call their book full of “superior potty jokes.”
As fun and as wild as the book is (it’s already been optioned by Steve Carrell’s team,) as interesting (at …

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Elmore Leonard talks about his hometown, Detroit

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Detroit by Julia Reyes Taubman

What do you picture when you think about the fallen city of Detroit?  Elmore Leonard dropped by KCRW with his friend Julie Reyes Taubman to talk about the city.  She’s just published a stunning book of photographs of the place they both call home. A relative newcomer to Detroit, Taubman settled in to the city by taking tens of thousands of photographs of it.
Even …

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Hungry after midnight?

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Hungry After Midnight?

KCRW producer and night owl Saul Gonzalez shares some of his favorite places to eat In L.A. between midnight and sunrise… What’s yours?

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A new, socially responsible way of doing business

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Last night on All Things Considered, I talked to reporter Alex Goldmark about a new, socially responsible classification for businesses.  It’s called the B-Corp, or Benefit Corporation.  It’s designed for companies who aren’t purely about profit–who take into consideration the impact of their work on the people and world around them.
When California started to allow businesses to file as B-Corps a few weeks back, …

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Study: Driving increases wild fires

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California Watch has this depressing news: your car emissions are probably increasing desert wild fires. A new study out from the Ecological Society of America shows that nitrogen emitted by cars and industry fuel the growth of non-native grasses which are highly flammable. The nitrogen gets trapped in the atmosphere and then finds its way into California’s ground water when it rains or snows. …

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Warren Olney fan shirt

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We love this t-shirt that Warren Olney fan, Breanna Murphy, is sporting while sitting behind a desk at the very cool Filter Magazine.

Apparently, her boyfriend made it as a birthday present. “The idea was to get all the KCRW personalities. But he began with our fav & never went further,” she said on Twitter.

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On SOPA and PIPA: Angelenos and piracy

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The debate over online piracy continues. On yesterday’s “Which Way, L.A?” Warren spoke with Kim Masters (“The Business”). We also heard from you, Los Angeles citizens who are impacted by online piracy (or the fear of online piracy).  Check out what local listeners, like you, had to say after the jump.

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Cityhood unlikely for East LA

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East Los Angeles

According to the Los Angeles Times, East L.A. is not going to get to be its own city.  The  Local Agency Formation Commission is expected to vote no on the proposal tomorrow, saying that there are not enough revenue generating business to sustain a city and that it would go broke in just three years.
East L.A. is home to over 125,000 people according …

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