You are driving on the freeway cruising at top speeds.trafficmr_676d4d14b5f11f
You are making great time. You actually are enjoying the drive –  in Los Angeles.
The music is cranked up,
“Hey this is fun. I’ll be early for my meeting for a change.”
Then you notice some break lights ahead, CRAP! A traffic jam. Frowning you slow down, coast up to the car stopped ahead and now you are trapped.
After several minutes not moving you wonder, there must be a bad accident causing all this traffic. So many cars just sitting there and yet moments before everyone was flying to there destinations.
You creep inch by inch, slowly moving forward. A snail’s pace sounds pretty fast right about now, uuuugh.
Breathing a sigh of relief as you start moving, you then worry about what you are going to see up ahead. No flashing lights…hmmm, no debris….hmmm. WTF? There isn’t anything on the shoulder. Then why was I not moving for the last 10 minutes?
Ah yes, one of the most frustrating traffic scenarios of all… the no reason traffic jam.

I think people texting is a culprit. As people break to avoid hitting a slowing vehicle the cycle begins.

Why do you think the phantom traffic jam happens?

Photo – Shine from Yahoo