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Heirloom turkeys and forgotten pilgrims

Posted November 23, 2011 by | 15 Comments | ]

Happy Thanksgiving! What to read while you’re waiting for your bird to defrost? Here’s a roundup of this year’s Thanksgiving stories.
1. The Los Angeles Times reports that more people are spending more money on turkeys. From the article:
“”People want a bird that has a name, a provenance, a pedigree — a bird you can brag about,” said Kathy Gori, a 60-year-old screenwriter who splits …

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Wal-Mart finds a way to build more stores

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The big box chain, Wal-Mart, has found a way to take advantage of California’s initiative process to build more stores. The store is paying signature gatherers to circulate petitions, according to a story by California Watch.
This process then forces city council members to approve the measure or hold a special election; and special elections cost money, which many cities don’t have.
This is not illegal. …

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Roy Choi: ‘Home cooking is a beautiful curse’

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“You’re not judging if something is acceptable or not acceptable, you’re just trying to survive,” says Roy Choi (Kogi Korean Taco mastermind) about his parents: Korean immigrants trying to get by. “We did videotape stores, liquor stores, gas stations… for us, as Asians, we got into a segment of society that a lot of people want to throw a blanket over. ”
But, there was …

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Los Angeles: Fiction vs. reality

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How did L.A. invent the world? That was the question posed by a recent Zocalo Public Square panel. Our fearless host Warren Olney ( “Which Way, LA?” and “To the Point”) moderated the panel with some of our favorite filmmakers, including Wim Wenders and John Singleton.  Warren asked Singleton if the image of LA is a false one. “It’s manufactured, but it’s also real,” …

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23 arrests at Occupy LA

Posted November 17, 2011 by | 1 Comment | ]

Thousands flooded the streets around downtown Los Angeles for an early morning march to mark the second-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Everything was “by the book” according to KCRW producer, Saul Gonzalez. The arrests were peaceful. The police were relatively hands off (particularly compared to reports of hair pulling and police bullying at Occupy Wall Street.) Saul also noted the large …

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