The Traffic Pet Peeve Off Continues…. What is Yours?

Tom Schnabel

Tom Schnabel

The wonderful Tom Schnabel, not only a great guy he is also an amazing DJ and teacher of world music. If that wasn’t enough, he is a music supervisor. Tom teaches a class in world music available to everybody. It’s a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it to all music lovers!

The Salon is a fun and informative series of classes, covering a truly eclectic variety of music. Enjoy learning about and listening to music in the intimate setting of Tom’s Venice home, with wine and cheese and lively commentary….

For more information on that check out Tom’s website.

I asked Tom if he had a  Traffic Pet Peeve. Not only one, Tom has a few things to add to the big Pet Peeve Off!

5 Things I Hate About Driving in LA:

1) people who don’t use their turn signals.. Forget about world peace; just visualize using your turn signals, thank you.

2) people who tailgate, especially large SUV’s that try to herd you into submission as if it were some sort of Darwinian contest (you lose, because you’re in the Corolla).

3) large potholes, which makes me wish I had a car with air suspension.  Like my old Citroen DS 19, a Jules Verne automobile if there ever was one,  long deceased.

4) people looking down and away from the road while driving, as in texting, looking for something, reading a summer novel, Heidegger,  or whatever.

5) People who turn into intersections knowing that there is only a 25% chance they’ll get through before it turns red.  They then get stuck in the middle of the intersection.  This then prevents me from proceeding on the green light, and, heaven help me, murderous thoughts flood my brain.

There are about 20 more things that annoy me to death, I can only list five things here!

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