Simple tips to help from being harassed





  • DON’T DRINK and drive, have a designated driver.
  • Front License Plate must be displayed in CA
  • Don’t have window tint on front driver or passenger side
  • Make sure all lights are working INCLUDING the small light that lights up your rear license plate!
  • Don’t TEXT while driving or play with your GPS! Many people are stopped for weaving because they are doing the above. It is incredibly dangerous even without any Alcohol in your system!
  • Make sure Tags are current.
  • Keep you insurance card and proof of registration where you can get it easily. If you take time looking for these things when the officer asks for them they will claim you had trouble finding them because you were impaired!
  • Don’t have a GPS device attached to your window blocking any view looking out.
  • Mud Flaps… Yes, this has become a new one that we have seen over the last few years. Depending on your vehicle and tires (most often large SUV’s and lifted trucks) it may require mud flaps.

So you got pulled over. Now what?

  • As the officer approaches your car, turn off your vehicle,
    Place both hands at the top of the steering wheel where the officer can see them – in the 11:00 and 1:00 position.

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