We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us…
Joseph Cambell

Being that it is the New Year, many of us try to better our lives. It’s a time for reflection, a time  to re-assess and ask ourselves the tough questions. Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Am I living the life I want the way I want to live it? What’s it all about Alfie? We want to lose weight, meditate, exercise, get healthy, be more prosperous, be a better friend, parent, partner, maybe get out of a dead end job.
Are you living up to your potential? Is this what you thought you would be doing to make a living? What about Joseph Campbell and finding your bliss?
Bliss…does it really exist after all, or is that just for a small group of special people? Are you wondering if maybe you aren’t special after all?
Hell in this economy, are you thinking you should just be grateful to have a job – any job? Even if you could change things, you don’t know what you really want to do anyway. Your brain screams, “What is my passion?” while your heart beats methodically, quietly stating, “Ask me. Ask me. Ask me.”

You are special and you will figure this out. We all are special, and  bliss is there, waiting to be claimed by you…now if you could only figure out what the hell it is. Boy howdy, have I found the article for you….
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20 Ways to Find Your Calling

Not sure what to be when you grow up (whenever that is)? Fret no more.
We can figure this out together. Let’s get started.

1. Ignore the future, deal with the present.  
The question, “What should I be when I grow up?” is wrong. Ask instead, “What is next today?” People become fat one bite at a time, and we become adults one hour at a time, so what we do today matters.

2. Shop around.  
Unless you try on the outfit, you’ll never know if it fits. Do the same with vocations, avocations, hobbies and skills. You’ll need to sample every flavor to know your true favorite taste.

3. Say yes to odd opportunities.
Say yes to the things that intrigue you, instead of the ones that bore you.

4. Find a problem to solve.
Being the solution makes your work feel meaningful. Having an issue to work against also gives you a villain to play against—and makes you a hero.

5. Burn your plans.
Your life will not go according to plan. Nobody’s ever has. So don’t worry if you get off track. The track was imaginary anyway.

6. Do not follow someone else’s dream.
Your parents want you to be A. Your boss wants you to be B. Your friends want you to be C. And society is clamoring for you to be D. You can’t please everyone, but if you do what YOU think you should, at least you’ll be able to sleep at night.





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